Making a man realize your worth is not a hard task or a big problem. Because there are simple things you need to do and he will immediately realize your worth. So just relax and take your time to read things you need to do which I have listed on this article to help you. “How do i make my boyfriend realize my worth?”

How do i make my boyfriend realize my worth?

Spend less time.

There is a proverbs that said when you leave people and give them space to stay without you only then will they realize that you are important in their life. So that same try to spend less time with your boyfriend. Learn to give him space at times because if you allow him to stay alone most times without you. He will surely miss you and when he do, he will then realize your worth and importance in his life.


Don’t call him on awkward times.

If you are the type that calls your man always, then try to give him some space. Don’t call him always or choke him with calls because you do, he will take you for granted. One thing I want you to know about men is this, only when you give man space and try not to bother him on things. His heart will then begin to trouble to know what is wrong.

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“How do i make my boyfriend realize my worth?”

Change the pattern of your dressing.

I know you will say what did this have to do with this issue but the truth is that, it has many things to do with it. Especially if you are the kind of girl that don’t dress sexy. One thing is this, if one of the reasons why you want to make your worth is because he is cheating on you or maybe he has an eye on another lady. Then know that this is a good option for you because looking at what the girl he is looking at is wearing, and then you know the kind of dress you too will put on.

Putting sexy and nice dress will not only make you attracted to your man but will also make you to have attraction or draw attention of other guys to you of which when that begin happen especially in the presence of your boyfriend, he will be more proud and happy. And when all this begin to happen he will now know your worth and also realize how beautiful you are.

“How do i make my boyfriend realize my worth?”

Don’t forget to wear good make up.

Wearing good make up will make you look more beautiful and attractive. By this I don’t mean you should go and put on the makeup that will make you to look uglier. Because at times you girls don’t know how to put on a good makeup or know the kind of makeup that match your skin. That is why most ladies will even look uglier after makeup instead of looking more beautiful. So know the kind of makeup you wear so that you will look more beautiful.

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Don’t grant his entire request.

If you are the kind of girl that always do what his boyfriend wants only just to make him happy then I advice you to stop. Because doing it always will make him take you for granted, try as much as you can not to grant his entire request so that he cannot take you for granted.

Learn to say NO to him at times so that he will do those things by himself and know how hard it is for you as a woman, and also know the importance of having you around him.



To summarize it for you to understand it all is this. Doing all this things said above is what I know that can make a guy know your worth and your importance in your relationship. So try to do them and see how it works. If you have another suggestion that can make a man know your worth and your importance in a relationship try to let me know in the comment box so that others can also learn from it. Cheers

“How do i make my boyfriend realize my worth?”