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how to engage a woman’s emotions

how to engage a woman's emotions
how to engage a woman's emotions

How To Engage A Woman’s Emotions

There are ways in which you can engage a woman’s emotion ,which are what we are about to discuss now. We believed that you will pay attention to understand the ways in which you can engage a woman’s emotions.

How to engage a woman’s emotion.

1. Maintain a good communication skills. To engage a woman’s emotion you should try as much as possible to have all it takes for a communication to be effective. Good communication skills involves, asking, telling, observation, persuading, understanding. You should call her, asked her about her health whether sick or not, tell her how your day goes, persuade her emotionally to tell you about her own day, try to understand when she is not in a good mood so that you can help to cheer her up, if you can have all these skills of communication , know that you are automatically engaging her emotions.

2. Act maturely. You should never be rude to her. You should be matured in everything you do especially when you are with her. Maturity is when you are able to understand that she is a woman and should not do exactly like you. Maturity is when you understand that your duty is to care for her and showers her with concern. Maturity is when you understand that respect is reciprocal. Maturity is when you understand that nagging is not good in a relationship that it’s only separate two heart that are trying to work together. Once you are able to understand that, you are slowly engaging her emotions.

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3. Maximum attention. You should able to render 90% of your attention to her, show her how much you want to be with her alone, how she mean to you. Give her your time, no matter how little it may be. You may not have to buy her much gift, but your attention can do so many things to her heart, which she will never forget. Spending sometimes with her especially when she needed someone around is an automatic ticket to winning her heart and engaging her emotions. So if you can do that, know that you are good to go.

4. Build your spirit of forgiveness. You should make sure to be that type of person who can forgive easily without dragging issues . Forgive her whenever she does something wrong. Do not hold until a particular issue for long. Do not be the type that hold onto same correction everyday, repeating the same issue that has been settled. Forgive and forget and move on.

5. Love her family and friends. Be the lover of the people that she loves, never you expect her to love you when you are not in the good terms with her friends and family. You should try to make friends too with her friends. Play with her younger ones and most especially appreciate her mum . Work your ways into their hearts so that they will be the one to introduce you to your girl’s heart.

6. Give her gifts. No amount of gift is small, give her gifts as much as you can afford, Never you do what you cannot. Any presents is not too small. She will always appreciate that. And don’t claim to be what you are not. Be what you are and play your goal small.

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We believed that you can be able to understand how to engage a woman’s emotion, after you must have finished reading this. Drop you comments if you have any.

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