List Of All Wickedly Evil Baby Names You Can’t Resist

We don’t live in an epic literary tragedy so your baby’s moniker won’t curse him or her to a horrible story. While some people might call you out for picking a horror-movie-inspired moniker, other people will think that quirky evil name strikes a chord.

We have a wide range of evil names that you can choose from.

Enticing baby names with mischievous meanings

Around the world, people have different traditions surrounding baby naming. Many babies are given names based on their appearance, behaviour, or circumstances surrounding their birth. If your baby is playing peek-a-boo with its due date in honour of these traditions, you may want to give them a name that’s a little mischievous.

  • Anwir – Liar
  • Cozbi – My lie, my deception
  • Dolion – Deceitful
  • Jaakobah – Deceiver
  • Leto – Hidden
  • Loki – Trickster
  • Naiche – Mischief maker
  • Premysl: Trick, stratagem
  • Raz – Secret
  • Tajana – To keep secret

The Darkest Meanings Behind Decadent Names

These dark baby names will make you feel like you’re eating a rich, dark chocolate truffle. These names are rich and decadent, and they even know that.

  • Donahue – Dark warrior
  • Donovan – Dark warrior
  • Dougal – Dark Stranger
  • Dubheasa Dark Beauty
  • Duncan – Dark Warrior
  • Duvessa – Dark beauty
  • Lamya – Having beautiful dark lips
  • Layla/Leila – Dark beauty
  • Rajani – The Dark One
  • Sauda – Dark beauty
  • Raven – A large black or dark-haired bird.

Quick Tip

Are you looking for a name that is dark and 90s-inspired for your child? In the 1990s, the name Raven was one of the most popular names. It ranked at 171 on average. The name is derived from “herein,” which means wisdom and prophecy in Old English. In some cultures, the raven is linked to magic, and the ability to decipher omens or signs.

Popular Baby Boy Names

The names of the warriors in your life that are intriguing

What better way to prepare your children for the constant battles of life than by giving them a name that is fitting for a warrior? These warrior names have been used by people throughout history and space.

  • Adofo – Warrior
  • Bellatrix, a Female warrior
  • Bellona, the warrior goddess of destructive warfare
  • Connla – Wolf warrior
  • Enyo, the warrior goddess of destructive war
  • Harvey – Army Warrior
  • Helmer – The Warrior’s wrath
  • Kali – Warrior Goddess of Destruction
  • Nilesh – Dark blue ruler
  • Ottarr, Terror and warrior
  • Pele, the warrior goddess of destruction

Unique Baby Names That Call for Destruction

You can tell that a toddler’s middle name is Destruction by watching him rip through a stack of blocks or cereal. These strong names are wrought in destruction.

  • Aghanashini, the destroyer of sins
  • Aridam – Destroyer Of Enemies
  • Bela – Destruction
  • Deianira – Man-destroyer
  • Deidamia – To destroy
  • Gedeon Destroyer
  • Hadeon – Destroyer
  • Runihura – Destroyer

The Void is a place where you can find some of the most ominous baby names

Death and darkness are inseparable. Give your baby a name that is evocative of darkness to keep them from being afraid.

  • Achlys – Darkness
  • Azvameht – Strong death
  • Bacia – Deaths in the family ruin house
  • Erebus: Nether darkness
  • Kek – Gods of daring
  • Keket – Goddess Of Darkness
  • Mabuz – The ruler of the Death Castle
  • Morana – Death
  • Mot – Death
  • Orpheus: The Darkness of Night
  • Sephatis – Eternal Death
  • Than – Death
  • Thanatos – Death

Names with a spooky sound but a surprising meaning

These names are not as evil as they sound. Although they may sound intimidating, they will not inspire a dastardly act. If you have a wicked sense of humour, then these names are perfect.

  • Belladonna is the name of a poisonous weed
  • Cronus (to cut)
  • Damon – To tame
  • Desdemona – Ill-fated
  • Dorian is derived from the Ancient Greek tribe of Dorians
  • Drusilla is derived from a Roman Family Name
  • Elvira is a happy, agreeable person
  • Jareth – Unclear
  • Jezebel – To exalt
  • Lucius – Light
  • Morticia – Death
  • Onyx – Claw, nail
  • Pandora – All gifts
  • Perdita – Lost
  • Renwick – Raven
  • Rhoda Rose

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Beautiful baby names that mean suffering or sorrow

Sickness and sadness are part of everyday life. Being able to experience all emotions, both good and bad, is a beautiful thing. As these names suggest, people who can embrace their emotions and overcome pain will emerge stronger than ever.

  • Acheros – River of Sorrow
  • Ahlai: A Sorrowing Experience
  • Bronahc – Sorrow
  • Brone/Brona – Sorrowful
  • Dierdre – Sorrowful
  • Dolores – Sorrows
  • Drystan – Full of sorrow
  • Jabez – Sorrow
  • Jela – Father was injured during birth
  • Kestutis – To endure
  • Mahzun – Sad
  • Malalai: Sad and grieved
  • Nekan – Sorrows

Strong Baby Names Inspired By Disaster

Natural disasters challenge the superiority complex of humanity. If you give your child a name meaning “disaster,” “misfortune,” or both, you could be giving them a destiny that will affect everyone around them.

  • Ares – Ruin
  • Bora – Storm
  • Casimir: To destroy the World
  • Corentin/Corentine Hurricane
  • Devland-Misfortune
  • Perseus – To Destroy
  • Snowstorm Pyry
  • Tavarious – Misfortune
  • Tempest is a violent storm
  • Volkan – Volcano

Purity of Heart, but Evil in Name

Many people believe that we are all capable of both good and evil. Choose a baby name with a dark meaning if your bundle of joy has many personalities.

  • Ahriman – Evil spirit
  • Birsha – An evil
  • Daeva – Evil spirit
  • Dushyanta, the destroyer of evil
  • Dysnomia – Bad/wrong
  • Keres – Evil spirits
  • Malignant – Evil, harmful
  • Matchitehaw has an evil heart
  • Nukpana – Evil
  • Sidero – Evil nymph
  • Ubel – Evil
  • Yurena – Evil spirit

100+ Evil/Demon Baby Names (Boys & Girls)

Iconic Horror Movie Character Names that’ll Turn heads

Michael. Jason. Freddy. You only need to know one name to identify the person we are referring to. Horror movie villains have become a part of our culture. These horror movie villain baby names will carry on the lethal legacy of their evil deeds.

  • Annabelle – Lovable
  • Annie – Favor
  • Asami – Hemp and beautiful
  • Chucky – Man
  • Cujo – Unclear
  • Damien – To tame
  • Freddy – the peaceful ruler
  • Hannibal – Grace of Ba’al
  • Jason – Healer
  • Kayako: Beautiful and good, field, child
  • Michael – who is God like?
  • Norman – Northman
  • Pazuzu – Unclear
  • Sadako – Chaste child

The best vampire names that will hypnotize you

There are many unique and recognizable vampire names that you can give to your baby. These vampire baby names, from silent film classics and underground hits to more recent ones, will have you hypnotized.

  • Ambrogio – Immortal
  • Angel – Messenger
  • Barnabas, Son of the Prophet
  • Blade – Cutting edge
  • Carmilla – Garden
  • Dracula – Dragon
  • Lestat – Status
  • Marceline – Derived from the Roman god Mars
  • Nosferatu: Troublesome
  • Orlok – Unclear
  • Renfield – From the raven’s field
  • Reinhardt – Brave decision
  • Selene – Moon
  • Strahd – Unclear
  • Willow – Derived from the Old English word tree

Enjoyably Demonic Baby Names

You don’t need to worry about your child spitting green goo or thrashing around on the bed if you name them after a fictional or religious demon. These delightfully demonic names will help your child stand out.

  • Abaddon – Ruin, destruction
  • Amon – the hidden one
  • Asmodeus – Wrath, demon
  • Azazel – Scapegoat
  • Baphomet – Praised, commendable
  • Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies
  • Belial – Worthless
  • Dagon – Grain
  • Legion – Select, Levy
  • Lilith – of the night
  • Lucifer – Light bringer
  • Molech – Unclear
  • Naamah is Pleasant
  • Ramiel – Thunder of God

Take a look at the dark side of baby names

If you are looking for a unique baby name that is not only scary but also exotic, then evil names will be memorable to everyone who hears them. These extra dark but delicious baby names will help you embrace your child’s mischievous and dark side.