40+ Indisputable Turn-Ons For Women And Men

You’ve come to a good place if you want to know how to make someone feel happy.

When you’re looking for a turn-on, it’s often the small things that you notice about someone.

Some of them don’t make any sense.

What catches your eye might be completely overlooked by someone else.

It’s easier to determine what turns someone on once you know them.

You might be surprised by what you learn.

What are the most common turns-on?

What are Turn-Ons and How Do They Work?

It’s attracted to a particular trait, gesture or habit.

You could start with a simple head tilt or a hinting stare.

You’re more likely than not to experience turn-ons for a specific person when you are attracted to them.

If it was your partner dancing in the kitchen you would be more likely to get turned on.

Everyone has different turn-ons. What turns one person on might not turn on another.

What turns you on in one partner may have no effect when you see it in another. Here, nuance is key.

What are some other turn-ons which have the same effect on many people? Which of the following is on your list?

40+ Indisputable Turn-Ons For Women And Men

The Top 20 Turn-Ons For Men

Here are 20 of the most powerful turn-ons that men can have. Take note of the ones you’ve already noticed.

  1. Hair up — Men love to see you play with your hair. Putting it up is a sign that you are serious.
  2. Playing with hair — mess with your hair. It’s cute and charming.
  3. Playing with his Hair — Find any excuse to make physical contact with him. It’s a great way to get close by playing with his hair.
  4. The lower lip is a cute and suggestive way to make him gag.
  5. Making eye contact — Guys appreciate meaningful eye contact. It enhances the human connection.
  6. Smile — Smirk, grin or simply give him a friendly grin. This will make him appreciate you.
  7. You don’t need to take off your jacket to make him feel good. You may only need to remove a single layer.
  8. Dancing — He’s a fan of your passion, especially if you get lost in the movements.
  9. Stretching — any movement is fine.
  10. Challenge him — Invite him to a race or arm wrestle. You can even play a trivia quiz. Bring out his competitive nature to get him into a passionate mood.
  11. Wearing red — Red is a colour that represents love, passion and intimacy.
  12. Chocolates can make you feel like you’re falling in love.
  13. Hugging — Men enjoy close contact and intimacy. This includes hugging.
  14. Have deep conversations. Talk about what you are passionate about. This will increase his interest in you if he is already attracted to your personality.
  15. Showing excitement whenever you see him – He loves to hear that he is appreciated and reminded of how he brightens your life.
  16. Watching a funny TV show or movie together. Your laughter will make him more attached to you.
  17. Confidence — He loves to get that energy from you. You should be confident, but not arrogant.
  18. Squeezing her hand — This shows that you’re not willing to let go. It can be very vulnerable to hold hands.
  19. Cooking for him — It doesn’t need to be every day, but it will make him feel loved. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts.
  20. Kissing the face is good. But kissing the nose? Forehead? Cheeks? Also, very good. Make him feel loved.

40+ Indisputable Turn-Ons For Women And Men

20 Top Turn-Ons for Women

What are your favourite 20 women turn-ons? What would you add?

  1. Raising your eyebrows — Raising your eyebrows can be suggestive or endearing.
  2. Smiling – A genuine smile, or a trademark smirk, can also be attractive to women.
  3. Complimenting a girl is probably the most powerful way to get a girl’s attention. You can compliment her on something she has control over, such as her hairstyle or clothing. It will be more than just saying that you like her eyes.
  4. Make her favourite food and show her how much you appreciate her. You can show her that you appreciate her by making her favourite meal.
  5. Putting on jewellery is not about the jewellery. It’s incredibly intimate to help her put on a pendant.
  6. This is true for both men and women. Any excuse will do to get close.
  7. Hugging her behind the back — Approaching her and hugging from behind her can be very attractive. Make sure she is comfortable and doesn’t startle.
  8. Cleaning — It may not seem like the most exciting thing to do but she will appreciate it if you don’t make her feel as though you are “doing the whole work here.”
  9. Massage her shoulders. This is a great way to deepen your connection with her.
  10. While you are holding her hand, rub your thumb on her hand. This will make her feel more close to you.
  11. Make her coffee every morning — Once again: Do the work! Even something as simple as getting her coffee in the morning can make a big difference.
  12. You might think that saying “I love” is not a big deal if you have said it before a thousand times. No matter how many times you tell her “I love you”, it will still be music to her ears.
  13. Make an effort to connect with her friends. You must get along with people who are important to her. This will make her realize that you are interested in many aspects of her life.
  14. You don’t need to buy her a big gift. You can show her how much you care with a small personalized gift. You get bonus points if you choose a gift that honours something about her.
  15. You can dance with her. She loves to be in your arms. She will respond to your love and passion.
  16. Encourage her by telling her how beautiful she is. Be her biggest supporter. You’ll be her biggest fan if you make her happy.
  17. To touch her knee is a great way to let her know that you’re interested in physical contact. However, it’s not sexual. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t end up sexual.
  18. Leaning into her ear to whisper something is a very gentle and close way of telling her.
  19. Surprise her – Take her on a date to a different place or surprise her with flowers at her door. Do not be afraid to show your spontaneity.
  20. Admitting she is right — When she has the right side of an argument, do not hesitate to tell her so. You must let go of your pride. You will be able to show her that you are mature, and you can admit your mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Turn-ons can be as varied as the individuals themselves. They range from thoughtful acts to intellectual conversations, playful tease, or gentle touch. These examples give a good idea of the complexity behind attraction and desire.

Everyone’s tastes are different. Understanding each other’s turn-ons can foster mutual understanding and strengthen connections.

What will you use this list to do? And what will be different today that will show your partner you have been paying attention?