Reason Why You Must Not Rush In To Marriage

Reason Why You Must Not Rush In To Marriage

Many people that think that marriage is just something that is easy or simple, but the truth is that you should not think of it as friendship you do with someone because, in marriage there are many promises involved and due to that you need to be very careful, you need to make sure you know what marriage is all about, you need to be sure that you can live with that your partner ion all situation, you need to be very sure that you and your partner truly love each other, you need to be sure that the marriage you are trying to enter with someone will not be the type of marriage that you be today and tomorrow you will be looking for divorce.

So here is the Reason Why You Must Not Rush In To Marriage

Remember is better is better to cool down and relax or even marry late with the right partner that is made for you than to marry the wrong person and divorce tomorrow. So try to understand what you want to enter into, try to know why others succeed in their marriage because marriage don’t succeed by chance but it takes hard work, understanding, and endurance for it to work out. There is a promise that is made which is for better or worse, you must love and stand strong with your partner till death do you part, so don’t just take it as a normal boyfriend and girlfriend relationship because it is more than that.

Don’t think because she is very beautiful, and due that she will make a good wife and mother for you and your children, because beauty cannot build a home but good character, obedient, respectful and understanding woman will build a good family for you. Don’t think because he is rich and due to that you will lack nothing because only that man who love you, care, understand and value and also show concern is the only one that will make you happy, so why will you then rush into marriage that you rush out immediately or go into divorce, why then will you be in a hurry to enter into such marriage which you will regret tomorrow, don’t be mislead by your feelings or the feelings you have for the person, try to give it a big thought and be sure that your partner is the right person for you, because marriage is a product of diligent work and make sure that your partner will join you for the marriage to work because it is not only meant for one person.

Be sure that your partner is the kind of person that listen to you and agree with what you said because it takes two to dance in marriage, there cannot be a healthy relationship between a man and a woman without agreement. So your partner needs to be the kind of person that listen to you and also agree with you before your marriage must work out, but you need to understand that you and your partner cannot be one and agree on a particular issue or principle without understanding of each other and understanding of what marriage is all about. You need to know the likes and dislike of your partner.

Above all you need to know God’s expectations in marriage because without God in your marriage, your marriage will lack peace. So try to give it a big thought on that marriage which you are about to enter or which you may be one day with a person for not to make a mistake in your life, because marriage is sweet when you are with the right person that is truly meant for you but when you make a mistake and marry the wrong person then marriage will be more than bitter to you but then will be hell, so be careful.