How do you know if your partner is cheating?

This has been a question ask by many today because of one reason or the other. Well I understand that you don’t want to feel that hurt or maybe you want to be sure about that person you are with, for you not to be heartbroken. Don’t worry for I will show you signs that you will see and know if your partner is cheating or not. So feel free for with these signs you will at least understand your relationship and where is heading to, so let get started with the signs.

What is cheating on your partner?

What is cheating on your partner?

Well cheating on your partner is when you do things of intimacy that is suppose to be done only with you and your partner. Cheating can also be define as been sexually or emotionally unfaithful to your partner who you have agreed to be with in a close relationship. I mean channelling your sexual life or emotional support to someone else that is not your partner.

If you are in relationship that is not an open relationship and you channel your sexual energy or emotional support to someone else instead of your partner, then know that you are cheating on your partner. Because there are some certain things that you should only be doing with your partner, but when you start doing those things with someone else instead of him/her then bear in mind that you are cheating and your partner will not be happy that you are doing so.

Let say things like kissing, romancing, having sex, e.t.c. with someone else that you know is not your partner then you are cheating, because all those things are meant to be done only with your partner. So doing that with someone else is cheating and if your partner is also doing so he or she is also cheating.

So please avoid cheating in your relationship because it won’t only destroy your relationship but will also hurt your partner if he or she finds out that you are cheating. So save yourself from troubles that you will face when you cheat on your partner today and always put yourself in the shoes of your partner that if you are to be him or her and is cheating on you, how will you feel!!.


How do I know my boyfriend is cheating

How do you know if your partner is cheating?

  1. First you will feel as if he or she is cheating. You will be having feelings like something is wrong with your relationship, but still you won’t understand it.
  2. He or she will always encourage you to move out or spend time with friends more.
  3. He or she will always be late and give you excuses of not been there.
  4. You will see that there phone will always be more important to him or her instead of paying attention to you.
  5. Your partner will not spend much time with you always instead give you reason to move out.
  6. There will be lack of attention. You will notice that your partner will find it hard to pay attention or know if you are okay or not.
  7. Your partner will always accuse you of cheating on him or her. You know one thing about those who cheat is that they will think and feel that others is cheating as they are doing.
  8. He or she will be secretive about the text messages, emails and chats of his or her social media. And will not like you to read or see them.
  9. There are calls he or she will not answer. When you are with him or her and as phone rings he or she will not pick and will not like you to know who is calling him or her.
  10. He or she will be lying to you and you will feel it that they are lying. They will not be plain to you about their activities and where they are going.
  11. He or she will never be around when you need them most, but they will be around only when they think is okay and free for them.

How do I know my boyfriend is cheating

How do I know my boyfriend is cheating?

He don’t call always.

If your boyfriend don’t call you at all time or if he only call you once in a while, then he may be cheating on you because men do call the girl they love almost every time of the day.

• You don’t know his activities.

If you don’t understand your boyfriend or there are some characters in him that confuse you always or maybe he don’t always tell you exactly where he is going to. And lies to you about his activities, then know that he is cheating on you because if a guy loves you he will always try to let you know where he is going and will also make you understand his activities for you to trust him.

He will always be there for you.

No matter what happens, as long as he loves you and you are his one and only girl, then he will always be there for you and will not be giving you stupid excuses like, he will be going to the meeting or he is doing one thing or the other. Men always forfeit everything for the sake of the one they love.

He will give you enough attention.

When I mean attention, he will give you undivided attention, care and concern for you are all that he has. So if he cares for you a lot he will do anything to make you happy and that means always be there for you. So check if there is anything distracting him.

He will hide his phone.

Because he is cheating on you he will be hiding his phone, and will try to always explain people calling him to clear his conscience. So check if he does this.

• He will always suspect you of cheating.

Because he is cheating on you his mind will be telling him that you are cheating on him and he will always suspect you that you are also cheating on him too.

• Read your mind.

What’s on your mind and listen to it. Is it telling you that something is wrong about your boyfriend and your relationship with him. Listen to it and follow what your mind tells you.

What are the signs of cheating wife

What are the signs of cheating wife?

1. Lack of Attention.

If your wife don’t pay attention to anything in the house, about you and family then know that she may be cheating, unless she is the type that is career oriented. The type that is always busy with business. So you know your wife better, if she is not that type she may be cheating then because all her attention will be on the new found love.

2. She will be distracted.

If she always look distracted or let say looks like she is thinking about something else when both of you are together discussing or having fun together as lovers then check well because she may be thinking about someone unless something else is troubling her. So I advice you to check well.

3. She change mode dressing.

If your wife suddenly changed the way she dress and the way she makes up, then something maybe wrong not that she can’t wear fine clothes but if the reason behind those clothes is not for her to look more attracted to you, then tell me or ask yourself who else she is wearing them for, since you are not the one.

4. Sex will be lacking.

The sex part of your marriage will be lacking, and your marriage may look like a sexless marriage somehow or even full. Unless you too are always busy, but if you look at the sexual life and notice that she is no more interested at times in that area, then she may be cheating on you.

5. She will always be busy with her phone.

If your spouse is always busy or distracted with her phone and it not something like playing games, online business or watching of movies but instead she is always on social media chatting always then she may be cheating on you.

6. Lack of communication.

If you notice that the communication section of your marriage is lacking and you have tried to bring it back and all efforts is only on you, then look closely to her to know if she is cheating on you, because nothing else will keep a married woman busy except her family or you that is her husband.


To conclude it all, if you are in relationship and you felt that is incomplete or as if something is missing in it and you check yourself well and notice that is not your fault. Then look closely at your partner and know if he or she is cheating on you or if there is an issue that you both needs to resolve together as one.

“How do you know if your partner is cheating?”