Here is the list of dirty questions to ask your boyfriend. So if you have already been severe in the bedroom or you are just beginning to take steps towards that direction! These will give you an inside look into what makes him tick or turn on! “Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend.”

So get ready to learn all about how your man thinks with this fun and exciting and sweet questions!  Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend


Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend

  1. Let say in an ideal world, how long would your foreplay be?
  2. What do my lips taste like to you?
  3. Is there any sexy scene from any movie that you want to recreate with me?
  4. Let say you had a pair of x-ray glasses, which part of my body would you look first?
  5. If you asked only to touch me in one place, where would it be?
  6. If we both are in a movie theater, and I want to do it, what would you want or like me to do?
  7. What is that one thing you want me to do to you that I have not done?
  8. How far have you gone on a first date?
  9. What would you do if am to send you a dirty photo of me?
  10. How would you describe your package as a man?
  11. Would you like to play dirty truth or dare?
  12. Guess what I am wearing right now?
  13. What would you do if I am to open the door without wearing clothes? “Questions to ask your boyfriend.”
  14. Have anybody caught you going solo? And who was that?
  15. Do you prefer your woman to shave or all-natural?
  16. Are you okay with laughing in the bedroom okay, or do you like keeping everything sober?
  17. What longest time have you gone without doing it?
  18. What is the most number of times you have done it in a row?
  19. Do you love watching me touch myself?
  20. I heard that kissing burns a lot of calories. So I want you to help me check on that?
  21. What do you look for in a partner when you are in the bedroom together?
  22. What do you think about having toys in the bedroom?
  23. Will the thought of recording video turn you on?
  24. Have you ever try to wear edible underwear?
  25. On the last dirty dream you had? Was I in it also?
  26. What a naughty fantasy, so you have about me?
  27. Tell me one public place where you would want to do it with me?
  28. So tell if you have ever bought lingerie for a girl?
  29. What the best thing that I can do for you on the bed?
  30. Have you ever watch any adult videos?
  31. So do you like to give or receive?
  32. I would like to see a sexy pic of your favorite body part?
  33. Would you mind if I watch you pleasure yourself?
  34. How would you feel if I am making breakfast for you while wearing only an apron?
  35. Would you prefer to do it with me in the morning or at night?
  36. So tell me, What is the most extended intimate session for you?
  37. What was your first time like when you first do it?
  38. How would you compare me to other girls you have been? “Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend.”
  39. Do you love sex thing?
  40. Have you ever do or try to do it in front of other people?
  41. So tell me, have you ever done it with more than one woman in one day?
  42. Do you like getting tied up when doing it? How about tying me up instead?
  43. Have you ever have a friend with benefits?
  44. Have you ever hooked up with a girl you weren’t supposed to hook up with?
  45. Have you ever used food during the time of intimacy?
  46. Have you gotten a lap dance before?
  47. Are you part of any mile high club?
  48. Would you love to play strip poker with me?
  49. Can you tell me the wildest thing you have ever done?
  50. Would you like it if I am to please you while you were driving?
  51. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever thought about to do with me?
  52. Where is the most uncomfortable place you have ever stay and do it?
  53. Have you fantasized about someone else when making love?
  54. Have you ever do it in the water?
  55. Who do you think of each time pleasure yourself?
  56. Have you ever do it with someone you are not attracted to?
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