Open Letter to My Best Friend Who I Love

Well, I need an open letter to my best friend who I love. This stands as part of my decision to let her know that I truly care about the love I have for her.

Now what?

An Open Letter to My Best Friend Who I Love

My friend,

I know this was difficult. My lack of positivity, my negative attitude, the complaining, the cries, the silence, the stress … the list continues. Needless to say I haven’t had the best year. It wasn’t a particular thing, just a million of small things that happened, and these million of little things seemed to have turned me into a person I don’t particularly like. But, through all of this … you ‘re still here and I don’t even know how to say how grateful I am for that. If things get tough many people tend to run as quickly as possible. Yet, you don’t.

Really, you’re versatile.

You are the one who knows exactly what to say, or what not to say, without telling me.

You ‘re the guy who’s tried to cheer me up more times than I ever could count.
You are the one who has done something essentially to help me get out of the house and out of my head.

You are the one who has listened to the same story, time and again and again.
You ‘re the one who’s given advice, understanding full well that I won’t take it.

You ‘re also the one who never said “I told you this way” when I didn’t follow the advice listed above.

You ‘re the one who let me sleep in your bed because I wasn’t able to stand alone for another night.

You ‘re sitting with me, you ‘re laughing with me, you ‘re weeping with me, you ‘re empathizing with me, you ‘re picking me up when I feel like my life is collapsing. But most of all, through the toughest seasons of my life, you’ve stayed with me and I can’t love you any more for it.

The reason for many things

You are the reason I have the tiniest hope this season of life is going to turn around.
You are the reason I didn’t pack all my things and vanished all over the country.
Often you’re the reason I’m able to stand on my own two feet.

Sticking by someone who feels so weak, someone who feels so useless, someone who feels like they keep getting hit after hit after hit, needs a strong person. No matter how low things went, you have never left my side.

The lower I went the more you liked it.
The more negativity I displayed the more you radiated positivity.
The more tears I shouted, the more you were trying to make me laugh.

To anyone who is going through a tough time, you will never regret being a good friend. Standing next to someone in the midst of a storm (which might never end) and holding their hand, telling them that it’s going to be okay … yeah, that’s something not many people know how to do, but you do. I realize that’s really exhausting. You ‘re exhausted, I ‘m exhausted and we both know my problems could be much worse than that. But you never say that, you just love me who I am doing. Whether the me you love is the good version or the broken version-you love me.

Thank you for not submitting to me.

When some thought it was too much to manage, you stood by my side, because you know this is temporary. You know me, you know I’m going to come back and when I do-I can’t wait to congratulate you and shower you with the love that you gave me. Thankful is not the best word to describe you, dear friend, you deserve a more meaningful word. Because as I finally see the horizon passing and the storm, I can truly say that without you I would never have made it through this season of life.

And thank you for sticking around.

Your friend,