How to be a better girlfriend

How to be a better girlfriend
How to be a better girlfriend

Are you disturbed as a girl on how to treat your boyfriend? Do you want to make him happy? Do you want to be that sweetest girl for him? Well relax for today am going to tell you how to be a better girlfriend to him so that he will continue to love and be happy with you. “How to be a better girlfriend”


How to be a better girlfriend


  1. Listen to him when he is talking.

Don’t talk back to your man as he is talking or behave as if what he is saying does not concern you. First of all before anything or talking back to him try to listen first. Men don’t like girls who talk back at them when he is talking.


  1. Show him respect.

Try to always show respect to your man no matter what. Don’t be stubborn to him. A man doesn’t like a girl who insults him without showing him any respect as a man that he is.


  1. Give him attention.

Giving him your attention is very important. Because is a sign that you really love and care for him. So try to give him your attention if you want to understand him.

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  1. Give him space.

Try not holding your man always. Giving him some space at times to do his own thing and hang out without you at times, it’s also a good way you can be a better girlfriend to him and that will make him to love you more. “How to be a better girlfriend”


  1. Buy him gifts.

Gifts are also a good way to attract your man. Try at times to buy gifts for him because that same way you girls appreciate and love gifts is the same way a man value gifts too. It may not be expensive but no matter how little it is, he will love and value it and each time he is with it, he will remember you. And that will make you to always be in his mind.


  1. Understand him

Try as much as you can to study your man well, so that you can understand him. Because understanding your man will make you to know things that makes him happy more and things that he hate doing and that will make him more relaxed with you.


  1. Advice him

Try to be closer to him, so that you can know when he is troubled and confused, so that you can advise and guide him. Because doing so will make you be the first person he will have in mind when he needs advice and that will make him to always have you in mind and also love you more.


  1. Allow him to hang out with his friends

Yes we know he is your man, but remember that he had friends before having you. So try to allow him at times to move out with those friends that he loves. Don’t always hold him back allow him to go and have fun. Because doing so will make him not to easily get tired of you. “How to be a better girlfriend”

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  1. Allow him to miss you

Don’t always be there with him. Try to understand that you are a woman and also deserve to be loved and respected too. So for you to maintain that value and respect for yourself, allow him to miss you and be the one to call you at times. Don’t always visit only on your own. Allow him to call and be the one to invite you at times.


  1. Appreciate him

Showing a sign of appreciation to your man, especially when he does something for you no matter how little it is, it will always keep him happy and that will also make him to easily buy things for you, because he know that you will always appreciate it. But not showing sign of appreciation makes a man unhappy and may not buy things for you or will make him to find it hard to buy gifts for you because you don’t appreciate it.


  1. Compliment him

The way you love compliment, is also the same way men love it. So compliments make men happy especially from you that is his lover.


  1. Don’t be selfish.

Don’t always think that everything between you two will just be all about you. Think about him and don’t practice one sided love for it makes a man to easily get tired of a girl or treats the girl anyhow.


  1. Spend on him.

I don’t mean giving him all you have or all your money, but to at least contribute to the relationship. Plan on date and be the one to pay. Just make sure you contribute on the relationship for him to happy and say yes she truly loves me. “How to be a better girlfriend”

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  1. Trust him.

Try to trust your man and give him space. Trust his judgment and words. Because trust is very important in a relationship with it there won’t be much problem.


  1. Dress neat and simple.

Guys love a neat and simple girl. Dressing neat will make him happy and make him to always like to carry you along when going out. So dress neat to attract and make your man happy.


I hope you know how to be a better girlfriend to your man, for it involves a total commitment with happiness towards him, so that there will be peace between both of you. So by reading and doing all these said about you, it will surely be that woman she wants.


Now over to you reading this. What do you think and what is your contribution on this. Let me know on the comment section.

“How to be a better girlfriend”

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