How Do You Know If Someone Secretly Likes You

1. Regular eye contact.

Always noticing that he or she gives you eye contact, coupled with some smiles on face. It’s a sign that the person likes you. “How Do You Know If Someone Secretly Likes You”

2. Trying to avoid you.

If you notice that there is this person who always works to avoid coming too close to you or looking directly into your eyes. You see that this person is trying to stop gazing at you, to be a little far from you, shows that the person likes you a lot.

3. They find their conversation with you so interesting.

He or she found your conversation with him so exciting and Willing to prolong the conversation to keep you talking together.

4. They will communicate more on text messages immediately.

This usually is for those who are shy. It’s a secret way to show that someone likes you. Because he or she will respond over text messages, because he won’t want to approach you in person may be due to shyness, he or she will prefer to give you a message talk.

5. He/she is interested in your personal life.

Your personal life will always interest them, no matter how rough or smooth it may be. They will love everything about your own life.

6. Getting nervous when you are together.

You notice that he gets too shy whenever he/she is near you. You will also like to sit at a place that he will see you so that he will have the chance to admire you more.

7. Stares at you a lot.

If a guy starts unusually staring at you, it shows that he is interested in you and also likes you a lot. The same thing goes to girls as well.“How Do You Know If Someone Secretly Likes You”

8. They apologize immediately, feeling you are sad because of them.

They never waste time apologizing to you each time they noticed that you are sad, maybe because of what they did. They won’t border to lay the blame on anybody; instead, they will take it as if they are the reason for your sadness. It’s a sign that they like you.

9. They won’t border sacrificing anything for you.

If someone secretly likes you, he or she will not care to give you almost all the support they have. He or she will be willing to do anything to keep you happy and relax without considering how much it may cost them.

10. Spends a lot of time with you.

Spending a lot of time with you will never be their problem provided that you are the one they are with. You will notice that their concentration will be directly focused on you, no matter how long it may take. 

11. Asking you about your relationship status.

He or she will always be interested to know about your relationship status to see if you are single or married or even searching. “How Do You Know If Someone Secretly Likes You”

12. Follows you on social media.

Following you on your social media will not be an issue for them. They will be even the first to comment or like your update anytime any day. It will be as if the person is stalking you.

13. Noticing every change you made.

They will quickly notice any little changes, you may make, no matter how hidden it is. It shows that they really like and admire you so much since they are almost at the peak of knowing everything you may add on yourself.

14. Quickly gets jealous seeing you with another.

A person that likes you always gets jealous when he or she sees you with someone else. They might not be able to think if you are with your cousins or not. The first thing that will run into their mind is being jealous and getting angry unnecessary but wouldn’t like you to notice it.

15. Always happy to be by your side.

They will never get tired of being with you. They feel happy when you both are together.

16. You will have a feeling.

The feeling will always be ringing in your mind at all times. Your instincts will always tell you that this particular person has feelings for you because it’s not something that will be hidden at all.

“How Do You Know If Someone Secretly Likes You”

How to talk to your crush without being shy

How to talk to your crush without being shy

  • Be bold while speaking
  • Go straight to the point
  • Try to smile while speaking
  • Do not prolong your conversation
  • Focused on what you want and do not border looking at what people will say.
  • Accept that you may win or lose, Incase.
  • Don’t give up on going again.

How to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly

  • The way he treats you or cares about you.
  • He will always try to do something for you.
  • There is a smile and happiness in him always.
  • He will be short on words whenever he is talking with you.
  • He will always stare at you.
  • Defend and protect you always.
  • Gives you all attention and concern that you want.

How to know if a girl likes you secretly

  • She will always look at you.
  • She will always smile at you.
  • Comes close to you.
  • Advise you.
  • Always try to have a conversation with you.
  • Talks about you with his friends and they will always look towards you when doing so.
  • If you call her name she will quickly come or takes sometimes without you begging her.
  • She will always laugh at every little thing you do, in other for him to get your attention.


How to know if someone likes you without talking to them

  • The person will look at his or dress.
  • Will always be looking at you.
  • The person will be siding for you.
  • Will defend you.
  • Everything you do will look. Funny and make him or her smile.
  • Will always try to talk to you.

How to know if a guy secretly likes you Quiz

  • Did he always stares at you?
  • Did he always buy you gifts?
  • Have he always defend you?
  • Did he always gives you attention?
  • Do he normally compliments you?


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“How Do You Know If Someone Secretly Likes You”

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