Is It OK To Get Engage After A Year

Is it OK to get engage after a year
Is it OK to get engage after a year

Yes it’s okay to get engage after a year as long as you too are happy and okay with the relationship “Is it OK to get engage after a year”

As long as you understand one another and the actions of each other, by understanding, I mean making sure that you don’t judge each other quickly instead, you first try to make sure you ask him or her to know the reason behind the actions.

You can engage after a year as long as you know each other weaknesses and accept it. Everyone has a fault, so it is the best advice to see the weakness of your partner and make sure it is something that you can handle.

You can also move on to engagement when you are sure that there is love, concern, and care between you too. Be sure that your partner cares about you and has an interest in you.

You can move on to engage if you genuinely trust one another. Without trust, there will be an issue, and a relationship or marriage without trust will find it hard to stand.

Make sure you know your partner DO and DON’T before you move on to engage because if you don’t, there will always be an issue, so to avoid all these issues try to learn the DO and DON’T and try to avoid those things he/she don’t like.

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So all this is what matters and not how long it takes before you meet because some even get married after a few months they meet. All that matters is if all this above is there.

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“Is it OK to get engage after a year”

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