How To Have Shower Sex (Best Way To Enjoy It)

Shower sex is another wonderful way of spicing your relationship.
While considering having shower sex with your partner, you must also consider getting rid of anything that will cause slippering in the bathroom because that is the riskiest part that makes some people not enjoy it. But I bet you, when you get rid of it by the things we will tell you, you will love everything about shower sex and won’t want to miss it.
There are ways in which you can have smooth and lovely shower sex without any problem. And there are also many positions to try when in the bathroom. So carefully read this article To direct you properly on how to go about it.

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How To Have Shower Sex


  1. Turn the heat. Both of you are already in the mood in the bathroom with your partner, so you are already feeling a kind of cold. So if the shower turns out to be colder, it might not be good for a better climax and a good start. So for that reason, you may warm the shower a bit; the heat will increase your arousal. This method can be suitable for anybody, but the choice is yours; just choose the one that will trigger your urge more and not the one that will calm you.
  2. Get a shower lube. A shower lube is very nice if you can afford that Because it will make your shower sex so enjoyable. Shower lube helps change styles in terms of sex, and it will make your bathing last longer due to the fun you will be getting from it.
  3. Place a shower mat that is not slippery. A shower mat in a bathroom is very important because it will prevent you from falling or incurring hurt, especially in your legs. But make sure it’s not a mat that will skip off your legs. Hey, a non-slip shower mat for easy and memorable shower sex.
  4.  Get rid of any sort that will cause harm. Get rid of dirt and oil that can cause you harm. You can easily fall in the shower if you are not careful about what you allow there. But you can get rid of dirt, oil, or other harmful things that will hurt; apart from that, your shower sex will be awesome.
  5. Try bathing your partner romantically. You both can do an exchange. You bathe him, and he bath you; from there, the urge will increase, making your shower sex easier and faster.
  6. Wash out the soap lather. Too much may not be good for you or your partner because you may get distracted while trying to concentrate. So you should remove some lather so it doesn’t get too much.
  7. Start with hugging and kissing. ( Foreplay) You can start with hugging and kissing each other. Get busy with some long romancing, so your shower sex life will take another dimension. You won’t just enter and Start having shower sex. One thing leads to another. So start with foreplay, then enter into the new game.
  8. Do not focus on penetration. Do not focus on penetration. Penetration is not the point while in the shower. You will consider other means of having sex before penetration. It is mainly the stage before Washing off finally.
  9. Consider your leg’s position. Be mindful of your leg’s position so as not to miss steps and fall off. Know when you are not balanced so you can shift and get comfortable. When you are comfortable, your partner will also be comfortable.
  10. Change the position of the shower heads. Change the position of the shower heads, so they don’t face directly on your face and heads. Your shower heads should be facing your back and legs and not your face and head to avoid disturbance in breathing.

Best shower sex positions

There is some awesome position that you can try while in the shower, which will give you all the pleasure you ever wanted. These shower sex positions are-

  • Razor edge position. This method is done when your partner stands firmly with his feet on the floor while you stand in front of him very close and raise one of your legs against his. Just as the name is. When you use a razor to cut something, one edge usually goes up while the other stands below. Try it; you will love it.
  • Seat tub method. This one works better if you have a bathroom bench or seat tub. You make your partner sit on your lap while you insert your penis inside her. She will be on the ride while you do the romancing.
  • Doggy-style position. Just as the name implies but this time, you won’t knee down; you will only place your palms or your hands on the wall very firmly as if you are pushing it to avoid falling, then stand very firm on the floor while you raise your hip upward a bit for him to enter from behind.
  • Go on back. Since it’s in the shower, it’s normally from the back. You can achieve it by holding your partner from the back while you insert your penis inside, and she will then raise one leg and Cross it with yours from the back while you ride gently.
  • Climbing method. This method is achieved when you carry your partner up, and she will round her legs around your waist while you ride her on you, facing each other. Her back will be placed against the wall, getting support from the wall while you carry her.
  • Wheelbarrow ride. The wheelbarrow is achieved when your woman only places her hands firmly on the ground facing the ground, and from behind, you will raise her waist till you insert your tool inside of her while she crosses her legs around you for maximum support.


How do you have protected sex in the shower?

Like having sex elsewhere other than in the bathroom, it’s crucial to ensure that the condom won’t fall out or crack during sexual sex. As a result, so make use of silicone- or water-based fluid at all times, even when showering. Utilize condoms. Shower sexual activity could be clean; however, it doesn’t help protect your body from STDs. Make use of condoms for penetration sexual sex or oral sexual activity.

How do you spice up sex in the shower?

  1. Light Those Aroma Candles. If you’re a fan of eucalyptus, lavender, or rose-scented aroma candles and potpourri all around your home, why not put them into your bathroom?
  2. Use Non-Slip Shower Mat.
  3. Waterproof Lube.
  4. Engage In Outercourse.

Is taking a shower good after sex?

It turns out that the vulva in women expands due to stimulation from sexual activity, which can cause the valve to open. If it happens, a woman’s vagina is susceptible to infections. Therefore, a bath in hot water can expose a vagina to infection by her partner’s skin.