List Of 12 Ways To Say “I Love You” In Math Code!

Love can be expressed in many ways, including romantic poems, grand gestures and flowers. Did you know there are codes to express your Love for someone? These codes are based on mathematics. Every year, March 14th is International Mathematics Day. Let’s dive into the mathematical equations of Love and say “I love You” in numbers or codes.

Creativity is unlimited. When the Internet became a medium for communication, all communication was short-coded. The codes for Love are our favourite! Are you a fan of creativity and ingenuity? Perhaps math is your passion. Are you familiar with the i3u mathematics trick? We are working on it. Maybe you are uncomfortable saying lovey-mushy words. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, continue reading to learn about a world filled with mathematical codes for Love!

Mathematical Code: How to Say “I Love You”

These mathematical codes will surprise your loved one on International Mathematics Day. This is the best way to express those magical words. This is how it works. You can write “I Love You” in numbers.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

1. 143 Love Code

This is the most popular mathematical way to say I love you. You probably already know it! The numbers 1,4,3 represent the number alphabets in the phrase “I love you”. This means that I = 1, Love = 4, and You = 3.

This is the code to “I Love You”: a simple and sweet set of numbers. It doesn’t matter if your crush is a math lover or not. They will appreciate it and understand.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

2. 831 Love Code

This less well-known code means that I also love you. It’s a cyber term in which the number 8 stands for the number of letters in the phrase “I love you.” It is composed of three numbers. The number 1 represents the ‘one’ meaning. This is the designated meaning for the cyber term 831.

This proposal to your partner is an excellent way to express your Love in numbers. This is not used often, but it can be confusing for some. If your special someone is a math major, they will appreciate your “out-of-the-box” way of saying “I Love You” in numbers.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

3. 721 Love Code

There are many ways to say I love you mathematically. While 831 stands for “I Love You”, 721 is for “Love You”. It stands for seven alphabets that make up the whole phrase. Each word consists of one meaning.

These little numbers are perfect for communicating your feelings to a partner privately and concisely. These codes are difficult to understand unless the person has extensively researched how to write I love You in numbers. Your words will be kept private and secure.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

4. K3U Love Code

This is an innovative idea. It is genuinely innovative. Here’s the secret. You can narrow your eyes just enough to make everything blurry. K3U will now look like I 3U. This stands for I Heart You, or I Love You.

This is the best way to tell your partner I love you in numbers, if you’re in a secret relationship but aren’t ready to make it public. It’s easy to write it down and stick it in your partner’s lunchbox. It will make your partner feel special and will not be forgotten by anyone else.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

5. n3l0lI Love Code

This code is fun and creative. It begins with the alphabet, and then there is the number 3, the Greek letter Lambda, and zero.

It isn’t apparent and will not work on laptops or desktops. However, if you’re texting someone using a handheld device, they can flip the phone upside-down to read what it’s meant to say. This is an efficient and mathematical way of saying I love you. Yes. It is also romantic. Yes.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

6. The equation Love Code

As we have seen, many codes can help you express your emotions. If your partner enjoys math, you can express your Love by saying, “I love you,” in the math equations.

Many math equations are well-known for showing your emotions. If your partner enjoys math, you can share these exciting equations. You can share one here with your partner and ask your other half how to solve for i.

2(2X-i) > 4X – 6U.

It solves 4X – 2i > 4X- 6U

-2i > -6U or 2i 6U or 1 3 U which becomes the i 3U / the i U!

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

7. Bonus code: 224 Love Code

You can also add the number “224” to the codes above, as these numbers stand for today, tomorrow, and forever (2 days, 2-morrow, 4ever)! This code is a cute way to say “I love you”, but it’s more like a promise to someone you care about.

When someone expresses their feelings to a loved one, it is a sign that the relationship will continue until the end. That thought is expressed by code 224. It promises that you will be there today, tomorrow, and eternity.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

8. 128 980 Love Code

Math isn’t for everyone. Some people struggle with it all through their lives. Ask someone to tell you I love you mathematically. They will likely fail. Many people see romance and math as two parallel lines. They will never be able to meet. They can’t imagine how they could say “I love you” in numbers.

We present to you the following numbers. You may be asking how 128 can be achieved. 980 translates to “I love you?” Well, cover the top half of the code, and voila, there you have it: ‘I Love you’ in a mathematical way.

List Of 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" In Math Code!

9. sin2 + cos2 = 1 Love Code

This is the perfect way to show your Love for your partner if they are good at trigonometry. You can leave a little note saying, “You and I are like sin 2t + cols 2t”, and your particular person will quickly figure it out.

If you have an affinity for math and would like to confess your Love for the subject through romantic messaging, you could say something along these lines: “You are in 2t and me cos 2t.” Although we may experience many changes individually, we are always one.

10. It’s as simple as that.

This one is very creative. It does require some effort to illustrate. You can use graph paper and a pencil to ask your partner for help mapping these equations. This is why it is better to use separate graph sheets. Watch your partner’s face light up when they solve these codes.


x2 +y2 =9

y= |-2x|,

x= -3|sin y|

The graph will show Y=1/x as ‘L. -2x Place the Unsolved equations and graph sheets into an envelope. In front of the envelope, write “All that is required is some …” This is a beautiful way to tell you I love you in a math equation.

11. You can’t go beyond p decimal places.

Pi (or p) refers to a circle’s circumference ratio to its diameter. This little bit of information may not seem romantic to you. Pi’s number is irrational, which is very similar to Love. It is also interesting that, like unconditional Love, the decimal places in Pi do not repeat or end.

If you’re wondering how to write “I love you in numbers, ” Pi is the best romantic number. Pi’s unique features are well-known to most people. Even if your partner doesn’t love math, they will still be able to understand it. Your partner will be astonished if you say, “I will love and cherish you until Pi runs out of decimal places.”

12. The love formula

This equation is perfect for you if you want to express your feelings to your crush. Ask your particular person to draw this equation on graph paper.

X 2 +(y – 3 2 ) 2 =1

The resulting equation will show you a heart. Your crush will love this mathematical way of saying I love you.

It is beautiful to tell your loved ones how much you love them. And it is even more fun to say it creatively, in exciting ways. It is also helpful when you cannot speak the words aloud and require a secret code.

Every couple should tell each other they love each other as often as possible. These math codes can be a blessing to those who don’t like writing much, but they do deserve to tell their loved ones that they are loved. This adds zest to life for the rest.