List Of Nice And Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Finding beautiful names for your girl that have meanings for your new baby is a challenge. Everyone has experienced this journey. Names are an integral part of a person’s identity. parents would like to make their best effort to choose a name for their baby that is memorable and makes a lasting impression.

If you’re looking to go to every nook and cranny to choose the most appropriate names for your little girl We’ve compiled the most beautiful names for women with meanings that you could present to your baby girl. While some of them are distinctive and have meanings, others are special to be given to a girl.

Look at the list we’ve compiled below and choose a memorable name for your gorgeous daughter.

Beautiful and Meaningful Baby Girl Names

Baby Names that mean ‘Beautiful’ and Pretty

  1. Abigail: A father’s delight beautiful.
  2. Alina, It is the noblest of them all.
  3. Bella: Beautiful
  4. Bellezza Bellezza or Beauty
  5. The Belinda Beautiful one. extremely gorgeous
  6. Bonita Pretty
  7. Bonnie Gorgeous or pretty
  8. Caily Slender or pretty
  9. The Calista Most Beautiful
  10. Calliope: Beautiful voice
  11. Calixta Beautiful or most gorgeous
  12. Donatella: A beautiful gift
  13. Ella: Beautiful fairy
  14. Ellen Beautiful woman
  15. Ellie A shining light or perhaps the most gorgeous woman
  16. The beautiful one: The beautiful one
  17. Fayre Beautiful
  18. Felicia Success or luck?
  19. Iowa: Beautiful land
  20. Isa Beautiful
  21. Jacintha: Beautiful
  22. Jolie Gorgeous or lovely
  23. Kaytlyn: Smart and beautiful, she is a gorgeous young girl
  24. Keva Beautiful child
  25. Kyomi is Gorgeous and perfect
  26. Lillie is Pure, beautiful
  27. Lilybelle Beautiful lily
  28. Linda Pretty
  29. Lynne Beautiful waterfall
  30. Lucinda: Beautiful light
  31. Mabel Beautiful one
  32. Abs: Beautiful lover
  33. Marabel Beautiful Mary
  34. Meadow Beautiful field
  35. Mei Beautiful
  36. Miyeon Lovely, warm-hearted or delightful
  37. Miyuki Lovely, cheerful or good luck
  38. Naamah Pleasant
  39. Naava is Beautiful and delightful
  40. Naomi Lovely or pleasant
  41. Nefertari: The most beautiful
  42. Nefertiti: The beautiful one
  43. Nelly A shining light
  44. Name: Lovely and relaxing
  45. Noabel Beautiful light
  46. Omorose A beautiful baby
  47. Orabelle Beautiful seacoast
  48. Rachel Beautiful
  49. Raanana Pleasant and fresh
  50. Ratih The most beautiful, godlike or divine beauty
  51. Rosaleen Lovely, small rose
  52. Rosalind Pretty rose
  53. Sapphire Beautiful gem
  54. Tazanna: Beautiful princess
  55. Tegan A loved one or the one you love
  56. Tove stunning and gorgeous
  57. Ulanni: Gorgeous beauty
  58. Venus goddess of love and beauty
  59. The Xin Happy
  60. The Yedda Voice: Beautiful voice

List Of Nice And Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

Names in Sanskrit have deep significance. Naming a baby is the most basic Hindu “sanskar” which is a religious norm. Here are some gorgeous baby girl names and their meanings for you to pick.

  1. Abhaya: Fearless
  2. Akshita: Wonder girl
  3. Ambar The sky
  4. Amrita: Spiritual holy water
  5. Avantika Queen
  6. Dhara: Constant flow
  7. Divya: Divine
  8. Jyotsna: Radiant-like flames
  9. Karishma Miracle
  10. Mohini: Most Beautiful
  11. Shreya: Beautiful, auspicious
  12. Swaara Self shining
  13. Vaidehi Sita the wife of Lord Ram

Names for Your Baby Girl Meaning ‘Moonlight’

These names are connected in a way to Goddess Moon: They are ideal if you’re fascinated by mythology!

  1. Diana: Moon Goddess
  2. Celine Moon
  3. Luna Luna (in Spanish and Italian)
  4. Rishima: Moonbeam

Names that signify “Happiness”

Who would not want their child to always be content? Put that feeling in the name of her child!

  1. Farrah: Happy
  2. Muskaan: Smile, happiness

Names that Mean ‘Successful’

We all want our children to be successful adults. Choose a name for your daughter based on this and let her know your goal.

  1. Naila Successful
  2. Yashita Successful
  3. Fawziya: Victorious
  4. Yashashree: The Goddess of Success
  5. Victoria Victoria is the name given to Victoria, the British queen, which translates to victory, and is still well-known.

Names That Mean ‘Flower’ Your Little Girl

Flowers have that feminine look to them and are usually considered to be associated with females. Here are some names for baby girls. names that mean flower!

  1. Aboli is an unusual Hindu name, which translates to flower.
  2. Daisy Numerous girls get their names after these delicate yellow and white flowers.
  3. Ketki: This name is usually spelt as Ketaki but the spelling can vary depending on the community.
  4. Kusum: This well-known name refers to flowers.
  5. Juhi is a flower belonging to the family of jasmine. You can choose to name the girl you love Juhi as well as Jasmine.
  6. violet: The bluish-purple flower in this picture is distinctive and stunning. It is a favourite among many poets.
  7. Zahra The name is an Arabic name, which translates to flower.

Quick facts

Charlotte, Sophia, and Evelyn are some of the most sought-after names for babies across the US in 2021 (1).

List Of Nice And Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Baby Names for Girls Meaning Romance

If you’re an ardent romantic You would want your child to have an identity that reflects the love you feel. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Scarlett The name Scarlett means red. which is the colour associated with love and affection.
  2. amora Spanish term for Love.
  3. Ai Japanese term for Love.
  4. Car is a Welsh Name that means “love”
  5. Darlene: Dear or beloved
  6. Davina Beloved
  7. Kalila The word “Kalila” means “heap of love” in Arabic
  8. The Shirina name has an American name which means love song.
  9. Yaretzi A Aztec name that means “you are always loved’

Names based on Mythology

These names are timeless and stunning. The significance of these names makes them unique.

  1. PenelopeThis name is a Greek name. Penelope is the name of the woman who was married to The Trojan War hero Ulysses who was famous for his intelligence.
  2. Althea: This name can be found in Greek mythology as well as in pastoral poetry.
  3. Ariadne A term used in Greek mythology that translates to most holy’
  4. AphroditeThe Greek God of Love.
  5. Cassandra is also known as Kassandra: The daughter of king Priam from Troy who was able to predict the future.
  6. Chitrangada:Wife of Pandava prince Arjuna
  7. HamsiniGoddess Saraswati
  8. Anagha: Goddess Lakshmi

Names Based on Musical Notes

  1. Aarohi The sound of music. The name has experienced a rebirth in recent times.
  2. Alvapriya: Music lover
  3. Gunjan: Musical sound
  4. Isaiarasi: Queen of Music
  5. Prrati A person who is a fan of and enjoys music

Baby names are named after Celebrities

Names of celebrities are timeless favourites. Maintaining the names of celebrities for babies can be a statement of style! Try to stay clear of names that are commonly used, such as Lucy, Mary and Sarah.

  1. Aradhya: Regard
  2. Charlotte: Freeman
  3. Elise Affirmation of God
  4. Frankie Free one
  5. Josie God can add
  6. June: Young
  7. OPHELIA: Help
  8. Paris: Gorgeous and chic
  9. The Norah Shining light
  10. Kate Pure

Some interesting Muslim Names for Your Baby Girl

These names aren’t popular and are usually favoured by the Muslim community.

  1. Aa’eedahReward
  2. Aadila: Honest and equal
  3. Abeer or Abir: Fragrance
  4. AfaafVirtuous honest, clean and decent
  5. AleemaLearned, wise
  6. Alia High, noble and amazing
  7. Atiya: Gift, present
  8. Ahd Knowledge, pledge

Beautiful Hindu Names For Girls

Here are a few Hindu names that you could use for your baby girl. These are basic, yet meaningful.

  1. Akuti: Princess
  2. Adrika: Celestial
  3. The Alisha He is guided by God
  4. Abha Lustrous beauty
  5. Abhilasha Desire or ambition
  6. Aashirya from the Land of God
  7. Aashi Smile
  8. Amolika: Priceless
  9. Amodini Joyful
  10. Anahita: Graceful
  11. Angarika The flower with a flame called Palash.
  12. Anika: Goddess Durga
  13. Anura: Knowledgeable
  14. Dakshi The glorious
  15. Elakshi is an attractive woman with sharp eyes

List Of Nice And Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meanings

The Classic Names That Are Evergreen

While many would call them “old traditional’, their traditional names are still in fashion.

  1. Hazel is a reference to hazel trees.
  2. Cora It was an invention of the writer of the novel ‘Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper. The character was strong gorgeous and cute. You’ll surely want these traits in your child.
  3. Faye Trust and loyalty
  4. Eleanor Light shining or sun rays
  5. Della: Noble
  6. Clara ou Claire: Famous and amazing
  7. Amelia Strenuous, hardworking
  8. Anne The Hebrew name that means “favoured grace”
  9. Evelyn, It is a Norman source and comes via the English surname.
  10. Emma Emma is a revival of this name, which was very popular during the 1880s. It is universal.

Names based on Virtue

Make sure your child understands the importance of virtue from the start. You can mention any of the following:

  1. Affinity: Friendly
  2. Bina: Knowledge, understanding
  3. Faith Belief, faith, and trust
  4. Mercy Merciful
  5. Namya Honorable of distinction
  6. Omnia The virtuous woman
  7. Peace: Tranquil
  8. The Priti Love
  9. Trinity three in one

Edgy Girl Names

The 21st century is calling for modern and contemporary names. Look over our most trendy Baby girl name ideas below.

  1. Athena The goddess of wisdom
  2. Audrey Noble strength
  3. Blythe Happy
  4. Harlow Army
  5. Harp player: Harp player
  6. Ivy: A plant name
  7. Juniper Tree name
  8. Layla Night
  9. Lucille: Light
  10. Lux: Light
  11. Maisie: Pearl
  12. Monroe The mouth of the Roe river
  13. Piper Pipe player
  14. First rose: First rose
  15. Stella: Star
  16. Tatum Tate’s homestead
  17. Teagan Pretty or little poet
  18. Tenley Burnt clearing
  19. Thunder: Thunder
  20. Willow tree: The willow tree

Whimsical Girl Names

If you’re a fan of quirky and exciting things, then whimsical baby girl names are ideal for you.

  1. Acacia: Thorny
  2. Avery: Elf wisdom
  3. The Bambalina Little girl
  4. Eilidh: Sun
  5. The Lenora Bright
  6. Lorelei: Alluring
  7. Maeby Pearl or bitter
  8. Phoebe: Shining one
  9. Tabitha Gazelle
  10. Tallulah Running water

Spiritual Girl Names

Naming your child is nothing less than a practice of spirituality. What is the best way to choose an appropriate religious name to give your child? See our choices below!

  1. Aisha: Lively
  2. Angela: Angel
  3. Angelique: Like an angel
  4. Assisi: Italian place-name
  5. Batya the daughter of God
  6. Celestia Heavenly
  7. Chava Life
  8. Chinmayi Spiritual joy
  9. Grace: Goodness, generosity
  10. Gwyneth: Blessed
  11. Helena Light
  12. Khadija Early Baby
  13. Lourdes A reference to Mother Mary
  14. Magdalena The gift of God
  15. Seraphina: Fiery-winged

Girls with names that are not known to the public.

If you want your child stands out from the crowd, select an unusual and unique name for her.

  1. Alouette: Lark
  2. Alexina: Defending men
  3. Belva Beautiful view
  4. Caricia: Caress
  5. Fayette Faith
  6. Galiana: Calm healer
  7. Jacinda: Hyacinth
  8. Kalilah: Beloved
  9. Leontine Lion
  10. Meliora: Better

Did you have any idea?

The name Barbie originates from the Greek word ‘Barbaros’.’

Barbie Girl Names

If you have a particular area for Barbie dolls within your heart, select the name that is inspired by the Barbie line-up for your child.

  1. Barbie: Foreign woman
  2. Cara Face
  3. Christie: A Christian
  4. Dana From Denmark
  5. Goddess: Goddess
  6. French: From France
  7. Jamie: Supplanter
  8. Jazzie: Jasmine
  9. Kelly War
  10. Krissy Christ-follower Christ
  11. Midge Pearl
  12. Stacie: Resurrection
  13. Steffie Garland
  14. Tracy: Of Thracia
  15. Whitney White Island

Names based on Genealogy

You could repeat names that are popular within your family, but you believe will be unusual. Naming a child after her grandmother was once popular. It is possible to bring this practice back since the original name might have become distinct following two generations. Genealogical names usually evoke emotional memory.

Make sure you choose a lovely and simple, beautiful name for your baby girl. It should be easy to pronounce and spell. Everyone hates having their name altered, even though it is a frequent issue encountered by many! Names reflect a person’s faith and community, their location of birth, but not necessarily the persona. As a newborn is unable to comprehend the significance of the name she is given, she can be able to comprehend the meaning of her name.

Try to choose names that you know your child will be proud of when she begins to talk. This article on gorgeous names for baby girls with significance can help you select the best name for your little girl. Enjoy naming your baby!


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