Jamun Fruit Benefits For Your Health And Wellness That Will Surprise You

Jamun, also known as black plum, is a small fruit that has dark purple skin. The fruit’s interior is pinkish. There are many names for it, including:

  • Jamil
  • Java plum
  • Blackberry
  • Black plum
  • Jambul
  • Jambolan
  • Jambus
  • Kala Jamun

It is one of the most common summer fruits and has tons of curative properties. It can be incorporated in many different ways. Let’s take a look at all the great things about this small fruit.

Jamun Nutritional Value

Jamuni is a nutritious fruit. It’s rich in flavonoids, phosphorus, and antioxidants. Other nutrients that are required by the body include fiber, folic, protein, fat, carotene, and thiamine. Its medicinal use can be traced back as far back as ancient times when it was used extensively in Ayurvedic therapies. There are two Jamun types:

  • Jamun with white flesh
  • Jamun with purple flesh

Let’s take a look at the nutritional value of Jamun worth 140g.

Carbs 14g

1 g of Dietary Fibre

Sugar 5 g

Fat 0 grams

Saturated 0 grams

Polyunsaturated 0 grams

Monounsaturated 0g

Trans 0 g

Protein 1 g

Sodium 40 mg

Potassium 79 mg

Cholesterol– mg

Vitamin A– %

Vitamin C45 %

Calcium 2 %

Iron 4 %

Jamun Benefits

Jamun has been used historically as an Ayurvedic treatment due to its numerous health benefits.

1. Increases hemoglobin count

Jamun is high in iron and vitamin C. This helps increase your hemoglobin count. Jamun is rich in iron, which acts as a blood purifier. The higher hemoglobin counts encourage your blood to carry more oxygen to your organs, keeping you healthy.

2. Maintains healthy skin

Jamun also has astringent properties that are great for skin health. It can prevent wrinkles, pimples, and acne. Vitamin C in Jamun also has anti-inflammatory properties which help make your skin soften and improve its texture.

3. Manage diabetes

Jamun is low in calories so it’s safe for those with diabetes to consume. The study also suggests that Jamun may contain polyphenolic ingredients which can help with diabetes.

4. Improves Heart Health

Jamun is high in antioxidants and other minerals such as potassium. These nutrients are essential in keeping your heart healthy and helping to prevent heart disease.

5. This helps with weight loss

Jamun is high in fiber and low in calories making it a great fruit for weight loss. Fruits rich in fiber improve digestion and decrease water retention.

6. Increases gastric health

Jamun has diuretic properties that can reduce digestion issues. It eliminates harmful toxins from your kidneys and prevents nausea and vomiting. Fiber aids in constipation by improving digestion.

7. As an Immunity Booster

Jamun is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This helps increase your immunity. This helps you to stay healthy and prevents you from getting sick.

8. Keep your oral health in good condition

Jamun has antibacterial properties that can improve your oral health. It protects your tooth from bad bacteria and oral infection. It can help strengthen your teeth and gums. Jamun leaves can be used to treat throat problems.

To treat ulcers, you can make a decoction out of the tree bark.

9. Benefits for the Eyes

Because it’s high in vitamin C, this little fruit is good for your eyes. It aids your body to form and fix connective tissue. This includes collagen found in the corneas of the eyes.

10. Prevention of infection

Jamun is antibacterial, and anti-infective and can help you avoid infection. The fruit is high in compounds like malic acid and gallic acid as well as tannins, oxalic acids, and betulinic acids, which help fight infection.

11. Diabetes: Jamun Fruit

Diabetes sufferers need to be careful about how much fruit they eat. Jamun fruit can be eaten for diabetes. Jambolana, the key anti-diabetic component of the fruit, is found in its seeds.

To achieve a sustained decrease in blood sugar and glycosuria (sugar content in the urine), you can use extracts from the bark, seeds, and leaves.

Studies show that jamun’s hypoglycemic effect results in a 30% reduction in blood sugar. Alkaloids in their seeds offer hypoglycaemic benefits.

Jamun can be eaten every day by people with diabetes to control their sugar levels. This helps improve insulin activity and sensitivity. The powder made from the seeds can be taken as an adjuvant for both type-2 diabetes, insulin-dependent, and non-insulin-dependent.

Jamun’s greatest benefit for diabetes is at the IFG stage (impaired fasting glucose). Jamun and its seed powder can provide control. This prevents diabetes from developing early and can help to avoid further complications.

Jamun Fruit Benefits

12. Jamun Skin Benefits

Jamun is a powerful astringent property that protects against acne, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Jamun can be used to make face masks that regulate oil production.

Jamun can also revitalize the melanin in your skin, thereby treating leucoderma. These are the primary skin benefits:

  • Treatment of Acne – Jamuns are effective in treating acne. Jamun’s nutrients help to cleanse your blood and detoxify your body. Jamun’s antibacterial properties can eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Jamun face masks can be used to treat pimples and blackheads.
  • Soft and Supple Skin – You can eat Jamun fruit or Jamun Juice to make your skin soft and beautiful. Vitamin C is the most important ingredient for skin health. Multiple antioxidants and vitamins found in Jamun increase collagen production, making your skin radiant and healthy.
  • Treatments for Oily Skin – Oily skin can lead to acne and other problems. The astringent qualities of the Jamun will help reduce excess oils. A Jamun fruit pulp face mask can be made with rice flour and rosewater. This will help reduce oily skin and make it more even-toned.
  • Treatment of Scars and Blemishes- Jamuns are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. They can treat scarring, dark spots, and other skin conditions like blemishes. Vitamin C and antioxidants can flush out any toxins and dead skin cells.
  • Helps Prevent Aging – These fruits are high in antioxidants which help to boost collagen production. This helps to prevent aging and wrinkles. You can also get rid of any free radicals that cause wrinkles and fine lines in your skin.
  • Hydrates the Skin –Jamun’s high water content makes it very hydrating. This property will ensure that your skin stays hydrated, and moisturized. It removes any impurities from your skin.

14. Jamun for Weight Loss

Jamun is a popular choice for weight loss. Jamun is only 75 calories per cup. It is ideal for weight reduction. It also contains no fats. Because it is high in fiber, it can help improve digestion. The high fiber content helps to keep your stomach full.

It won’t spike your blood sugar. Jamun can be considered a superfruit. Jamun is recommended by many nutritionists for weight loss. Jamuns are a great addition to your diet for weight loss. Jamuns improve digestion and will assist you in your weight loss journey.

Jamun Fruit Benefits

15. Jamun’s benefits during pregnancy

Prenatal care is essential when you’re pregnant. This includes eating certain foods that will benefit you and your baby. Here are some benefits of Jamun during pregnancy.

  • Nutrition Profile – Jamun is high in Vitamin C, Vitamin C, and iron. These vitamins and minerals help to strengthen your bones and increase your immunity.
  • Increases Digestion – While pregnant, you may experience diarrhea and ulcers. Jamun can treat these conditions by treating irritable bowel syndrome. Jamun can heal all of these conditions naturally and you will soon have a healthy stomach.
  • Lowers High Blood Pressure Risk – Jamun is rich in potassium and antioxidants which gives you an extra energy boost. Pregnancy is a common time when high blood pressure is a problem. Jamun’s potassium content can reduce your risk of high blood pressure.
  • Increases Immunity – This fruit is known for its antioxidants which help fight infections and diseases. It also improves immunity. It increases your RBC (red blood cell count). This prevents anemia and iron deficiency.
  • Helps Develop Baby’s Vision –Jamun is rich in vitamin A which is essential for developing a baby’s eyesight.
  • Keeps Your Oral Health In Good Condition – Jamun’s antibacterial properties help to prevent any dental problems. This is especially beneficial for morning sickness sufferers.
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health. Jamun helps to regulate your blood pressure. You will also be less likely to have a heart attack. It has amazing properties that lower inflammation and protect your heart vessels.
  • Prevents premature delivery – Jamun’s high magnesium content is a key factor in avoiding preterm deliveries. Its nutritional profile ensures fetal growth.

16. Jamun Benefits Hair

Jamun has many hair benefits. Jamun’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties can be used to treat any bacterial conditions that may occur on your scalp. It helps to develop healthy hair.

Jamun has astringent qualities, which help to balance natural oils and manage oily hair.

Jamun Fruit Benefits

Jamun Juice: How do you prepare it?

Jamun juice is easy to make. Here’s how to make Jamun juice.

  • Wash the jamuns with care
  • Then, remove the seeds and grind them in a mixer.
  • Optional: You can add ginger to this stage.
  • After you have a concentrated paste, add lots of water to dilute it.
  • To remove the astringent flavor, add a pinch of honey or salt.
  • Ice cubes can be added.

Jamun: Recommended Dosage

Moderation is key to enjoying all foods. How much Jamun can you eat per day? You can either eat one serving or a small portion of Jamun per day. You can also have Jamun juice in a glass.

Jamun Fruit Side Effects

Consuming Jamun can cause minor side effects. For instance, drinking too much Jamun juice might result in diarrhea. Jamun should not be eaten if you have diabetes. The fruit is low in calories and natural, so it rarely causes side effects.

How many Jamuns can you eat in a day?

Jamun can be consumed 100g per day and you will not experience any health problems. Jamun juice can be consumed in small amounts, such as 3-4 teaspoons per day. You should limit your intake to two or three servings per day if you are pregnant. Before adding Jamun to your diet, it is a good idea to consult a dietician.

Can We Eat Jamun Daily?

Yes, you can eat Jamun daily. A few Jamuns or a glass of Jamun juice can help you figure out how many Jamun you should eat per day.

Is Jamun a good source of Vitamin K?

Jamun contains vitamin K which can help reduce bleeding gums.

Are Jamun and Blackberry the Same?

Jamun is also known as the Indian blackberry. It is different from the blackberries found in North America or Europe.

Summarising Jamun’s Benefits

Jamun is often called the “Fruit of Gods”. It is full of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that improve the body’s overall function. Jamun can make a huge difference in your body’s health. Jamun is one of the most delicious summer fruits.

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