5 Top Tips To Stay Happier In 2023

They say happiness is an art, and everybody is responsible for figuring out his way to be happy. Happiness is an emotion that we all want to feel so badly. Therefore, we do different things in life to achieve it. Everybody has their definition of happiness, and no detailed description can be universally agreed on.

For some people, happiness can be achieved through money, shopping, spending time with friends and family & so on. Some people may not feel happiness at all because of many reasons. These reasons can be very personal, based on their unique experiences. Anxiety, depression, stress, or illnesses in life rob you of the happiness you deserve. If you suffer from any mental illness and are in search of the best medication for your problem, ibuyalprazolam has the best options.

5 Top Tips To Stay Happier In 2023

Habits that make you unhappy

You may not realise this, but much of the happiness that we look for is actually in our own hands. Although we may be thinking about why we’re constantly feeling unhappy and not cheerful, it can be possible that we’re doing something wrong. 

Genetics, family background, financial circumstances, social circumstances, career, and health are some of the significant factors that account for half of your happiness. Even a minor inconvenience in these things can cause you mental angst, which can make you unhappy. 

The first step towards working on your well-being is acknowledging what makes you unhappy. It can be our attitude and habits that we’re doing wrong, and eventually, they drag us down.


Waiting to become happy 

This mindset leads to unhappiness because you wait for a particular thing to happen and associate your happiness with that. As a result, you rob yourself of the ability to be happy at the moment.

Comparing yourself with others 

Comparison is the number 1 killer of joy. It can’t be more accurate. Try to keep off socials as much as you can so that you do not end up in a trap of comparison. Everybody’s unique and have their unique life experiences. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to compare yourself with others. Do not compare your stage 1 with someone’s stage 9. 


Social Isolation 

One of the main reasons for unhappiness is that you don’t spend enough time around people and avoid social interactions. On the contrary, happiness comes from connecting with others and making deep connections with them.


Blame Game

Always playing the victim card and self-pitying is also the worst habit to have. Seeing yourself as a victim of people’s actions can make you even more helpless and powerless. To be happy, you should be accountable for your actions and their consequences.


Pursuit of Excellence

Chasing excellence is considered a remarkable trait to have, but the truth is, when you equate happiness with perfection, you’ll most likely end up being unhappy. Chasing the impossible and unachievable high goals is not the way to happiness. 


We knowingly or unknowingly have and profess a few habits that ultimately lead us to be unhappy. Happiness is always within our grasp, and we just need to know how to grab it. 


5 tips to stay happier in 2023


  • Learn to enjoy yourself

Spending time on things that make us happy should be our goal for this year—doing things that we love is good for our mental health. However, that does not mean we should only stick to watching tv, playing games, eating junk, and so on. Instead, there should be a perfect balance between the things necessary for our life, like working, studying, exercising, cooking, etc., and between things we love and want to do. In this way, you’re more likely to stay happy yet productive.


  • Work on yourself 

Boosting your self-esteem is very important for your happiness. It can be as simple as getting a haircut, getting your nails manicured, or getting a massage. You should treat yourself and others around you how you want to be treated. Try to be positive with yourself because how you speak to yourself is extremely important. Try to talk to yourself with kindness and affection.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you prioritise your health and turn it into a lifestyle, you will most likely be successful and sound in your mental and physical health. So do your workout, have a balanced diet, cut off on alcohol, quit smoking, and follow healthy sleep hygiene. You’ll be happy and healthy when your core things are figured out. 


  • Build meaningful connections

Make it your goal this year to build meaningful connections with people, go out and socialise whenever you can. Communication is key. Whether it’s your family, friend, colleague, or your therapist, learn to talk and share. Talking and sharing what’s bothering you with a trusted person can boost your well-being. Therefore, it is fundamental that you have a support system for the people around you. 


  • Work on your resilience

Resilience is what makes us able to cope with life and its challenges. We must grow through whatever we go through. Therefore, creating something meaningful out of adversities helps you to become resilient. You can help others going through the same thing and start making art like writing, painting, or crafting as a coping strategy for your problems.  

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