List Of 70+ Weird And Random Things To Say To Entertain Your Friends

You are the person who always thinks of funny things to say.

It’s a great feeling to see your family and friends laugh when you say something.

You may need some help to come up with strange things to say.

What are some strange questions that you can ask?

What off-the-wall comments can make them laugh even after a tough day?

List below.

Keep the ones that bring you joy.

What do you say to freak someone out?

If you want to make your friends laugh, ask a question or say something that will freak them out. This can help them relax a bit after the initial shock.

Why? Why?

You’re also a little bit of a slob. Bonus.

How can you improve your ability to identify weird things to tell friends, family members, and others?

The human brain is a tangent machine.

There’s always a search for new connections and bright paths to take.

You can develop your gift by doing the following exercises:

  • Choose a word, and then mind-match at least 10 random ideas.
  • Write down random thoughts on a memorable event.
  • List adjectives starting with each letter in your full name.

You get the picture. Play a game of word association without editing.

See what you can create with those crazy ideas.

List Of 70+ Weird And Random Things To Say To Entertain Your Friends

You Can Say 70+ Weird Things

Consider the list below of strange things you can say to your friends or anyone else listening.

Save your favourites.

  1. “I told them ‘No’, but they didn’t listen.”
  2. If you fail at first, it’s best to destroy all evidence of your attempts.
  3. “Eat kale, stay fit, die anyway.”
  4. Time is the best of all teachers. “Too bad it kills its students.”
  5. “My karma has just swept over my dogma.”
  6. You’ll find three types of people on this planet: those who can count, and those who cannot.
  7. Sometimes, the road that is less travelled has a reason for being so.
  8. If it wasn’t for Thomas Edison we would all be watching television by candlelight.
  9. I’m not very good at giving advice. “Can I make a sarcastic remark instead?”
  10. “Kids are prone to believing in fairy tales.” “I’ve now moved on to political speeches and soap operas.”
  11. Believe in yourself. “Someone has to.”
  12. You’re always welcome to my advice. “I don’t use that anyway.”
  13. My parents moved around a lot as a child. I never lost them.
  14. My New Year resolves to only fear one day at a given time.
  15. “Saw, wanted, bought, used once, kept in my home for ten years, gave it to someone else.”
  16. “I chose to travel the well-trodden path for a good reason.” “More coffee shops.”
  17. “I don’t spew profanities. “I enunciate like a civilized individual.”
  18. “My name is You can call me at any time.”
  19. “Earth is the insane asylum of this galaxy.” “Welcome to my ward.”
  20. Say, “I am glad that you all made it.” In an elevator with a lot of people. You are chosen.”
  21. You may have noticed that I am invisible. “It’s the ability to make myself invisible.”
  22. “Shhhh! “You say it best if you say nothing…at all.”
  23. “I used to have a terrible signature. Then I started learning cursive. Now, it’s worse.”
  24. Please don’t eat this in my presence. I get sympathy gas.”
  25. Say, “That went much worse than I anticipated.”
  26. Send someone a message that says “You don’t know what you did!”
  27. “Shush! “I can’t hear the voices.”
  28. Say “Oooh!” to your friend when speaking with a male stranger. Is this guy?”
  29. When asked about a suggestion, always ask “But at what price?”
  30. As the prophecy predicted …”
  31. Ask the next person in line, “So they fixed this one?” I just changed into some dry clothes. “I just changed into dry clothes.”
  32. Answering a question with “I never told.” He’ll ruin everything I love.”
  33. Say “Goodbye” to everyone before you leave the room. Remember me!
  34. As I said in my dream last night …”
  35. If someone says “Sometimes life is like that”, you can respond “And sometimes it’s like that.”
  36. In response to someone saying, “I’m sure you think that it’s easy just like that!”
  37. When responding to an attempt at flirtation: “I bet all the girls laugh behind your back when you say that.”
  38. During a conversation in private, the question was asked: “Is that why fate brought us to each other?
  39. When asked if they were friend-zoned: “Oh, yeah, sure.” “I was just clearing up the awkwardness so we could hang out like platonic besties.”
  40. You can whisper to yourself, “It was just like my dream!”
  41. Then, the wolves arrived. “The end.”
  42. Siri will sing you a tune. Ask aloud: “How did she even know that song is playing in my mind?”
  43. Ask someone, “You think that they know… you know?”
  44. Did you know that you cannot legally purchase a mousetrap without a hunting licence in California?
  45. What was the best thing to do before sliced bread?
  46. Say “Well… Pray for a Miracle” when someone enters the public toilet stall beside you. Before flushing, I would lift your feet just in case.
  47. Answer the phone by saying, “Can you not see that I am pretending to be busy?”
  48. You woke me!” is a good way to answer the phone. It’s true love .”
  49. Tell your friend that you had a bad dream last night. You did terrible acts.”
  50. You can ask if you can be the friend’s alarm clock. Call them at the time you have set and tell them in a soothing robotic voice, “You’ve been selected for remote sterilisation.” Please stay still. “I repeat: Please remain still.”
  51. In this economy, respond to a comment by saying “How do you feel about that?”
  52. Back in five. “Back in five.”
  53. When everything is coming at you, you are likely in the wrong lane.
  54. “An elf walks into a bar. “A dwarf walks under him, laughs and tries to make fun of him.”
  55. “Whenever someone says algebra, I immediately think of my X…and wonder Y.”
  56. The person who ate you must have been in worse shape than you.
  57. You know that I will be there if you fall… to take a selfie, and then post it on Instagram. “But also because I care.”
  58. Why aren’t phonetic words spelled as they sound?
  59. Say “I won” when someone goes to the bathroom.
  60. Say, “Look, that show-off is sitting there on the horse while it’s moving.”
  61. It’s over. Walk up to a group of people chatting informally and tell them, “It is done.” We need to leave before the police arrive.
  62. Place an empty gum wrapper on the palm of your friend’s hands and clasp them together with both your hands, saying “I saw that and thought of you.”
  63. Posters with the word “Lost” and a picture of an unidentified rock can be distributed. Please call me if you have seen my pet stone (answers for “Falafel”). “He doesn’t know as many streets as I do.”
  64. Ask your partner, “Have you thought about the questions I asked while you slept?”
  65. Ask the person editing your work “How much more for sorcery?”
  66. If you fail at first, it is only you who can be blamed.
  67. “Organized individuals miss out on finding mountains and mountains of useless junk in their search for the one thing that they kept ‘just in case’ and now have a purpose for.”
  68. If you delete my Internet history immediately after my death, I’ll know that you are my best friend.
  69. “Chin up. You’re not alone. “I’m always mocking you in spirit.”
  70. Ask out loud “Does it spark joy?” when you go to someone’s home with a garbage bag.
  71. The two go well together. “Read my blog to see proof.”
  72. I get enough exercise by pushing my luck. “Squats just seem like overkill.”
  73. “Equal Opportunity means that everyone has an equal chance of failing miserably, and then blogging about the experience.”
  74. The worst hangover of my life started this year. “Thank God someone cleaned the cabinet.”
  75. I took the road that was less travelled. Thanks a lot, Google Maps!”

Final Thoughts

Which of these 75 random and weird things to say stood out to you now that you have this collection? You’ll probably find that if any of these made you laugh, or even shake your head with a slight chuckle and barely suppress a laugh, then they will do the same thing for someone you know.

But timing is key. Before releasing your favourites, it is important to read the room.

You’ll get weird looks, but if you can make a friend smile, it will be worth it. Which one will you choose first?