How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time & Steps To Kiss Like A Pro

It can be difficult to get a first kiss, especially if the foundation isn’t right. How to make a girl want to kiss you again?

It’s a skill that takes practice to learn how to kiss a girl. Although it is not difficult, many men have not yet mastered this art.

Perfect timing is key. It’s all about timing and choosing the right place and time to kiss a girl. If you try to kiss her too soon, she might turn away. You may try to kiss her too soon, and she might lose the mood.

This sounds complicated. There are many ways to make this work for you and get the perfect chemistry every time.

To achieve this, you don’t have to be the most skilled kisser in the entire world. All you need to do is make her want your kiss, and then give her a kiss that she will never forget. The first kiss is often the most memorable.

How to kiss a girl the first time

For any man who desires to kiss a girl, the most worrying moment is when she turns away and you start to pucker up. This makes things so awkward. If she does ever rescind a kiss, it could make things even more awkward.

How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time & Steps To Kiss Like A Pro

If you want to kiss a girl, and like her, then don’t get the timing wrong.

It’s important to conduct a vibe check before you start to learn how to kiss a girl. It’s not a good idea to try to kiss a girl if you don’t have chemistry or it’s too soon. How good your first kiss will be can depend on how the timing is chosen.

The big mistake is: Be too eager to get your first kiss

There is no worse feeling than attempting to kiss your date, only for her awkward expression to turn away from you. *Her embarrassed smile or laughter will only make it worse.

This would almost always happen if your date rushes into the kiss without giving her time to prepare for the inevitable smooch.

Under no circumstances should you rush to have your first kiss. It’s important to learn how to kiss a girl, especially if you are genuinely in love with the girl you’re trying to kiss.

Chances are she will consent to a kiss if she already likes you. If it’s a first date and she reaches out for a kiss but doesn’t like you, she might back away.

Setting the right mood for your first kiss

Try to get out with her on a date as often as possible. If this is not possible, try to get her to go on a date with you. No? Do you agree?

If you want to get a kiss from your girl, you need to establish a relationship and build chemistry. It’s not possible to try to get a girl to kiss you out of the blue. Before you continue, take a look at this guide on how to touch a girl in a casual setting and get ready for a kiss. Once you have that down, everything else should be simple.

Why is it so important to learn how to kiss girls for the first time?

You can avoid wasting your chance with the girl you love by learning how to kiss her for the first time. We don’t mean to exaggerate when we say that the first kiss is what defines everything. If you do everything right, she will want to kiss you again and again and most likely date you.

Although not all girls are big on the first kiss, it is usually the one that makes the relationship last. If the first kiss feels too fast and lacks emotion, she won’t want to ever kiss you again.

It might be awkward for her to do it again.

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Here are 15 steps to make a girl want to kiss you again!

You can take it slow and follow the steps below to master every kiss. The best part is that you can use any situation to make the perfect setting for a first kiss. You can even kiss the girl even though she hasn’t even thought about it!

1. It’s a lonely time

Privacy is the most important thing. It can be awkward to kiss a girl for the first couple of seconds, but it soon becomes easy. To make the transition smoother, avoid distractions. People, backgrounds, and distracting noises can ruin the moment.

You can spend some time alone with your girl in your bedroom, your car, or in quiet corners while you walk her home. It is important to find a quiet spot for you and your girl, as it will make it easier for you both to be alone. A perfect environment would only increase the sexual tension you feel.

2. Talk about the kiss, but not the pictures

You may have spoken to the girl about kissing her if you already know her. It’s important not to talk about the kiss when you’re having it. It’s not a good idea to make it more awkward.

Once the kiss is over, it’s best to talk about it between you. Don’t talk about your desire to kiss her, or to have an affair with her. Don’t make it awkward by forcing her to kiss you just because you have spoken about it.

3. It can be romantic

Remember, romance is the main ingredient of a first kiss. It’s crucial to not rush when you kiss her. It’s not a good idea to try to convince her that you’re just trying to get her to bed, especially if she is someone you truly like.

If you want to know how to kiss a girl, it is about incorporating the element of romance into the air. Give her a chance to see your romantic side, and you’ll make them smile.

Take a look at her eyes, her lips and everything about her. Take it slow and enjoy every moment. Before you kiss her, make sure she feels like the only girl in the room.

4. Take your time

There is nothing better than the perfect moment to kiss a girl when you are in control of the situation. Talk to her, relax and have a good time. Remember the advice we gave about not being too fast when you learn how to kiss a girl? You must be patient and wait for the right time.

Make her feel comfortable. The more she feels at ease, the greater the chance that she will enjoy a first kiss with you. Talk to her about the date or anything you did together earlier in the day.

5. Ambiance is everything

When it comes to first-time kissing, don’t underestimate the power and importance of atmosphere. It will help you feel closer to your girl by making her feel more romantic.

This is why first kisses often occur after a date. After taking her somewhere romantic, and building a real connection with her.

You don’t have to take her out to dinner at the most expensive place. All that is necessary is to make her feel loved and appreciated. When you notice her becoming more comfortable around you, you will know that you can kiss her.

6. Do not ask her to kiss you.

You asking her if she’d like to kiss you is the best way to break up the mood. We get it. Consent is everything. The fact that you are on a date with her or you’re dating her probably means she also likes you. It’s not a sign that you’re chivalrous to ask her if she’s okay to kiss you.

Do not ask a girl to kiss you. Her answer will be rarely in your favour. You’re setting yourself up for failure by asking her.

You can still move slowly and kiss the girl on her lips. You’re flirting with her sexually and she’ll most likely say “yes.” This will make your first kiss more intimate.

*Note: Asking a girl to kiss you works well. However, it takes confidence and control. We won’t discuss that because it’s a powerful move that only smooth men do and not anyone who is just starting to learn how to kiss a girl. Sorry!

7. Get closer

To warm her up for the first time, snuggle up to her. Sit down so that your arm touches hers. If you are standing, just move into her space and stand a few inches from her body.

It is a good way to get to know her and to practice kissing her. It will be easier for her to feel at ease and relaxed when you are closer to her. You might feel awkward with her at first, especially if you are in her private space. But that is exactly the time to flirt and have a conversation.

Do not make it obvious that you are getting closer to her. You can pretend that you just came closer to her involuntarily and that you didn’t realize it.

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8. Relieve the tension in your sexual relationships

She will be touched often. Run your finger along her arm or hair with your finger. As you touch her, compliment her on her hair, skin, and fragrance. You can compliment her with “You have such beautiful hair” or “Gosh, your skin feels so soft …”.” These are perfect compliments to use to make her blush.

If she blushes or smiles when you touch them, this is a sign that she likes what you’re doing. Use a soft tone of voice and avoid making sudden, excited movements. Do not break the sexual tension that you are building right now.

Whisper to her and then run your fingers across hers. You can use your flirting and seduction skills to get her attention, but not too much. You should be subtle and effective enough to let her know that you want to kiss.

9. Be clear about your goals

You can move in close to her face until you are just inches from hers. Talking doesn’t have to stop, just say something random. As you speak, look into her eyes and then again at her lips every 10 seconds. You’ll be able to tell her exactly what you are looking at and your mind will race just as fast!

You can discreetly wet your lips while you look at the girl *not in a dangerous maniacal way*. Subconsciously, you will send a message to the girl by licking your lips. Moist lips are better to kiss.

10. The perfect moment to kiss

This has been repeated many times throughout the feature. We will repeat it. Timing is everything. These steps will show you how to kiss a girl the first time.

To create the perfect cue, you can move closer to the kiss after a few seconds of silence. Don’t talk and stop talking. Take a look at her eyes and run your fingers through her locks.

If she looks at you and doesn’t say anything, it’s the moment you have been waiting for. You should enjoy the moment and not rush to kiss her. Before you move on, take the time to look into her eyes and kiss her lips.

11. Grab her attention

Although you can take her by surprise with a first kiss it is best to communicate clearly to her when you are about to kiss her. You might be looking at her lips, licking them, leaning towards her, or stroking your face. No matter what body language you use, let her know what you are doing.

If you feel comfortable with her and she is the same throughout the date, then you can surprise her. This is a common preference for some girls, but it all depends on who you are kissing. However, it doesn’t matter what you do, you should make sure she likes the idea of you kissing her back.

12. Take it easy

You just kissed her.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and ruin the moment. You should be gentle and tender when you first kiss a girl. You can kiss her softly by placing your lips on hers. Do not try to kiss her too soon with your tongue. Relax and enjoy the sensation of her lips against yours.

You can always try different things later. For now, focus on gently kissing her and not getting pushy.

You might make her uncomfortable if you are too insistent or too eager. She might stop wanting to kiss you. Start slow and take it slow, then work your way up.

13. Learn what you can do with your hands

You need to be able to control your hands when you first kiss a girl. You can’t keep your hands on the girl all the time. That’ll make the kiss feel stiff and lifeless. Your hands are the best way to bring a kiss alive. However, you shouldn’t go too crazy.

When you first kiss a girl, it is important to know what to do. You can always start by placing your hand in a safe spot on the girl’s body. This could be either her small back, her shoulders or her neck.

14. Send your emotions of love to her

We are sure that you understand what we mean. It is important to show emotion when you kiss a girl for the first time. You must learn to kiss a girl properly if you want to be able to do so.

If you are really in love with her, this is even more important. You want your first kiss to be unforgettable and something she will never forget. Don’t rush to get a kiss and don’t go for a fast and intense one. Slow down and let her feel your lips against hers every second.

15. Be patient.

It’s about not letting yourself get carried away when you first kiss a girl. Take it slow and relax!

You want to kiss your girl for the first time. Do not let your hands drift too early into the kiss. She will either stiffen up or push you away. That’s a horrible mood killer! *

Place your hands on her shoulders and gently move them along her arm. If you’ve been kissing for some time, don’t try to place your hands on her breasts or stomach.

It can be awkward to touch a girl’s breasts on the first kiss. It’s not worth it unless you know how to make it fun and the best way to do it.

Although a first kiss can be difficult, these steps will help you to control the situation. It’s so easy to make her want to kiss you again if you do it correctly.