Places To Touch A Woman In Bed

While making love, there are so many places in which you can touch a woman in bed that will turn her on. Triggering emotions is like spicing your sex life with your woman. 

If you are looking for a place to touch a woman in bed and relax, we are here to direct you to every tip of the side, increasing her sexual mood and spicing your sex life with your woman.

A woman’s body can be like a minefield. Touch her in the right place, and she’ll be moaning in pleasure. Nibble on her ears, tickle her tummy, run a finger along her feet:- these are the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman’s body.

Places To Touch A Woman In Bed

  1. Touch her lap smoothly and romantically. When on a bed and you want to get the mood spackling, you should try touching her lap romantically in a way that will raise her the more. Doing that will make it sweeter and more comfortable to enjoy each other due to her arousal being more rapid and firm, and she will even start moaning gradually without your notice. Touching her thighs is so romantic and beautiful on the bed because it triggers emotions.
  2. Finger barefoot. Please use your fingers to draw an ideological line on her barefoot as a sign of lovemaking. You can also use your leg to touch her if you are together on a bed. That place will turn her on and make her feel more of what is about to come.
  3. Please make use of your mouth to stroll her stomach. Stroll her using your tongue or mouth on her stomach. While making love, or before making love, stroll her belly with your tongue or mouth to help spice up the lovemaking.
  4. Romantically Touch inner part. You can also touch her clitoris and the wall of her vagina to improve her arousal at that moment on the bed. Take time to study her inner part with your clean fingers or hand, to maintain steady and smooth lovemaking on the bed.
  5. Make use of your tongue on the breast. Suck her breast, and use your tongue to lick her chest. You can as well play with her nipples romantically and do not bit her. This is another way of spicing lovemaking on the bed.
  6. Kiss with passion. Kiss her lips passionately, and you can also use your tongue to play in her mouth with passion and lots of emotions. Such an act will keep her steady and ready, and it will also help spice your lovemaking.
  7. Romance whole body slow and steady. To maintain your emotions and arousal, a pure and smooth romance is a lovely thing to do on the bed with your woman. So romancing your woman with your hands on her whole body is good too. “Places To Touch A Woman In Bed”
  8. Her neck. Touch her neck, or you can kiss her to keep her steady and ready for the next move. For instance, if you are with your woman on the bed and want to get the mood sparkling, romantically touch your lips around her neck, and you can kiss her on the neck.
  9. Touch the ears romantically. You can also touch her ears and inside ears and whisper in her ears, telling her how much you love her. The ears are one of the sensitive parts of a woman, which can also draw a line inside her nerves. So try that as well.
  10. Romance the butt. The butt is another sensitive part where you can touch a woman on the bed. Romancing her butt or softly spanking her will increase her arousal and spice your sex mood.
  11. Kiss the finger. You can also kiss her fingers with your lips and touch her hands and palms. You can do it as if you are drawing a line on her hands and using your lips. Also, you can interlock your fingers together while kissing her lips or sucking any part of her body.
  12. Pubic mound. You can touch her pubic mound for a better lovemaking mood. The pubic mound is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman and is capable of triggering her hunger for sex in her. So it is the right place to touch your woman on the bed, the upper part of the private part.

Places to touch a woman sexually

  1. The Inner Wrist: Since we’re not accustomed to being touched on the wrist, particularly outside our wrists, it is an interesting place. “It’s filled with nerve endings,” states McCombs. “It’s close to the pulse point, the initial phase of your body that becomes closer.” Start by gently touching and let your partner be aware it’s a touch that’s sensual. “People tend to rush stimulation,” she says. “Taking the time to think and make an effort to make eye contact could help set the mood.”
  2. The Nape Of The Neck. While some may be all Marie Antoinette-like about touching their necks, neck kisses are always attractive. According to research that was published in Cortex, women considered the nape of their neck higher than that of the breasts or nipples to be an area erogenous. “It’s an extremely sexy spot because it’s a very sensitive area,” says McCombs. “If you can combine your lips and neck, it’s a great turning point.” She recommends starting with the neck’s sides, kissing, or lightly brushing it with your fingers.
  3. The Buttocks.”You’d believe that something so frequently used has lost its sensation,” says NYC-based sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D. “But the low end is quite high regarding the possibility of erogenous sexuality.” (Not at all surprising given its proximity to the female genitals.) What can you do to get the most out of this sexual space? Discuss with your partner the way he or they would like to be touched. Hard? Soft? Let them decide.
  4. The Scalp. If you’ve ever had hair-styling sessions in salons, know that touching someone’s hair and Scalp can be extremely relaxing. It could also be stimulating the senses, according to Vrangalova. “Play in your spouse’s hair,” she says. ” Massage his or the Scalp of your partner. Apply your fingernails to the Scalp. Check how your partner reacts.”
  5. Behind The Knee. What makes the soft spot that lies behind the knee to be erogenous? “It’s an additional nerve-rich region where there isn’t much contact,” says McCombs. “It’s something new since it’s not where acquaintances or colleagues are touching us. It’s a good idea to touch the back of your knees and then up to the thighs can be private… it also means it brings closer to the primary attraction.” Begin by gently rubbing your partner’s knees while he is standing in your direction of yours. You can massage them in that area using a combination of pressure and a gentle tickle.
  6. The Earlobe. “The sexiest area of the ear is the lobe,” McCombs says. McCombs. “That motion of placing your hair behind the ear is very intimate.” To maximize the erotic potential of your ears, McCombs suggests sensually tickling the edges of your partner’s ears with your fingers. However, in terms of the popular phenomenon dubbed”the “urinogenital reflex” is concerned (which is believed to mimic an ear nerve canal and can cause some women to gasp), McCombs is skeptical. “I don’t advise anyone to go straight to a tongue-in-ear without discussing the possibility beforehand,” she says. “A wet whisky? Not very good.”
  7. The Feet. One study showed that feet scored at the bottom of the turn-on scale, “there are certainly people who feel that being touched by their feet or licked, sucking or sucked. It’s sexually stimulating,” says Vrangalova. These aren’t necessarily fetishists of the foot, however. “Foot fetishes usually revolve around the attraction of other people’s feet, but not having your own feet be touched.”



A woman has so many sensitive parts that can trigger them on the bed, but those listed above are the most places to touch a woman. Suppose you are looking for the perfect places to reach your woman on the bed. We believe that we could feed you, and you can understand the importance of it.

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