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How to get a girl to like you

Getting a girl to like you has been an issue most guys are facing today. Because they don’t know what to do to a girl now and she will fall for them. Today am going to end it all, because am going to tell you the way to make that girl you want to fall for you. So just carefully read the article so that you can understand the things to do to make a girl to love you.“How to get a girl to like you”

How to get a girl to like you

1. Appreciate her when she does something for you.

No matter how little the thing she do for you is, just try your best to make sure you appreciate her for doing it. In fact if you can appreciate her as if what she does for you are like giving you a life then relax for you are sending her a message in her heart. If you appreciate a girl well then she won’t hesitate to do something more for you next time and as she do you will be getting more close to her.

2. Compliment her when you see her.

If you see her anytime try to compliment her, if not for anything, compliment her about the dresses she put on. Compliment her about how special she looks. Compliment her if she makes new hair. Doing all this will make her happy and smile. She may even like to be passing through the place you can easily see, so that you can compliment her and that of course will make her have you in her mind always.

3. Be funny and jovial.

I don’t need to remind you that girls love guys who are funny and jovial, because a girl wants to be happy and free. Girls love to be with a guy they are comfortable with. So being funny and jovial will help put a smile on her face and make her to feel relax and comfortable staying with you.

“How to get a girl to like you”

4. Be bold.

The reason why girls love a guy, who is bold, is for her to be relaxed with the guy. Being bold doesn’t mean involving yourself in fight or gymnastic activities but to know avoid unnecessary shy and stupidity act. And behave maturely.

5. Buy her gifts.

Since you are seeking for love, I advise you to look for gifts and buy for her. In fact spoiling her with gifts is the easiest way of making a girl to fall for you. She will even look for how to be coming closer to you, because buy gifts for her is as if you are creating more memories in her mind about you.

6. Do the things she loves doing.

You need to know the things that she loves doing and places she love going and go to those places with her. I can remember one of my friends went to a girl’s church just to show the girl she loves her and because of that the girl fall for him. So go with her to those places that she loves to visit.

“How to get a girl to like you”

7. Show concern and care.

Showing your concern and care to her is also a way of telling her your feelings about her. Is also a way of providing to her that you truly love her.

8. Help her when she needs help.

If she is in need, and you know that you can do it or that you have what she needs then help her out with it. Don’t be stingy to her unless you want to lose her. So be free to help her if you can.

9. Tell her you love her.

Don’t be the guy that only run around and do everything for her without telling her you love her. Make sure to tell her your feelings towards her. She may even accept you and that will make it easier for you. But no matter what don’t go quickly if she say No, just continue for some time to know if she can change mind and then you can go if she don’t.

10. Respect her no matter what.

If you don’t respect her then forget it for you won’t get her. But showing her that a girl deserve some respect and love is also a way of making her have interest in you.

11. Defend her in public.

Never you insult her, treat or talk to her anyhow because you are in public. But instead show her that you care about and can do anything for her. Defending a girl in public will make her happy and even love and think about you more.

“How to get a girl to like you”

12. Give her attention.

This is what every woman wants from her man. It important to give her attention, so that you will know when she needs help and needs your attention more. And when you know the time she needs help and you help, the time she needs your attention and you give her the attention, you will see that she will love you.

13. Get more close to her.

You can know what is in her mind if you are not close to her. So since you want to get her to love you then know that you need to build more intimacy between you two and get closer to her.

14. Understand her.

Understanding her is very important because it will make you know how to treat her, what she love, the things she hate doing and the things that she love. And understanding all this will make you know how to handle her.

15. Make her notice you.

Making yourself notice by her is very important because it will make her to see you always, so try to do the things that will make her to notice or know you are around her.

16. Engage her in conversation.

Engaging her in a conversation is very important and try to make the conversation deep. Ask her about herself and try to use the opportunity to know the things she loves and more about her family.

“How to get a girl to like you”

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