How Can I Overcome My Marital Problems?

Ah, marital problems—every marriage has them. They are stressful, relentless, and potentially union-ending when constantly mishandled or ignored. Work through them well and as a team, and you could set yourself up for a stronger, more resilient marriage.

This review of Save My Marriage Today program puts emphasis on weathering the storms of matrimony, not only as a couple but as individuals. So, what are some of the common problems facing married couples? More importantly, how do you overcome them?

How Can I Overcome My Marital Problems?

Common Marital Problems and Ways To Conquer Them

Finding healthy ways to circumvent marriage obstacles can be arduous. This is especially true since stressors can stem from numerous sources, some of which can be difficult to pinpoint. Generally, though, most are rooted in the following:

1. Money Problems

From weekly groceries to the kids’ tuition and everything in between, couples can fight over tons of money-related issues. In general, these conflicts may symbolize other struggles, such as a fight for control, differences in values, and other matters influenced by money. 

Then again, today’s tough economy has made financial stress lead to more general stress. Today, conflicts are as much about non-money-centric issues as it is about arguments concerning money.

For instance, stressing about cash can be why one partner goes off on the other for reasons they normally wouldn’t. That’s because money issues can cause someone to be impatient and irritable. These challenges can result in a partner picking fights over trivial matters that have nothing to do with money without their realization.

2. Everyday Stress

While everyday stress doesn’t necessarily equate to marriage problems, it can aggravate issues already there. When a partner comes home after a long and stressful day, they are likely to exhibit less patience and may not be in the mindset to handle conflict.

In other words, the energy that would have normally been used to nurture the relationship had already been sapped by the hectic day. Everything gets exacerbated to the nth degree when both partners have had a tough day.

3. Issues With Kids

Another potential source of marital stress and, ironically, marriage’s greatest blessings is children. Kids can add purpose and fulfillment to a couple’s life. However, their nurturing and caretaking can also call for additional responsibilities and role changes. That adds countless more scenarios for potential disagreements and relationship strain.

The introduction of children could also take away from a couple’s bonding time, especially when a child is welcomed very early on in the marriage. Not even the strongest bonds can remain steadfast in the face of child-rearing challenges

4. Busy Schedules

Schedules that don’t give couples time to take care of other important things in life can be a source of marital woes. For example, one partner can get stressed, irritable, and impatient when they haven’t had proper nutrition and quality sleep from a packed schedule.

Likewise, this may also dwindle the connection between a couple, as they’d spend significantly less time together. The other partner might think they are no longer a priority. Then, there’s the arguing over responsibilities. There’s no longer a clear plan on who takes care of what, so things no longer get done.

5. Toxic Habits

The problem with toxic habits is one usually isn’t aware that they are toxic, so they just continue doing them. Then again, even when one is aware of the toxicity of their actions, it can still take a monumental effort to change. And if you don’t, your life and your marriage end up suffering.

Nagging, criticizing, and complaining about trivial things usually isn’t a conscious decision. It can be a pattern one falls into when they are constantly stressed, overworked, and distracted. When unaddressed, it can reach a point where it ruins a marriage beyond repair.

6. Lack of Communication or Poor Communication

Either of these erroneous forms of communication can lead to marriage problems left and right. When couples communicate negatively or not at all, it could belie toxic individual attitudes and poor relationship dynamics.

So much about a marriage’s success is reliant on healthy communication. As such, communicating negatively all the time could spell the early demise of a marital union. That said, positive communication is something couples need to establish prior to the marriage and continue to work on throughout the relationship.

Couples may not always be able to communicate healthily and on point. Even so, what’s important is they work through that and let healthy communication govern their union. That should be key to a happy and lasting one.

How Can I Overcome My Marital Problems?

The Answer to Your Marital Woes

In general, married couples can work around and through marital issues. Most solutions center on the couple’s determination to make the marriage work. On the other hand, they could also be spurred initially by one partner’s effort. That’s because any action, whether done as a couple or by an individual partner, is bound to bring a positive shift to the relationship dynamic.