How To Initiate Sex With Your Wife

There are many ways by which you can initiate sex, and this article tends to give you the top ten ways to begin sex with your partner.
So if you are interested in knowing the way to it, you can as well go through this article and follow the guidelines written to achieve your goal.
Below are the top ten steps to initiate sex with your partner.

How to initiate sex with your wife

  1. Send romantic text messages.
  2. Dress to kill.
  3. Be demanding.
  4. Try massaging.
  5. Whisper some naughty lines
  6. Change the timing.
  7. Compliment and tease your partner at the same time.
  8. Take control.
  9. You can watch a romantic movie together.
  10. Seduce your partner slowly and romantically.

Let us talk about it below in a natural way.

How do I start intimacy with my wife?


Send romantic text messages


  • Send romantic text messages.

Sometimes text messages can go a long way in describing what you have in mind that you may not be able to say with your mouth at the moment. So if you want to have sex with your partner, you can send them some text messages that are capable of drawing their mind to what you want.
For instance. You can send this, ” baby I wish you are here with me to make me feel good and normal inside.” Such a message will go a long way into their memory at that time, and if both of you are together, your desires will be achieved at that moment.


Dress to kill - How To Initiate Sex With Your Wife


  • Dress to kill.

Your dressing alone can move the whole thing to action. After the text messages, you can go in and shower, then put on a very seductive dress that will trigger the urge immediately, and without wasting time, your partner will come around. You can dress half naked if you want since he is your partner and your desires are not the easy ones. It goes with emotions and passion, so you must choose something new and hot.


Be demanding - How To Initiate Sex With Your Wife


  • Be demanding.

Be demanding, by your body, telling her what you want and how you like it. You can also tell her how romantic she can be on the bed and how lovely she is when making love. Speak up and demand what you want in a seductive way and put it into action automatically.


Try massaging - How To Initiate Sex With Your Wife


  • Try massaging.

You can as well try massaging. Massage every part of her body, slowly and steadily, until you are sure that the emotions are activated. Massaging is one of the fastest therapy for initiating sex, especially when you take it slow and steady in a romantic manner.


Whisper some naughty lines


  • Whisper some naughty lines

Whispering something naughty into her ears. Find any nasty lines that can trigger her more, which will increase the urge for sex. And do not be afraid of saying those words.


Change the timing - How To Initiate Sex With Your Wife


  • Change the timing.

If you noticed that there’s this time that both of you usually have for sex, you can change the time and initiates it at a new Time and let it be a time that is free for both of you, so that makes one will be in a hurry to quit on the process.

Compliment and tease your partner at the same tim


  • Compliment and tease your partner at the same time.

Teasing your partner and complimenting them is also one of how you can initiate sex. Compliment her actions in bed. Appreciate her every move on the couch to encourage her more in the next step.


Take control


  • Take control.

If your partner is taking control, you should turn the table around this time.
Take control and ride. Add something new and be the one to pilot and direct. Let her follow the order. It is mainly for women. Try to be on top this time, take control, and be in charge. Introduce a new pattern that will drive her crazy and make her not forget your name on the bed anytime. That will keep her wanting you over and over again.


You can watch a romantic movie together


  • You can watch a romantic movie together.

You can watch a romantic and sexual movie with your partner and touch each other while watching the movie. Some videos are capable of increasing the urge for sex. So you can introduce such a film first will help your sex making.


Seduce your partner slowly and romantically


  • Seduce your partner slowly and romantically.

After all that, you can start seducing her romantically. This time you can call it making out. You can begin with foreplay, and before you know it, you both are on top of each other, enjoying the sweetness of sex.

These are ways in which you can initiate sex with your partner. You can read how to get a girl to have sex with you if you still think that you need to learn more about this topic. Because I give a more detailed explanation of it there.
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