How To Ask A Guy Out

Sometimes you may be wondering how it will be possible to approach this man that you have met to go out on a date with you.

Today we are telling you that it’s possible a million times to ask a man out, with the following Steps.

How to ask a guy out

  1. Give him a no direct notes
  2. Give him frequent communication
  3. Do not expect a positive answer yet
  4. Fix it on a special day
  5. Know the right time to ask
  6. You can ask him out through chat or phone call
  7. Let him know your intentions.
  8. Get more closer to him
  9. Get anger away in you
  10. Do what you think is right


  • Give him a no direct notes

This method is very effective, for it will give him the chance to think and understood what you want without you saying it. Gently drop a piece of unfinished notes to him or in his pocket, so that he will read it. Because you are not able to finish what you wanted to say on that note will give him the opportunity to think for you. That’s is what I mean by no direct notes. For example.. ” how will you feel we go …….” Or you can write something like this too ” will you be free tomorrow so that we …..”. Such unfinished notes will definitely give him the light on what you wanted to say, and it will be a kind of being shy towards him, it will also provide you with a better assurance that you will get him to go out with you.

  • Give him frequent communication

You can as well be friends with him. communication is another thing that will bring his mind towards you and it will also be easier for him to accept your proposal. You can from there get to know him better.


  • Do not expect a positive answer yet

You should also not consider yourself to be successful. At times feel that he might reject you so that you won’t be devastated when he turn away your proposal. But when you accept that he may not accept you at the beginning, it will be easier for you to try harder, but when you always focus on succeeding, you might end up being disappointed. 


  • Fix it on a special day

Fixed the date with him on any of your special occasions. As your birthday party, graduation, any special activities that include everyone, this works perfectly for those guys who are shy. It will be easier for them to accept that invitation because he knows that other people will be there as well. So this should be a perfect date to start with before moving ahead.

  • Know the right time to ask

Do not ask him that at the time he is very busy or angry. Do not ask him on his tough or hard day, instead choose a day that he is free and happy do that he will give you a welcoming response. The manner you take matters a lot in this kind of thing. There’s a way you will ask it and it will look as if you are over him, and it may make him lose Interest immediately, but if you follow it gradually without rush and always know that everything has a limit. Know when to let go and when to push on.


  • You can ask him out through chat or phone call

Follow him on social media, chat him up if you can speak to him one on one. Call him on the phone or you can as well message him if you can. Just make a way to follow him up and take it one step at a time.


  • Let him know your intentions.

It is very important to tell him how you feel about him. So that you will know if to hope about his love or to move on with your life. Yell him your intentions, if he accepts you then you are free to go. Pick courage and speak up, he won’t swallow you, is either he says YES or he says NO. So one of these is what he will say, so why not express your feelings to him so that you can be free from emotional disturbance.


  • Get more closer to him

Getting more closer to him will help you to understand him very well and know if he is actually what you think he is to avoid being disappointed. It is better to know the person you are falling for than to hope on him everlasting. So you need to get closer to him but do not be too eager in knowing him. Respect yourself so that he can have respect for you too.

  • Get anger away in you

Do not get angry especially if he turns you down at first. Sometimes he may do that to know the kind of person you are. He might also do that to tease you so as to know the length you can take when it comes to anger. So instead of getting angry and spoiling what you have worked for, it’s better you get away anger and get friendly with him.


  • Do what you think is right

If you know how you will like him to ask you out, use the same pattern on him provided that you are okay with that. Ask yourself if you will like this if he is the one asking you out. Treat exactly how you will like to be treated, always set a limit to everything.

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