Mistakes Guys Make In A Relationship

Yes guys do make mistakes too in a relationship. So relax I will tell you that, because without you looking at those area you may even hurt your woman without even knowing you do so. For you to avoid all these mistakes try to take a look at them below. “Mistakes Guys Make In A Relationship”


  1. Not understanding her.

Most men don’t know that they hurt a woman always or each time they don’t try to look deep or understand the reason behind her actions.

Remember you are a man and she is a woman, so your way of reasoning and her own won’t be the same, without you not relaxing your mind and ask her of thoughts on any issue, you won’t understand her. So don’t make a mistake of misunderstanding her always.


  1. Lack of attention.

A woman deserves to be giving attention no matter what. Are you among those guys out there that don’t give attention to their woman then stop in other for you not to lose her to guys like me who gives attention to women?

So to avoid you getting heartbroken when another guy will give her attention and she now start falling for him. You better act fast now before is too late.


  1. Appreciate her.

Show her your appreciation especially when she does something for you. It hurts women most when their man doesn’t show any atom of appreciation on the things that they do for them.


  1. Compliment.

Give her compliment at times especially when she put new dress or make a new hair style. You can even compliment her when you first see her and try to at least admire how she looks. Women love compliments a lot so try to compliment her. “Mistakes Guys Make In A Relationship”


  1. Trust.

Give her trust and don’t break her own trust for you. No matter what don’t try to show her that you don’t trust her or do something that will make her lose trust in you. As long as there is trust between you two. Then know that she must surely love you.


  1. Be friendly with her friends.

It is good to be friendly with her friends because doing so will make them talk about you at times in their girls talk and that will be an extra point to you too in her heart.


  1. Don’t scare her.

Sometimes we guys scare ladies with our actions without knowing we do so. There are some characters or attitude you should not behave in front of your woman because your understanding as a man and her own is not the same.


  1. Listen to her decision.

Let it not always be about your decision. Listen to her own opinion or decision too. And don’t think that a woman don’t have anything to say in your decision. If you are doing so, she will not be happy and may leave you. “Mistakes Guys Make In A Relationship”


  1. Put her first.

Try to first think about her first before deciding on anything. Don’t just make a decision without consulting or considering what her actions will be on the decision or without thinking if the decision you make will suit her too.


  1. Communication.

Try to always communicate with your woman always because effective communication with her will make her keep you close to her heart always.


  1. Be bold and smart.

You should know by now that women love bold guys. So try to be bold and smart, so that she will be happy and feel safe whenever she is with you.


  1. Not been funny.

Try to be funny and play with your woman always, don’t be harsh with her no matter what. Sometimes your harsh words can make your woman scared of coming closer to you, she will always prefer being with others than being with you.


  1. Not being proud of her.

You should make sure that you are not the type that finds it hard to be proud of their partner. You should be proud of your partner at any level, even in the presence of your friends and family. Let her know how much she means to you, for it will make her love for you stronger and firm. “Mistakes Guys Make In A Relationship”


  1. Too Much correction.

You must not always prove that you know everything. You shouldn’t correct her in everything she does. Sometimes if she makes mistakes, overlooked it, do it yourself and correct her later. It is not good to be correcting her in everything including the ones she does with happiness that you will like it.

There are some mistakes that women make but they do not know that it was a mistake or they do not also know that it will come out to be a mistake. Sometimes you supposed to cuddle her and help her to amend that mistake together with her and correct her on a language that she won’t misunderstood you. Too much correction ruins a good relationship. Because it’s brings argument and nagging all the time.


We believed that by now that you must have finished reading this, you can now understand that guys do make mistakes in relationship. Feel free to drop your comments it you have any.


“Mistakes Guys Make In A Relationship”