7 Positive Effects of Masturbation that You Should Know

7 Positive Effects of Masturbation that You Should Know
7 Positive Effects of Masturbation that You Should Know

The most apparent reason for masturbation is experiencing pleasure. It might be an overstatement, but it is one of the best feelings ever. Sure we have bliss, love, excitement, and happinesshowever, pleasure is definitely up for the count.


Masturbation was once a taboo back when society was way too conservative about sexuality. There are also a lot of misconceptions about it. For example, some people believe that it can reduce sperm count or, perhaps, the famous infertility argument. However, contrary to these myths about male masturbation, it is the other way around.


Generally, masturbation has health benefits. You can improve your health physically and mentally, which affects your overall well-being positively. Hence, take a look at some of the fantastic effects that you can get from masturbating.


Good Mood Booster

Feeling so grumpy at the start of the day? Maybe you need a little stimulus to revitalize your mood. One way to have a better groove all day long is to masturbate. It is known that when you ejaculate or have an orgasm, the brain releases hormones that soothe your senses and calms your mind.


Low Risk of Having Prostate Cancer

Of all the diseases discovered over the past hundreds and thousands of years, cancer was the most feared and still feared. For men, however, prostate cancer is prevalent, especially when old age approaches. Doctors and experts do not deny that masturbating regularly can reduce the risk of acquiring prostate cancer.

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Good Heart Exercise

Did you know that masturbation is considered an exercise that causes you to exert energy and stimulate your senses? Your heart, most significantly, has a crucial role. As such, you might say that the effects of masturbation equates to what you can get through exercising. Doesn’t that make your ears tingle with excitement?


Once you masturbate, your heart rate raises momentarily. As a result, it allows the heart to pump blood at a rapid rate once in a while. Due to the pumping of blood, the tight arteries loosen and, in effect, smoothens the blood flow throughout your body. Masturbation is indeed a great way of keeping your health in check both in mind and body.


Helps You Sleep Faster

Some people are nocturnal. They find it harder to sleep in the evening than in the morning. However, there are those people that are just having a hard time sleeping. Sleeping might be difficult at times, especially when you have many things to think about. However, there are ways to get yourself to sleep faster.


One way to do that is by masturbation. Your body becomes relaxed when you masturbate. Since your mind is in a state of bliss right after the orgasm, your body eventually arrives at a state where sleeping is way more comfortable. Try to do this approach when you have sleeping difficulty. If you are skeptical about this, try to observe every after you masturbate.


Improved Sex Life

Masturbation can turn your sex life around. As much as the pleasure you can get from it, you can also learn about your sexuality. The discovery you had will be handy when the time comes that you will eventually have intimate sessions. Lastly, through masturbation, you can create an assessment of where you are when it comes to performance and endurance.

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Sex Endurance

Sex might seem an easy task, but the things that go along with it are quite challenging to handle. You have to consider your partner’s feelings. You will have to step up your game and go the extra mile to address what you lack. One of the keypoints is endurance.


One of the ways to practice sex endurance is to masturbate. Sure, some experts device strategies for longer sex. However, masturbation can give you just that. Do it regularly and assess yourself whether or not you can last longer than usual.



When it comes to your health, you must have enough knowledge about what you must do and the things you have to avoid doing. Do not believe mere gossips or beliefs that have not been proven yet. Myths and misconceptions are among the categories you should look out for.


Masturbation, for instance, has a fair share of myths and misconceptions. However, even though masturbation has a negative notion due to people’s misconceptions, the light to correct information is close at hand nowadays. Hence, masturbation has been proven to improve your overall well-being. May it be physical or mental; it is a win-win situation.


Remember that masturbation is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it. There are only gains. Focus on them and watch yourself improve along the way.

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