How To Ride A Guy | 9 Tips To Riding Dick

A woman on top sex can be the most effective way to make a woman feel cum. But let’s face it, riding your man requires more than just bouncing or grinding.

After a few minutes of riding, most women feel tired. Your enjoyment will diminish along with your stamina.

How do you ride that dick like an expert and still have a lot of fun? Problem solved.

9 Tips to Riding Dick

Begin slowly

We all know how we spit on men for going in and jackhammering. It ruins the mood. You can’t do that if you keep bouncing around a million times per minute. To get comfortable with what you are doing and get the vibes flowing, start slow and steady. Then, change your pace throughout the session to keep it interesting.
Think of it this way: If you start slow, you won’t appear tired at the end. Do you want to look sexy, fit and beautiful? It’s the ultimate dream.

Your hair should be tied.

If you don’t push your hair out of the way, it’s easier to concentrate on all the important things that make your time perfect. This can be a problem if you are leaning towards him, and it can get in the way of your make-out session.
To avoid any distractions, bring a hair tie and a hairband with you when you plan to climb up. This is not only practical but it can also be very hot. He now has something to pull on while you’re at it.

Grab hold of something to support

Like every woman, I like the idea of having thighs made of steel. Unfortunately, I don’t. If you give him more than one limb to do the riding, you can make him go much further.
To relieve thigh strain, you can place your hands on the mattress in front of your legs, knees or bed frame depending on your position. I promise you’ll be grateful later.

Get your tits on and take a look at yourself

Guys, there is nothing better than feeling like you’re on top. To make the experience transformative for you both, give him a show.
Play with your clit and grab your tits. It’s not only good for your skin, but it also looks great.

Alternate grinding with bouncing

You have two options for your dick-riding sessions: bounce up and down or grind on his penis while rolling your hips.
You and he will feel most comfortable if you alternate between them. You will be able to feel the different sensations and he will go wild. While bouncing is great for stimulating his G-spot, grinding can give you major clit stimulation.
You can also switch positions to increase your stamina and balance by using different parts of the legs.

It’s possible to turn it around

You can also switch between facing him or his legs to make things more interesting and sexy. This will allow you to use different parts and increase your stamina. It will also make him look great. Tell him to send me an email, and thank him.

Play with his balls

How do you take your girl’s game from being good to great? Simply reach out and touch his balls. It drives men insane.
If he is pushing under you and you are on top, simply reach back and hold his boys in your hands. After a while, tug at your boys, and then stretch them out from your body. He’ll be thrilled with the stimulation.

Your game is elevated by dirty talk

You can also take your experience to the next level by talking dirty. Talking dirty.
Being on top of things is the best thing for you since neither of your mouths is open to anything.
Ask him to describe how great it feels to be with him.
You don’t need to overthink it and you don’t necessarily have to be vulgar. The way you feel sexually stimulated by hearing a phrase is what makes it dirty.
You can try these things: “Please don’t stop.” “Harder.”
This will make the entire session more intense.

Don’t overdo it

TikTok might make you think that you should twerk your man’s genitals or twist your body in strange ways.
An easy, consistent beat is better than awkward. You should focus on creating a rhythm that is comfortable for both you and your partner.
You can take breaks when you need them. You are the most important part of this sex experience.