5 Bad Habits That Adversely Affect Your Mental Health

5 Bad Habits That Adversely Affect Your Mental Health

Recently, mental health problems are sky rising like nothing. Approximately every one out of three individuals has some mental problem. And sadly, a lot of these numbers include youngsters and even teenagers. But while most of these conditions initiate from external causes, many are triggered because of our habits. Meaning, when you make changes in your routine, it affects your brain and causes it to malfunction. Some of these actions are unique for a person, while others are common in the community. And unfortunately, there is a long list of them, out of which, a few are as follows: 

  • Procrastination

Procrastination is the delaying of chores until the very last minute. Since we live in a world of distraction, no one is punctual these days. We delay our duties as long as we can and tackle the work on the deadlines. Due to this, our body gets triggers, and we shift into flight mode quickly. As a result, a lot of pressure develops in the body leading to anxiety and panic. And if it becomes a habit, our body responds by showing adverse reactions. Thus, all the workers and students should complete their tasks on time, so they don’t deal with this anxiety later.

  • Not asking for help

People suffering from problems always try to act strong and independent. This insensitivity is the fact that from early childhood, everyone learns that hiding your emotions is better. Our elders teach us to stay silent and deal with our problems with a strong face. But in reality, this mentality is the culprit of why so many people deal with mental health issues. A lot of patients who have mental conditions avoid treatments. This habit subconsciously builds up the stress and causes them to collapse. That is why people dealing with any problem should understand that asking for help is not a weakness. Instead, it is one of the most vital suites a person can have. So if you or anyone you know needs help, feel free to break the chain and ask professionals. 

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On the contrary, if you wish to help others, you can do so by getting a professional degree. Look for online allied health degrees to learn the ropes and help your community. 

  • Excess use of smartphones

A staggering reason behind the rising mental health issues in our population is the excessive use of smartphones. From a two-year-old baby to a 60-year-old adult, everyone spends most of their day in front of their mobile screens. Internet browsing and online streaming have created a void for the majority of people. For some, it acts as a getaway from the real world. Similarly, it causes serious self-consciousness problems for others. The repeated cycle of meaningless scrolling has numbed our youth’s minds and made them insensitive to the world. That explains why a lot of youngsters can’t get away from their gadgets. If you are also in this category, then you should stop this habit as soon as possible. Just put your phone and spend time in the actual world; you’ll see what you’ve been missing this entire time. 

  • Bad sleeping schedule

Having a good sleeping routine is one of the best indicators of good health. When you sleep the entire night with no disturbances and wake up fresh, it means you are in excellent shape. On the other hand, if you do not get enough sleep, chances are, your mental health is suffering. And once this habit becomes your routine, your brain gets exhausted after a while. Because the human body needs rest to function correctly, it starts to show negative symptoms. Some people complain about physical illnesses, but the majority deal with mental problems. The symptoms can range from confusion, lack of attention to even depression. Understand it this way; sleeping is like recharging your brain. If you or the ones you care for are experiencing this, it’s best to seek help. 

Those who wish to pull others out of such dreary habits can step into the psychology field. But many willing to enter the area have one question; what can you do with psychology degree apart from helping others overcome harmful habits. Well, there are many options, from counseling to assisting people to battle grudges and so forth.

  • Overthinking
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It is a common understanding that overthinking messes up with our mental health. But no matter how much we stress upon this reality, we cannot stop this habit consciously. This causal habit turns into severe problems that cause them to visit a doctor. Some of such issues include panic attacks, sleepless nights, breathlessness, and even chest pains. When we think about something subconsciously, it increases the release of adrenaline in our body. This adrenaline then shoots up the pulse and other body systems, thus activating the flight mode. But since there is no need for this emergency, this rush of hormones leads to severe symptoms. That is why, if you find yourself obsessing over something, take a break and divert your mind. You can also exercise or meditate to relax your mind. It will take you some time to control this habit, but you will feel a lot better once you do. 


The bottom line

We have developed routines that lead to both mental and physical issues. And the fore-mentioned habits are some problems that need quick our attention. Once you start working on them, you will see a significant change in your lifestyle. And if you succeed, not only will your physical health improve, but your mood will uplift as well. 

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