Husband Don’t Let Her Be a Housewife in Marriage Relationship

Husband Don’t Let Her Be a Housewife in Marriage Relationship

Why You Should Not Be a House Wife To Your Husband

A woman is said to be a helper of man, and as a helper of man, that doesn’t mean that you are only a house help, but it mean that as a woman you should try to help your husband in all aspect of his life activities. So now tell me why a woman will be a house helper only, when there are many activities in a man’s life, of which a woman will be of help you both in your marriage relationship, and for you as a man to also say that your wife will not do any job than to stay at home and nurse your children, for me is a wrong idea so allow her to go out there and look for a job, because that you have a good job don’t guaranty that the job will last forever, or that you as a man will always be fit to work always, because nobody in this life knows it all, so please try not to allow your wife to be at home.


For you as a woman try not to be a housewife for your husband, no matter how rich your husband is try to disturb him to open business for you or allow you to apply for a job remember that there are other women out there making money, competing to be the richest woman, don’t think that they are stupid by working hard but rather they are trying to be independent from husband, to assist family and children, because is not good for one to put all eggs in one basket the same way is not good for all family income to come from one source, if in any case something goes wrong in your marriage what will be your fate, talk to your husband because your relationship need to be better and all these is in your hands, so try as much as possible not to allow your family income to be from one source. There is a brief life story I will like to share with you as an example for you to understand why is not good to be a house.

There is once a man, but I won’t mention his name here for some reasons, he marry a woman and they gave birth to only two girls, there life and marriage were full of happiness till one day the rain is falling at his area which delay the man from going to work on time that day but when he reached his office, he decided to go and buy some snacks to a nearby shop, but on reaching the shop, he mistakenly touch his hand to an electric wire, which lead to his death, but his death is not the only problem here but instead the big problem is his wife not having a job, he love his wife to the extent of not allowing her to do any job than to be a housewife but now that he is dead how will the woman cop in training of those two kids.

Although nobody pray for death or which for death to come but what of other circumstance like the man losing his job what then will be the faith of you and your family, all do you want her to suffer when you are not around, if you truly love your marriage or relationship try to allow your wife to have a job, you as a woman also try to disturb your husband to allow you look for a job or a work to do, look deep into my words and understand that is not advisable to allow a woman to be house help and try to allow her now to look for a job too and support the family income even if nothing bad happen at least her support  too will increase the income of the family of which will make the family to be more comfortable

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