Sex Toy Materials That Are Worth a Try (and Some That Aren’t!)

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If you found this page, you probably have already realized that the saying ‘try before you buy doesn’t apply to every category of products. Of course, we’re not arguing with that, but in the world of sex toys, one size just doesn’t fit all (we mean it!). It may be harder than you think (no pun intended), to find the right sex toy to suit your needs, but with a guide like ours, the journey just became much easier!


So whether you’re looking for dildos made from Cyberskin material, or are on the market to find something resembling a lipstick that you may pass through airport security without getting a mini heart attack, we’ve got you covered!

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While deciding on the ideal sex toy, don’t only look at the color, shape, and size, but also take a closer look at the material your new toy is made of. Simply speaking, some materials aren’t suitable for internal pleasure use and should be avoided at all costs. If it’s your first time on the sex toy market and you don’t know exactly what you should be looking for, we recommend putting your head into the silicon toys aisle. Coming there won’t be difficult!


Silicone sex toys are a favorite among those who want to satisfy their sexual cravings without the need for a significant other. They’re not only body-safe, easy to clean, and offer a temperature-regulated feel, but they can last you many orgasms to come! Silicone sex toys will be more expensive than regular sex toys, but you should invest the extra few dollars into a quality product! 


Always avoid back alley sex toys, which may come both with a cheaper price tag and materials that are not safe for your body. Sex Toys made from TPR/TPE and PVC should be avoided at all costs, as they can cause a range of adverse effects to your body, as well as, easily transmit bacteria and viruses. 

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