40+ Stress-Free Ways To Ignore Someone & Stop People From Hurting You

You can ignore someone to regain your peace of mind and sanity. You can find peace by learning how to mentally block someone.

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It’s not the same thing as ignoring a person you dislike. You can’t simply change the channel to avoid them. In real life, it’s harder.

Human nature makes it difficult to ignore someone you dislike. As humans, we all want to be liked. So, as much as you may want to disregard someone it is not easy.

We often become sucked in by our dislike, irritation, or even hatred when we do not like something.

It’s exhausting to be angry or resentful. It doesn’t need to be this way. You can learn how to ignore someone without negativity and drama.

Why would you ignore someone?

You may ignore someone for a variety of reasons, including not liking them. You ignore someone because you dislike them. It doesn’t matter if it’s your coworker or a friend. This is a valid excuse.

We can find someone’s personality irritating and unbearable. It’s better to cut off all ties. You may also ignore someone if they have disappointed you in some way. It could be a friend who spreads rumours about you or has stabbed you.

You’ll ignore someone who you once dated because you don’t want to be associated with them. If that’s the case, you need to learn how to ignore them.

You may think it harsh, but knowing how to ignore someone is a life skill. You are not a bad person if you ignore someone.

You should also be aware of certain types of people that you need to avoid:

1. The quintessential jerk

You should avoid these people at all costs.

Bullies are rude people who insult you and make demeaning remarks. They think that socializing is about antagonizing others and ruining their lives.

It is important to avoid this person to prevent conflict. You can also let them know you are not going to tolerate it.

2. The constant whiner

They may not be rude people, but they make you feel negative. These people ruin your day with their constant complaining, even if the problems are simple or superficial.

You’ll be asked for advice but any advice you give will go unheard. They believe that everyone should be with them when they are in trouble.

They are also called “ask holes.”

3. The narcissistic bragging braggart

At least once, you’ve encountered one. These are the people who dominate any conversation.

These people are self-centered and attention-seeking jerks, who believe that they are infallible. They should be worshipped by those around them.

They are the same types that talk behind your back. Talk a lot.

40+ Stress-Free Ways To Ignore Someone & Stop People From Hurting You

How to ignore someone without being rude

You don’t have to be rude if you ignore someone. You may think it’s cruel or mean, but you have to do it for yourself.

If you don’t wish to hurt anyone you care about, whether it is a friend from your past or a colleague you work with, cutting them out could be the best thing for you.

You can ignore someone without hurting them. You can use the following tips to avoid people, whether it’s someone you love or an annoying co-worker.

1. Don’t reach out to them

Remember that you don’t have to like everyone on the planet. This is not only unrealistic but also exhausting.

It’s okay if you don’t get along with everyone you meet.

You shouldn’t try to communicate with them via social media, text messages or in person. If you feel that it will not help you to stay positive, give them the silent treatment.

This will make them less likely to contact you.

2. Avoid eye contact whenever possible

Avoid eye contact with them when you are at work or an event.

Eye contact is a kind of silent invitation to engage in conversation.

You’re not trying to be friendly here. Instead, you are learning how to ignore them!

3. If they upset you, explain why you are avoiding them.

You can explain why you ignore someone if a complete break is too harsh for you or if you want to tell the person that you’re ignoring what you’re doing.

You can tell someone what they did if you are dealing with someone who has hurt you and want them to understand why you ignored them.

You can be as polite as possible by explaining to someone why you have chosen to ignore them. The best thing to do is to be direct.

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How to ignore someone on the internet

You can’t ignore someone completely online, but you can minimise their online presence as much as possible.

Online, people are everywhere. You can see their Facebook posts, comments and likes on Instagram, as well as their Twitter rants and raves. How to ignore people on the internet.

1. Block the block

You’ll first want to block the person. This is the best way to ignore and avoid someone on the internet. You can also do this with their phone number and they will never know.

You won’t get bothered by their posts or social media updates if you block them on your phone or on social media. However, they will never know you’re ignoring them.

2. Change their visibility/mute their posts

You can mute someone instead if you prefer a subtler way to ignore them online. You can ignore everything they say. This can also be called changing the visibility of posts.

If you can resist visiting their profile, it is much easier to ignore someone online.

3. Filter their email

Filtering emails is another way to ignore someone online. Set filters in your email to block people you don’t wish to see.

You don’t have to open them.

4. Block phone contact

In-app video and voice calling are available on many social media platforms. Look at your settings if you want to block someone but not completely.

You can block phone calls as much as possible and you won’t be bothered. It’s easy to block someone on your cell phone – just look in your settings.

5. Unfriend them

Unfriending someone is a good idea if you don’t think there will be a big drama once they realize that you are no longer friends.

You won’t see them.

6. Create a social media account

This is pretty extreme, but if you have an issue with the person you want to ignore, you can go ahead and create a new account on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc.

You can also block the account from being used so that they cannot search for you or find your new page.

40+ Stress-Free Ways To Ignore Someone & Stop People From Hurting You

Negative people are easy to ignore

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, negative people will always be around. You’ll need to deal with negative people at times. Try these tips if you find yourself in this situation.

1. Do not talk to them

The annoying people are influenced by your reactions to their provocations. They do this to make you miserable. You can ignore someone by not speaking to them.

They’ll leave you alone if they can tell that you’re not interested.

2. Keep your conversations brief

You can simplify the situation if you have to deal with them. Limit your conversation to only yes-or-no questions.

Talk to someone else if they start to jerk around or try to have a longer discussion.

3. Avoid their space

If you know where they hang out or move, it’s best to avoid those areas. You can then avoid places where you are likely to see them.

4. Stay active

It works well at work or school. You will be less likely to be disturbed by others if you appear busy.

It has other benefits as well. You will get more done in less time, and keep the jerks at bay.

5. People, get some buffer

As cruel as they may sound, buffer people can be used to stop that annoying person from speaking to you. It could be another coworker or friend who is also annoyed by the person.

When you are most vulnerable, like during lunch breaks, tag along with buffers.

6. Use your mobile phone

You want to appear busy.

When you see that the person is focusing on you, do something to distract yourself. Fumble through your phone. Or pretend to make a call. Continue doing this while you walk away.

Rude? No. It’s necessary.

7. Wear headphones

You can also ignore negative people by listening to feel-good music while wearing headphones. It’s a great way to ignore negative people when they are hovering like vultures, ready to ruin your day.

Headphones are a great way to ignore anyone. They act as a giant “do no disturb” sign above your head. These headphones are perfect for blocking negative energy.

8. Avoid making them the topic of conversation

Imagine that someone has made your day miserable. It’s important to move on and forget about it. Let the person know that you don’t care about their snarkiness.

Talking about and complaining will only make things worse. Talk to a friend about something new and keep the jerk from your mind.

9. Adopt evasive maneuvers

Here are some simple ways to avoid these annoying people when they appear on your radar.

  1. When you walk past them in the hall, look around your bag to see if there is anything you need.
  2. Make the most of your terrain. You can find refuge in a water dispenser, a vacant cubicle or a corner shop.
  3. If they persist, a quick bathroom break will help you to escape.

10. Walk quickly

You can make yourself look busy by walking fast. This person will probably notice and leave you alone unless they are stupid.

You get bonus points if your phone is in view.

11. Body language

Body language can be a powerful tool, especially for learning to ignore others. You can appear ‘closed off’ by simply crossing your arms over your chest, sitting with your legs crossed, or slouching so you look super-unapproachable.

It’s possible to have a blank expression on your face when you are around that person.

12. Discover a new route to walk

Find another route if you see the person often on your walk, whether it’s on your break or on your way to school/work.

You can avoid the person who is determined to drain all of the positive energy from your life by mixing things up.

How to ignore someone who you dislike

How to ignore someone who you dislike

You can ignore someone else in a variety of ways. You should also keep in mind a few things when ignoring someone to prevent them from ruining your sanity.

1. You should stop thinking about them

This may sound more poetic than literal but you only want to ignore them because you don’t want their existence to have any power over you.

You must stop thinking about what they do to you, or how you dislike them. You will find that everything else falls into place if you do this.

2. Be Positive

Cutting someone out and not liking them is the best way to ignore their presence. If you don’t like someone, cutting them off is a way to ignore their existence. If you choose to focus on the good instead of the bad, you will not have to exert as much effort.

You don’t need to remind yourself about the things that they said, did, or didn’t do. Instead, you should remind yourself how many people surround you who you enjoy.

3. Keep it brief

We sometimes have to deal with people that we dislike.

You may have to communicate with them, even if you do not want to. When you have to interact with someone, keep your communication brief and concise.

You don’t need to prolong a conversation that you were trying to avoid. You can say, “I’m going somewhere” if they try to prolong the conversation.

4. Be polite

We are not telling you that they should compliment your hair or smile at them. We’re saying to be mature. You don’t want things to get worse, so you should behave like an adult.

You can be civil to the person who you are trying to ignore, without making a big deal. If you’re trying to ignore someone, indulge in the small talk, and then move on.

5. Refrain from pushing back.

When we ignore them, they tend to push buttons. It’s easy to push them back and then blame our bad mood on them. Let whatever they do or say wash over you as if it were rain.

Although you are aware of their presence (and irritation), it does not affect you.

If they are rude or mean, do not make faces at them, don’t roll your eyes or confront them directly. This will not only escalate the problem, but it also gives them satisfaction that they are negatively impacting you.

6. Do not be a fake

We know that it’s easy to fake ignoring someone. This can backfire and bite you. It’s not necessary to pretend to like them or to act in a fake-friendly manner.

You don’t even have to dislike them. Be neutral and polite. You can then ignore them and end the conversation as quickly as you like.

7. Distract yourself

Don’t like someone? You can’t ignore them? Do something else.

Stay busy if you can’t shake off the negative feelings. You can start a new hobby get a part-time job, and make plans to be with people who bring you joy.

Negative people can be easily forgotten by distractions.

8. Concentrate on the people you like

It’s a shame that even the smallest amount of negativity can overshadow all our happiness. In this case, it does not have to. Enjoy the people that you like instead of focusing solely on this person.

Stop letting negativity enter your head. Counter that negativity by spending time with people who you enjoy.

9. Concentrate on you

It may sound cliche but this works wonders in learning to ignore someone. Spend the remainder of your time on self-care. Purge your home of anything that makes you unhappy.

You won’t be able to focus on the people who you dislike if you are the one in the spotlight. This simple trick might make you forget about them.

10. You can’t blame the victims

We can hold a grudge against someone when we dislike them. This ugly sore eats at our positivity. We blame them both for irritating us and for making us ignore them.

We shouldn’t need to alter our plans or routines to avoid them if they are irritating.

It’s important to realize that it is not their fault. Some people are annoying to us.

You’ll bring drama and negativity to your life if you are always looking for someone to blame.

11. Do not gossip

It’s not good to gossip. Instead of interacting with our coworkers or friends, we may complain about someone that we dislike.

There’s no need to create drama or gossip about them.

12. Remember why you ignore them

You may find it difficult to ignore someone because of their charm or friendship with one of your close friends. Remind yourself what you’re doing.

Remember how they make you feel and why you do not want to be with them. Even if they seem charming to others, remember why you don’t want to be around them.

13. Tune them in

It sounds simple, but it’s not. It takes practice to tune someone out and ignore them, but the results are worth it.

You always have the final say on who you let influence you.

You won’t be irritated if you don’t allow them to – it’s as simple as that.

14. Smile at them but do not laugh around them

It is not necessary to fake a grin. You won’t become an ice queen/king. It’s like feeding a hungry dog by smiling at someone who is causing you stress.

Do what you are doing and hope that they ignore you too. Don’t smile at them if you don’t want to be disturbed.

15. Delay your response as long as possible

Whether you’re responding via e-mail or text, DMs or Skype, your goal should be to delay replies, unless they are for work. Remember to remain calm and that responding late is not an offence.

These “cold shoulders” should send a clear message to them that you do not want to be near this person. This is effective and they cannot confront you.

If they ask you why you don’t respond quickly, you will sound clingy and bossy.

16. Limit your face-to-face interaction

It’s difficult to avoid a person you are angry with at work. This could hurt your career. You may even be fired for refusing to comply, simply because you chose to avoid them.

You don’t need to look at their face all day. You can submit your work via e-mail, or chat with the person. It will make life easier.

Less interaction, less stress.

17. Change your routine

You might want to leave the office a bit earlier or later than usual. Try eating at a different restaurant if you normally eat at McDonald’s. Take a different route to work.

You will notice a change in your interaction pattern with that person who stresses you out or annoys you.

18. No invitations

Don’t go if they invite you and then really stress you out. Say no. You can make up an excuse for keeping your distance to avoid appearing unkind.

You can simply say, “Thanks, but I am too tired and want to sleep at home all day.” This is not a problem.

If you know that they will be at a party, then don’t attend! It’s simple, but in reality, it can be difficult, especially if there are many mutual friends.

19. Take deep breaths if you cannot ignore them

You may have to accept that you will always be around if they are still there after doing all of the above.

After being exposed to negative energies, take a minute of deep breathing.

You will then be able to protect yourself from the negativity of others and continue to function normally.

20. Enjoy yourself to the point that they no longer bother you

You can ignore someone by being so exuberant and joyful that you want to hug them.

You can’t be bitter or upset by anyone if you adopt this attitude. You have to work hard to change the way you feel and think.

You should not only cultivate an attitude of “I don’t care a damn”, but also build your inner strength so that you can protect yourself from stressors.

Is it bad to learn how to ignore someone?

No! We sometimes need to ignore others to take care of our mental health. It’s okay to ignore people.

You shouldn’t ignore everyone because you want to. This is just plain rude. If someone is bothering you and you do not want to deal with them, then these tips will help you.

Ignoring someone is really about not letting their presence affect you. The more you fuss about them and make a big thing of their presence, you’re more likely to get annoyed.

All of us have people that we dislike and cannot tolerate. We can’t be friends with everyone. Now that you know how you can ignore someone who you don’t care for, you can move forward without creating unnecessary drama.