How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday

How to find out someone’s birthday is not something that is hard to do. I will explain exactly in this articles. Different ways for you to know the birthday day of someone.

We get to know some people each passing day, but there are some important things which we do not know about them like their birthdays. Maybe you want to appreciate, celebrate or surprise a person you know on his or her birthday but don’t really know exactly the day he or she was born. A

you are like ” how do I get to find out her birthday? What month or when exactly is his birthday? How do I find out? Who do I ask? Now, we will help you find the answers to your questions. These are the various means through which you can know when the person was born.

How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday.

Social media is good place to find out when the person was born. You can also ask from the person family members, best friends, co-worker and neighbor.


Members Of The Family.

You can find out a person’s birthday from any member of the family who is closely related to the person. I said closely related, because not all members of the family knows each others birthday.

Look for anybody in the family whether from his maternal or paternal side, that is very close to the person and knows a lot about him or her. Definitely he or she may have the answer to your question, because he or she might have celebrated the person’s birthday twice or more than. The person may be

  1. The father
  2. Mother
  3.  The brother
  4. The sister
  5. The aunt
  6.  Theuncle
  7. The nephew
  8. The niece or
  9. The cousin.

Any of these members of the family who is close to the person can tell you his or her birthday.

Best Friend.

Look for one of his or her best friend and ask him his birthday and he will give you the answer to your question. As his or her best friend, he must have been celebrating his birthday with him every year.

So he knows the date as the back of his hands. In case the person doesn’t have a best friend, look for any of his or her friend that is very close to him or her, you will definitely find your answer there. If the person wants to know the reason for asking of his or her friend’s birthday, tell him is for good, just to celebrate and appreciate the person.


We work in different offices, organization, company or factory. Among our co-workers, there is definitely some one we are close to, share our problems with and chat together during break at work. Some one who can take permission for you when you are not around or absent from work.

Amidst workers, there are workers who are very close to each other more than a friend. Look for that kind of co-worker, look for the person’s co-worker that is very close to him or her and ask her his birthday, and with a good manner of approach, he or she will tell you the person’s exact birthday.


You can also get a person’s birthday from his or her neighbour who is very close to the person. I have come to find out that some neighbours relate very well and closely than a blood relation, because they understand each other or maybe have the same mindset or attitude.

Look for any body living close to the person in the same building or vicinity that associates closely with him or her, he or she may have the answer to your question and tell you the exact day of the person’s birthday.

Social media.

You can also get a person’s birthday from his or her social media pages. Go to the person’s Facebook page for instance, and view his details and then from there you get to find out his or her birthday. A lot of people celebrate or post their birthdays on Facebook, every day and every month.

If you can’t get the person’s Facebook page or maybe you are not friend with the person on Facebook, you can still see his or her birthday from any of his or her friend’s Facebook page. That is if you are a friend to the person’s friend on Facebook, you can from there find out the person’s birthday.


The bank always sent a happy birthday message to their customers every year to celebrate with them. Even if you don’t receive alerts from the bank, you must definitely receive a happy birthday message from them. You can get to find out a person’s birthday from his or her bank, if you know the exact bank he or she operates.

You can go to any of the branch, meet the customer care and ask them that you want to know the birthday of so so person. You are not asking for the person’s account details, just a birth date to celebrate and appreciate a person. The bank may tell you if their rules didn’t forbid it.

A Valid ID Card.

If you have the privilege of entering the person’s room and where he or she keeps his things, then you can find the answer you are looking for from there. You can get the person’s birthday from a valid identity card like his or her.

  1. Voter’s card
  2.  Nationalidentity card
  3.  Driver’slicense card
  4.  Student’sidentity card
  5. Birth certificate or
  6.  Hospitalcard.

Theseare various valid card that tells you the exact date the person was born.

The Person.

You can also find out a person’s birthday from the person. This depends on the relationship between you and the person. You and the person must have been close for him or her to be able to disclose his or her birthday to you. The person tells you his or her birthday and really appreciate that you cared to ask.
So, these are ways you can find out a person’s birthday, surprise them, celebrate them and appreciate them, because in life, every one is important.