How do you know your husband loves you?

Well it’s very simple for you to know if your husband loves you, Or if he is pretending to love you because you are his wife. Well whatever the case maybe just know that is easy to know if he loves you just by his character, actions and the way he treats you will tell you all that.


  1. He buys you gifts.

If your husband truly loves you, he will always buy you gifts especially whenever he is coming back from work unless in a situation he didn’t see any goodies to buy for you or he doesn’t have money with him, but as long as he has money he will buy you gift no matter how small it is.

2. Attention.

He will always give you his attention in everything no matter what. Men always pay attention to the woman they love for them to understand when something goes wrong or when there woman needs them. He may not show it but he does pay attention and when you will notice it is when something goes wrong or when the need of something arises.

3. Defend you.

If he loves then know he will always stand by you and defend you in everything especially in public or when someone insults you.

4. He will never keep late nights.

He will always try his best to be back in time without keeping late nights, because he knows he has an angel to go and meet at home.

5. He will be open and free.

If he loves you then there will be nothing confusing to you about him. Even his cell phone and calls he answers all will be plain and understanding to you. You will even have full access to his phone and everything about him.

6. You will have full understanding of his activities.

There will be nothing hidden about his activities and even if you decided to confirm you will see everything is plain just as you know or think of.

7. He will always call you.

If your husband loves you then know that he will always call you when he is not at home, even when he is at work he will try to call to check on you. Because he will always miss you and only you.

8. He will put you first.

If your husband loves then his actions will tell you because he will always put you first or consider you first before he takes any decision. He will even let you know the decision and ask of your opinion before he will then know how to move on the situation.


The truth and conclusion on this question “How do you know your husband loves you?” Is simple because just as you as mother of the house knows the activities of your little child, you will also know the activities of your husband more than that baby you are carrying, because you are part of his life and due to that he will let you know all about him. That is the way men show their trust too.