Mistakes Woman Make In Relationships

Women makes so many mistakes in relationship and those mistakes are what we’re about to discuss now. So make sure you grab something at the end of it.


Mistakes Woman Make In Relationships


  1. Loving too much.

Women are fond of loving a guy too much in a relationship whereby unable to realize if the guy loves them back that much. They are easily blinded by the first appearance and first encounter of a guy, they fall in love easily and once they love, they will love too much without looking back, and that will make a guy to be taking advantage of their Love to trick them. That’s why guys can easily use and dump them.

2 Decision making.

Women are fond of making a decision that they will regret tomorrow. Like, accepting a wrong guy simply because he is handsome and buoyant, not concerned about the character. Majority of the women are used to ignoring the character of a man and focusing on the beauty of a man’s pocket and his good looks. And those decisions they make, always leads them to problem tomorrow. As a woman, make sure you make a right decision, instead take your time and monitor his character to know if he suits you before being in a relationship with him. 

3. Secretive.

Many women are too hidden to the extent that they won’t tell their partner in a relationship the things they are passing through, till it leads them to problem.

Share your worries with him, let him know the people that are disturbing you, so that he will help in scaring them away, to minimize problems for you tomorrow. But instead, you will keep it to yourself, thinking that you can do it. Not knowing that men can easily brain wash you. Two heads they said are better than one is not a joke. Two heads are better than one indeed. “Mistakes Woman Make In Relationships”

The reason why that man can befriend three women that are friends at the same time are that they are too secretive and can’t tell each other who their friends are. Open up sometime.

4. Too demanding.

You shouldn’t be at his neck all the time. Try something on your own. Don’t always depend on him. Let it not be that all your discussion with him is money all the time. At times show him that you can stand without him. He will always be proud of you. Fight for yourself, be a woman of substance. Support him if you have and don’t give too much support. Let everything be at equilibrium. No leakage at any side.

5. Over controlling.

You shouldn’t be over control of that relationship. Give him chance to express his powers as a man. Let him have the mind that he is the head of the relationship. Give him some respect. Let him be in control but never allow him to too much control you. Everything that is too much is very bad, everything must be as it’s supposed to be.

You shouldn’t act as if you are the head. Make sure to take permission from him before doing anything. Let him not feel that you have grown wings, do not challenge him in anything. Let respect rule in your relationship.

6. Nagging.

A nagging woman is never good for a relationship. So you shouldn’t nag at you partner at any time. Talk to him in a manner that is supposed to, a nagging woman always makes mistakes because she is always unhappy.

Do not allow your relationship to collapse because of your Nagging talent. Someone’s talent can never be in nagging. So reject it and drop it as you picked it.

7. Self centered

Do not always be concerned about yourself. You don’t border about his feelings, or about him. All you care for is yourself and you alone. Learn to sacrifice some certain things for his love. Selfishness in a relationship is very bad in a relationship.

8. Tolerant

You must learn how to tolerate him no matter what. Do not be tired of him. Help him minimize his weaknesses. Work together with him and solve his weaknesses. Tolerate his attitude, his behaviors. Never you be in a haste to turn your back to his mistakes. When you two are together you can solve every problem that may come in each other’s path.

9. Expressing of feeling.

Never forget that he is also a human being, you shouldn’t expect him to know what you actually want, try to express your feeling to him so that he will know when he is doing the right thing or not. Show him the impression that he is on point or not. So that he shall take correction immediately. A woman had to tell her man the actual way to make her feel, the actual place you will like to be touched or not, and how you want it. Men do like it when you do that. You shouldn’t expect him to know everything that is running in your mind.

10. Easy to communicate with.

Free yourself to him, make him know that you are his special one. Let your communication be intact. Give him attention when he needs you. Never you deny him of your voice, ask him about his day, how his day was and what happened. Let him know that it’s his responsibility to share things with you. Be concern to listen to what he has to say. Communicate with him as much as you can and don’t act stupidly. Give him chance when there’s need to.


All these things are the mistakes that women makes in a relationship, check yourself and make amends. Check your relationship and see the changes in it, thank me when that is done.

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