How To Choose The Right Earrings For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding takes a village—you must make many decisions from beginning to end. As a future bride, you want nothing but the best for this momentous occasion, including every little detail you can think of. Even when you’ve already picked a venue, florist, caterer, photographer, and other essential wedding suppliers, it doesn’t mean you can rest easy and wait for days to pass.

Remember to plan your bridal look. After saying yes to the perfect dress, it’s time to consider how you can accessorize it. Complementing your gown with the right accessories is vital to achieving the look you want for this special event.  

A rule of thumb to remember when planning your bridal style is that jewelry should complement rather than overshadow your wedding dress. The rest of the elements must also be well-balanced. Your earrings, in particular, can subtly add glitz and shine to your wedding gown. You can also add this jewelry with your bridal accessories from Jewlr.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding earrings: 

  • Choose a starting point 

When searching for the right earrings, consider what pieces you already have for your bridal look. For example, if you already have a statement necklace, you might consider using smaller diamond stud earrings to ensure they won’t clash with your neckpiece. (1) 

If you don’t have any jewelry pieces yet that you can use as your starting point, this is where you can do a little research before buying anything. You can find inspiration online or from wedding magazines to understand how different jewelry pieces will work with the bridal look you want to achieve on your big day. (1) 

  • Go for matching metals. 

The type of metal is also another crucial factor to consider. The suitable metal will enhance your overall appearance, so it’s only fitting to take your time choosing one that perfectly complements your look. Although matching your wedding band and engagement ring to your other bridal jewelry pieces is unnecessary, this might be an excellent place to start your search. (2) 

There are three types of metals: gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Sterling silver is a good option if you don’t want to wear stoned or blingy earrings. If your wedding gown contains gold or silver elements, the metal hue of your earrings should complement the dress to highlight the feature. Rose gold is another modern option that could go well with muted tones. 

How To Choose The Right Earrings For Your Wedding

  • Complement your face shape. 

Your face shape is another significant factor to consider when choosing the right earrings for your wedding. Your face shape will help determine which bridal earring styles suit you best—from simple studs to geometric and chandelier designs. As a general rule, choose earrings that contrast with your facial features.

You’re lucky if you have an oval-faced shape, as it suits almost all earring styles and trends. But if you want to highlight your cheekbones, it’s best to go for simple studs or triangular earrings. Cluster earrings are another option, and if you insist on dangle earrings, make sure they aren’t too long. Statement earrings with many gemstones are also a popular option.   

Long, slender bridal earrings look best on a round face, which can create an illusion that the cascading strings of your earrings are seductively caressing your collarbones. They also look lovely in strapless gowns that show off the shoulders and neckline. 

For brides with square faces, choose medium to long earrings with rounded corners to help soften the jawline. Oversized hoop earrings also work for this face shape. If you have a heart-shaped face, opt for earrings with elongated curves and lines to create a harmonious balance. Try wearing teardrop earrings to draw more attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

  • Consider your gown’s neckline. 

The neckline is everything when it comes to your bridal gown. The length of your earrings should match the neckline of your dress, whether you’re wearing an illusion, high neck, or strapless neckline. Small dangles and drops are ideal for a sweetheart or off-the-shoulder neckline. On the other hand, you may go for crystal studs or pavé earrings to complement a gown with a high neckline. (3) 

Longer earrings are excellent for a dress with long sleeves and an open back. Remember to capture over-the-shoulder shots for this particular dress style and neckline. On the other hand, Halter necklines require only earrings and no necklace. Statement earrings like drop styles, geometric dangles, and elaborate patterns are a must-try. 

  • Match them with your hairstyle. 

It’s not easy to put together a whole wedding ensemble. Your gown most likely needs a specific hairdo—and your hairstyle also calls for accessories that match the look. Consider dangling earrings or chunky studs if you want to wear your hair up. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, opt for a matching set of earrings or a pair that won’t draw attention away from your neckline. If you plan to wear your hair down, pair it with stud earrings and a thick necklace. (2) 

If your classic hairdo is influenced by a particular decade, such as the 60’s era, feel free to match it with a modern take on the same decade’s bridal earrings. Modern earring pieces are your best bet if you go for a messier, careless look. This idea is perfect for a bohemian wedding requiring optional braids and extra tendrils. You’ll look naturally gorgeous in a giant pair of earrings, such as a dangly vine, chandelier, or hoop. 


Final words 

Choosing the right earrings for your wedding will help ensure your bridal look won’t be overwhelming but also not too subdued. Bridal jewelry should enhance your ensemble, not the other way around. To find the right pair of earrings on your special day, you can go for matching metals and consider essential elements such as your hairstyle, face shape, and wedding dress.



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