How Can A Teenage Girl Be Happy And Healthy?

How can a teenage girl be happy and healthy?

A teenage girl is supposed to be happy and healthy, and there are ways in which a teenage girl should be happy and healthy. Listen and understand what we are about to say. “How can a teenage girl be happy and healthy?”


How a teenage girl should be happy and healthy?


A teenager can be happy and healthy, when you as a teenager are willing to be happy. First, determine that no one can take away your happiness. Once you make that decision, you can now see that being happy will always be your hobby.


Focus on the things that makes you happy, and never you go to those that cause you pain. Be confident in yourself that you need to be happy, and bet me you will always be.


Do not do anything silly that can put you to trouble. For instance, if your parents or guardian, advice you to stay away from bad group or any bad behavior, make sure that you try to keep the advice, because any day you digress from it, it may lead you to trouble , and you will be troubled and by then, you will feel unhappy.


Be kind to others, whenever you felt that someone else is happy because of you, get happy too, because your heart will always rejoice when you do something good to people, and it will keep you happy.

“How can a teenage girl be happy and healthy?”

Do not engaged yourself in any kind of friends that influences you in the things that you are not used to, because it will make you to feel guilty all the time, and your heart will not be at rest, and that attitude will make you unhappy each time you remember it.

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Read your books and try as much as possible to pass your exams each time you seat for it. Make sure that you’re among one of the best student in your school or at any place you are. Do not allow any of your mates to do better than you. Add your efforts and achieve your goal. When that goal is achieved, you will be happy all the time.


Eat appropriately, less your hand in sweaty things, do not be deceived, always call the attention of your elders whenever you feel confused. When all these are achieved, you will be happy, and when you are happy, you will also be healthy. Do these and thank me later. Drop your comments if you have any.


“How can a teenage girl be happy and healthy?”

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