How To Do Full Nelson Sex Position

How To Do Full Nelson Sex Position

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Are you bored with the old comfortable sex positions? Perhaps you’ve not had the opportunity to experience this Full Nelson sex position then.

You and your partner have tried various things, and now you believe you’re ready to get better.

Today is your lucky day since I’m here to share an amazing sex position with you.

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It’s a bit of a challenge, requires excellent physical condition, and can be rewarding If done properly.

Are you feeling ready to take on the big leagues?

Continue reading.

How do I determine what the Full Nelson sex position is?

Full Nelson Full Nelson is a variant of the reverse cowgirl position of sex.

The method involves placing the woman in reverse cowgirl position, her legs extended and pulled in by the man’s elbows. Then, she is put in a headlock while the man is pushed hard for a brief time.

The move comes from a move in wrestling that has an identical name.

In addition to the obvious distinctions between them, the headlock component is done roughly in the same manner, and thereby, it is still referred to as a headlock.

Rating of difficulty Advanced

It is not for the faint of heart, but it is not for amateurs. Full Nelson sex position proves to be difficult for women who practice gymnastics or yoga.

This task should be completed in short bursts of time, as it demands a lot of endurance and strength on the part of the male and flexibility from the female.

Many women have experienced that this isn’t the most relaxing place to remain in for a long time.

If it is not done correctly, This position could result in injuries… therefore, be aware.

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Important To Know Before Trying The Full Nelson Sex Position

It’s an extremely popular choice for porn as it offers the camera an amazing view. However, there are some essential things to know before attempting it.

  • A difficult task to pull off. She must be extremely flexible. She must be able to extend her legs enough to allow the man to embrace them but still extend her arms. YES
  • A slight balancing move – The entire body weight is placed on the men’s shoulders, and falling on one end is quite effortless. If you’re trying this out, check your balance before pushing.
  • Take the weight. All her weight will be on your body, which may be uncomfortable and limit your breathing. Be sure to feel at ease before starting.

How to Do The Full Nelson sex position

If you’re keen to attempt this move and can trust the other person to proceed slowly and slowly until you’ve grasped it, you should continue studying.

Full Nelson Full Nelson keeps you open for penetration deep, and it’s important to ensure that you’re performing it when you’re excited.

This is why starting with the reverse cowgirl posture is recommended to warm up.

Put your legs on top of you, with your palms leaning on your sides and lifting them in the air.

Make sure you coordinate your movements with your partner’s, as your weight shouldn’t rest on his abdomen.

What should he be doing?

Your man should sit at the edge of the bed or couch, leaning on the headrest or the back.

This will provide him with much-needed support.

Then, he needs to connect his elbows to his knees on the inside to ensure his legs are straight.

Letting your legs a little back and extend the hands of his behind, and then tie his fingers around the side of your neck.

(For this part, you may need to move your head forward slightly)

Tips and tricks to help you achieve how to achieve the Full Nelson sex position


This position should be done on a sofa, bed, or couch.

So your man’s legs can rest on the edge of the bed or couch for support on the ground.

This helps keep him in balance and assists him in performing more steady thrusts.

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The duration of It

Don’t be concerned if you cannot perform this pose for too long; it can be uncomfortable for even the most experienced lovers.

It also wears your body out more quickly, and you won’t get any satisfaction.

Concerning self-consciousness

Women prefer to pick positions that be comfortable and attractive.

Because the Full Nelson sex position puts you in a forward curled-up position, it can make the belly fat appear more visible.

This is not the case for all women because a midriff with no fat is not existing.

Our suggestion to not be lost in this situation is to keep your eyes shut and concentrate on the sensation instead.


The normal way to breathe is shallow.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to breathe deeply from this position. However, there’s no reason to be worried.

A few short breaths can ease any discomfort.


Yes, you read it right. It is possible that you need a secure word.

Because your partner can’t look at your face from this angle, you’ll have to pick an appropriate time for him to stop if he feels uncomfortable.

Talking dirty

In the end, You will surely want to spice up the experience with some unsavory conversation.

Even though there is no eye-to-eye contact, you can experience the same degree of intimacy when you know the appropriate words.

Pros and pros and Full Nelson sex position

Like any other position in Full Nelson, Full Nelson has many cons and pros.

Have a look at the site and determine whether this is something you’d like to experience.


  • If you’re contemplating making your home video, this is the best position to get the greatest exposure
  • It gives you access to your G-spot
  • For women who prefer being a little smaller in sex, This is a fantastic way to show off
  • This helps to make the man feel more powerful.


  • The most efficient way to do The Full Nelson is if you’re taller than your male counterpart.
  • It can cause injuries if you don’t handle it correctly.
  • It will take a few failed attempts to make it work
  • It’s not possible to do it comfortably for quite a long time.

A variety of variations on the Full Nelson sex position

If you’ve concluded that this option is not for you, you can choose another option:

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You can reverse a cowgirl but remain crouched with your feet straight to the opposite side of your man while leaning on your palms.

It provides the same access; however, it requires more effort.

Another option is for him to keep your legs straight, not have the sleeper hold around your neck, and allow you to bend your back and rest your head against him.

Who is this position ideal for?

I’d suggest that it’s a benefit for both of you.

It is for you to have the ideal angle to get to your G-spot.

For him, there’s clear access to penetration.

However, the Full Nelson is still quite demanding and might not immediately pay off.

It may take a few times before you get it right.

This is a very challenging sex position.

Therefore, it must be done with care and planning.

Although it’s difficult to master, it provides one of the most satisfying feelings.

One Last Thing…

Finding new positions in sex is enjoyable and simple, however…

If you need to know the best way to get your lover to beg for you (and solely you), then you must master the art of talking in a dirty way to him.

It’s more than just words. It’s more than just the right timing. It’s a moment that he will never forget.

Men are just that simple. Find out how their minds function, add a touch of spice to your words and mix it with a touch of confidence, and the results will be more delicious than some of the best Alfajores.

Indeed, women generally do not make an effort to fuss about their man or stare at him in the hopes of consuming him. This is exactly why adding a layer of dirty conversation can make him think of you for the rest of his life.


He may even forget you after doing the complete nelson sexual position and saying things that he didn’t expect you to say with most perfect timing.

There’s a term for it: Puppet master.

He’ll get obsessed with you and will keep seeking more because he is aware that it’s an individual characteristic of a person who is a KEEPER.

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