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Signs He Doesn’t Want To Break Up With You

Relationship is good when there is love in it, and for that love to exist, there must be a strong commitment between you two. You may be thinking that he doesn’t like you and he wants to break up with you, but you are not sure if what you are thinking and you want to know the signs, we are here today to tell you that there are a lot of signs in which you can know that he doesn’t want to break up with you. “Signs He Doesn’t Want To Break Up With You”

You are not supposed to assume that he wants to break up with you without seeing any evidence that shows that he is indeed ready to break up with you. Too much of assuming can lead you to something else that may cause problem in your relationship so try to be sure before acting.
Below are the signs that he doesn’t want to break up with you.

Signs he doesn’t want to break up with you


1. He maintain his communication level.

If he doesn’t want to break up with you, he will always try his best to reach you. He will be calling you on phone or text messages incase of airtime, he won’t border to spend his time to see you even if it’s just for a little moment. He will like to speaking with you to check on you to know how you are feeling. He won’t stay long without checking up on you. His communication level will always be at the peak and everything he is doing will be based on how you prefer it.


2. He will always tell you the truth about himself.

If he doesn’t want to break up with you, he will always tell you the truth about himself and about his plan in every move he may take. He won’t lie to you no matter what and he will be ready to answer any question that you may ask him in truthful and clear mind.

“Signs He Doesn’t Want To Break Up With You”

3. He will open up to you.

If he doesn’t want to break up with you, he will tell you that. And he will try to maintain his words no matter what.
For instance, there are some moments where both of you can stay alone in a romantic mood or happy mood, if you asked him about his plans on your relationship, if he is a genius, he will definitely clears your doubt without wasting time and you should ask this when you notice he is in his noble sense not when you are on the point of making love . On your normal conversation time is believed to be the best time to ask him that.


4. He will be arguing with you.

A man that loves you and wants to keep the relationship will not keep quiet whenever he finds some errors in you. He will be arguing with you till those errors are corrected. Argument is not done only when he doesn’t love you, but it is also done when he is fighting for the strength of your relationship. Not that he will be nagging and arguing in a way that is awful, but normal argument.

“Signs He Doesn’t Want To Break Up With You”

5. He won’t hesitate to correct you.

Like I said before, he won’t keep quiet seeing his partner misbehaving. He will always be ready to correct you at anytime provided that you are his partner. It’s only a man who doesn’t care about the strength of a relationship can keep quiet and ignoring your mistakes as if it doesn’t concern him, but when it comes to giving him sex, it will concern him. But a true man who loves you shall always correct you in any mistake that you may do.


6. He will stand by you in any condition.

If he wants to keep the relationship, he shall stand by you in any condition that you are and care for your survival. He won’t trust the outsiders without trusting you first, but not when you are busy abusing your relationship with so many awful characters. Just do your part as a good woman so that you can actually know what his plan is.


7. He will introduce you to his family and loved ones.

It he is the type that introduces you to his loved ones and family, my dear he is for real, and doesn’t want to break up with you. He may break up with you after taking you to his parents and loved ones, but that should be a problem that you may have caused without knowing that you are doing. And to avoid that, you should not take your lifestyle, be yourself so that you won’t make the mistake of ruining your lovely relationship with you.
Some ladies thinks that if a man introduces them to his parents and loved ones that they have nailed the man, and from that point, they will start misbehaving and showing their true self. It’s only a fake woman that does that, so be wise. Be yourself and don’t pretend to be nice.


8. He will appreciate any little thing that you may do.

He will appreciate you, in any little thing that you may offer, your advice, your concern and care should always be appreciated by him. If he still wants that relationship, he won’t ignore or neglect your time in any way. Appreciation is one of the keys to the strength of relationship. Nothing is anyone’s duty, you can do it if you have the opportunity to do so. Do not wait for anyone to do it first. And if he does, appreciate him and he will also appreciate you too. But if he doesn’t appreciate your efforts in that relationship, my dear he is up to something and you should take note of that.


9. He will be happy staying with you.

When he loves and wants to keep the relationship between you two, he will always feels happy staying with you. He won’t be fed up of your company, he will even want to stay with you all day if there’s a chance for that. When he is happy with you, it means that he loves and wants to retain that relationship. But when he doesn’t feel any happiness whenever you are with him, no matter how much you try to make him happy. He is not into it at all, he needs a break up. So be wise.


10. He will share his thoughts with you.

A man that wants to keep his relationship booming will always loved to share his thoughts with his woman. He will be sharing his ideas and opinion with you, and will also seek for your contributions in any thing he is doing. He won’t be able to hide something from you no matter what. He will call you his partner and will also want to work with you as a partner.

“Signs He Doesn’t Want To Break Up With You”

11. He will always put you in his future plans.

All his plans for the future will be connected with you if he is planning on keeping the relationship. His future plans will always connect you. His conversation with you will always be “US” and not only “I”. He won’t like to exclude you in his plans for the future.


12. He will try to bring the best in you.

He won’t like you to be lacking, he will always like to bring the best in you. He will encourage you in any positive plans you have for yourself in future no matter how it may hurt him. Provided it’s what will bring you happiness in life. He won’t be selfish while deciding any thing for your sake. If he is doing this, it shows that he really wants to keep the relationship and doesn’t want to break up with you.


13. He will find interest in what interests you.

He will always love the things that you love and fine happiness in what interests you.
For instance, if you are the type that like watching love movies instead of action movies, he will be watching it with you and find interest in it as well even though it’s not his taste. His interest will always be in your interest too.


14. He will always forgive your mistakes.

He won’t waste time in forgiving your mistakes especially when you ask for forgiveness. He will not be hurt by what you do to the extent of keeping you in the dark for long. He will forgives you even if it may pain him. He may even cry for you, his crying is not that he is weak to act but it’s because that he loves you so much and doesn’t expect such from you. So watch your character, if he is not easy to forgive you, even if you apologies to him. He only forgives you when he feels like forgiving you, and also be like reminding you of your mistake all the time. It’s not good at all, he forgives and forgets and move on with you as well.


15. He tries to fix the problem.

A man that wants to keep his relationship and doesn’t want to break up with you, will always tries to fix a problem in that relationship. For the fact that you call it a problem and he accepts it as a problem, he will automatically work on it to solve the problem so as to keep his relationship moving. He will always be trying new things that will help to spicy the relationship. He will shower you with so many things that will bring happiness to that relationship. All his efforts will be on the growth of the relationship.
He won’t sit down and watch things go on a wrong direction when there is some thing to do about that.

Signs he doesn’t want to break up with you, is a very nice question that needs a full concentration so as to read and understand whatever we have written above. And if you are observing all those things listed above in your man, just know that he is for real and doesn’t want to break up with you, but if you notice that he is not doing it, just try watching your ways and know if the problem is from you. If you are sure that you are trying your best and yet he is behaving otherwise. Simply know that he doesn’t want to keep that relationship any longer, so the best thing is to let him go and find another person.
In life, one thing that makes someone happy in a relationship is finding someone who truly loves you and care for you no matter what, so if you have that, keep it and cherish it for so many people are out there dying for that. Be Wise .
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“Signs He Doesn’t Want To Break Up With You”

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