List Of 75 Funny Good Morning Texts For Him

A good morning text is an essential part of modern dating. It should not be called in. Here are 75 of the most hilarious wake-up messages you can send. Each includes a description of the best time to use them and important information.

List Of 75 Funny Good Morning Texts For Him

List Of 75 Funny Good Morning Texts For Him

  1. “The best thing about waking up is the knowledge that you’ll be there, waiting on pins and needles for my text.

This funny text opens up a lot of flirting possibilities, including him acting as if he didn’t care if you humorously texted him.

  1. “I knew that you like to exercise, but did I have to race through your mind all night?”

If your man loves to work out, this tweak to a classic line will make him smile every morning.

  1. “It can be irritating to the sun, but my father’s son makes me smile every day.”

This one is our favourite because it may make your guy think. “Who is my father’s son?” Oh…me, duh!”

  1. “Coffee may wake me up but I would prefer it if you were here to get me to sleep tonight.”

You can make a strong impression with a flirty message. This is a great option! This will make your guy laugh, but also happy with your flirtatious nature.

“There is a large spot in my mattress that is big enough for me to snuggle today.”

  1. You can let him know that you are interested in spending time with him at night and making your day. This text also sends some flirtation and fun to him.
  2. “Me+U+Coffee = Best Morning Ever!” Are you short on time?

If you’d like to meet him before work, this is the text. Coffee is always a fun, standard joke when you wake up.

  1. “The best thing about seeing your last evening is that I can still smell your kisses upon my lips.”

If you had some fun last night, this is the text to send. It will make him smile and remind him of a great time.

  1. “Drill Sergeant girlfriend! MOVE YOUR LAZY BUTT OUT of BED! MOVE!

Are you a proud ex-military veteran or current military personnel? This text is a hilarious reminder to remind your boy of the joys of boot camp.

  1. “The dog whined all night last night because you weren’t here.” So did I!”

Ideal for the dog-lover boyfriend, who can bond perfectly with his canine companions.

  1. “We must seriously consider breaking up…this boring morning with funny text!”

This text should only be used if your boyfriend is comfortable enough to crack a joke about a breakup. This joke may not be liked by all men.

  1. “Last night, I’m Too Sexy” ran through my mind whenever I thought about you.

Is your man as passionate about his sexy body as you are? This flirty and fun text will make him smile.

  1. “Aliens kidnapped me last night and now I’m on Mars. You must rescue me!

Do you want to throw your guy off the rails? This text will allow you to test his response. If he laughs it’s a sign he’s serious!

  1. This bacon is delicious, but it could have some man meat.

This funny and funny good morning text will make you super-naughty

  1. “Dorian Gray must have given you his mirror because you look so young in that photo!”

This is only for those who love literature and Oscar Wilde.

  1. “This is difficult, but I must get out of my closet. I cannot spend all day looking at shoes!”

This will be a fun way to make your guy laugh.

  1. “Three words: breakfast in bed. You are welcome. That’s five words.

This silly text will make your guy laugh.

  1. “I hit the snooze key three times this morning. Wish you were there to hit it a fourth time.”

This silly and cheeky text will make fun of your sleep-loving habits.

  1. “Do you miss me as badly as I miss you?” Let’s make bets.

This loving message will add romance to your morning text. Although it is not necessarily funny, the “bets” after it could make for a great morning flirt.

  1. “I love my men as much as I like my coffee. They warm me up every morning.”

This funny joke will make your man laugh. You can make it more naughty and say “inside my belly”, but that all depends on how you like flirting.

  1. “I believe I’m going insane…for you.” Are you looking for matching straight jackets?

This joke text is a bit dark but can be very funny if your guy enjoys dark humour.

  1. “I wish you were here, not gonna lie. “I don’t feel like cooking breakfast.”

This classic bait-and-switch joke will make your guy laugh. You should let your guy know that you miss his kisses.

  1. “I don’t like breakfast nearly as much as you!”

This text will make you smile if you’re a fan of breakfast or early morning eating.

  1. “If I had my luck, I would bet on the lotto tonight. You have me, after all.”

This playful and arrogant tease is sure to result in some hilarious morning banter between your boy.

  1. “If I had to choose between pancakes or you in the morning, I would probably pick you.”

After he has replied, jokingly, you can continue to switch between him and pancakes (always picking your boy at the end).

  1. “You must be caffeine-addicted because you wake me up like no other.”

To make your message even more clear, you can add a coffee icon or a “licking tongue” emoticon.                                                                                                            List Of 75 Funny Good Morning Texts For Him

  1. “I am hungover…from last night’s meeting with you.”

If you love wine, or just want to have a drink before bed, this text is for you.

  1. “Agree to it, this text is the best thing about your day.”

You’re likely to get his agreement!

  1. “Let’s get together and play hooky today!”

Playfully remind him of his youth skipping class days to create a fun atmosphere.

  1. “Babe! I need 10ccs of your help to get up this morning,”

This text can be used to help a nurse, student or doctor.

  1. “Call the fire department!” “I’m fighting for you!”

This gag will ignite his passion and humour.

  1. “Every morning, you beat me out of bed.” Do you think you can beat me to the bed?

This silly message will make you a little more flirty.

  1. “The sun goes down: You text me. I text you when the sun rises. “I think I like your.”

This message will likely make him laugh and feel touched at the same moment.

  1. “Why is morning so early in the morning?”

He will groan and roll his eyes at this old chestnut.

  1. “Daylight saving is the worst invention of all time.”

Another way to get out of bed in the morning is by having fun.

  1. “Call the doctor, I fell asleep in a coma.”

If your guy is gullible, and somehow believes you can send a text from a computer, this is not a good text.

  1. “Hey, baby! Don’t you just love dating someone who is a morning person?”

If your guy struggles to get up in the morning, you can use this text.

  1. “It is amazing how long the male body can go without a woman to wake it up.”

This playful text will make you laugh in the battle between the sexes.

  1. “Dating you for so many years has turned me into a morning person!”

This text is for you if your man is a morning person.

  1. “Timezones are a pain, aren’t they?

This text is great for long-distance relationships.

  1. “Give me a cup of coffee, sugar pie.”

If your guy is a coffee lover, you can use this text.

  1. “I quit my job to become a nun.” “A sexy nun.”

Your guy will be able to laugh at this random bit of silliness.

  1. “Let’s strip text: Take off a piece of clothing with every message.”

If you feel comfortable, end the exchange with some naughty photos.

  1. “Peanut butter jelly and jelly have nothing to do with us!”

This gag is for guys who like toast every morning.

  1. “The sunrise could make you look even hotter.”

As long as the boy gets it, you can send a playful insulting text.

  1. “Skip the work and let’s make blankets!”

You can tap into your boy’s natural playfulness and have some sexy fun.

  1. “Softly, you kiss my neck and then…oh, look, this isn’t your dad’s number!”

This joke will make your guy cry!

  1. “I don’t know what happened last night, but I see a monkey smoking a cigar.”

You can make your boyfriend laugh by using bizarre imagery.

  1. “What’s better than my morning kisses? You dork!

Another gag that will keep him smiling is the bait-and-switch gag.

  1. “I put on my best lingerie last night. You can come over to take them off today.

This funny and hot text will make you laugh.

  1. “I’ll have whatever you’re having for breakfast.”

This text can be used to make early morning fun.                                                                                                                                                                                          List Of 75 Funny Good Morning Texts For Him               

  1. “When the sun rises, all I can think about is you, whipped cream, and a distinct absence of clothes.”

This text will make him smile and turn his brain.

  1. “Want to find out what breakfast is? Me-n-u!”

For maximum laughter, tell your boy to make dad jokes about you.

  1. “Your brother would like to know what my favourite position is.”

These texts should only be used if your boy is extremely confident.

  1. It’s secret sharing Monday You can share a secret with us, and we’ll all know it.”

You should share a secret with your friend if you have one!

  1. “Getting me out of my job today is the fastest way to my heart.”

Do not be surprised if he accepts the invitation!

  1. “Texting you makes my heart beat faster!” Oh, wait. It’s only my coffee.”

Another way to make your baby laugh is by using a funny trick.

  1. What do you and my coffee share in common? Both of you are beautiful and black!

This works best if your boyfriend’s African American.

  1. “I’ll take your sugar with coffee and…you!”

There are endless coffee jokes.

  1. “My favourite breakfast food? Of course, you!

This funny and sexy text will make you feel super naughty.

  1. “I think that I will sleep through the night…until you wake up, of course!”

This funny text will remind him how hot he is.

  1. “I have changed my will. If I die, I want my credit card debt to be with you.”

Although it is a bit morbid, this text can make the right man laugh.

  1. “I thought it was my cat who woke me up last night howling your name.” It was me, I realized.

This text will make him smile and feel special.

  1. “Don’t forget to put on your wig today. I’m going to sleep in.”

Perhaps he will want to join you at home and skip work?

  1. “I’m going to China on vacation. Would you like to join me?”

To make him laugh on a difficult morning, be a bit quirky

  1. “Touch me, touch, feel me. I want to feel your body.” Oops! Voice-to-text was on my radio!

This text will make fun of the foibles and limitations of technology.

  1. “Tell me a reason we shouldn’t spend the day in bed together.”

This text will make your guy smile as he considers the same question again and again.

  1. “Ground Control to Major you: You’ve earned my heart!”

This can be sent to a music lover (especially a David Bowie fanatic).

  1. “I wish that you could play me like a drum.”

These texts work well with musicians.

  1. Tell me a bedtime story. I’m ready for bed.

You can get a great chuckle from your guy.

  1. “I’m reading your tomorrow for today: Things will only get better after this incredible text!”

Get your guy ready for the day. Have a good time and have a great time with this text.

  1. “I want to have you kiss me right now. Would you like also to kiss me?

This silly message will negate the “me too” text.

  1. “Don’t run this morning. I know an exercise that is much more enjoyable.

He will sprint to your home, laughing along the way.

  1. “Why don’t you bench press me in your morning work?”

This funny and sexy text will touch your man’s macho side.

  1. “I don’t care if it’s six in the morning. Netflix and chill?

This captivating text will make you flirty, naughty and funny.

  1. Let’s get one thing straight. Morning nookie is better than afternoon delight.

For some morning fun, your guy will be laughing at your home.

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