How Can I Impress A Girl In School Without Talking?

To impress a girl in school without talking is very simple, all you have to do is this.


If you are in the same class with her or in the same school with her, what you will do is this-


  • Be humble.

Girls love those who are humble, and quiet. Whenever you are in the class with her, always make sure that you are humble to everyone. While doing it, make sure not to look at her, never you let her know that you are doing it just to impress her, because if she notice, your plans won’t work out.


  • Be hardworking.

You should always work hard in your studies, try not to involve yourself with bad company, when an assignment is given, do yours and try doing her own without her knowledge, then give it to her after you must have finished and never forget to do it on time, so that she will value it.


  • Be of good conduct.

As you want to win her love without talking to her, you shouldn’t forget to be of good conduct, be responsible and we’ll mannered. Talk less and also talk sense anytime you want to talk.

Be an example of good student.

How can I impress a girl in school without talking?

  • Code of dressing.

Always appear neat and in order every day in school. Take time to wash your uniform, press it if you have iron, make sure that you are always in a correct school uniform including your foot wear, but if it’s a school that has no uniform, make sure that you wears are in order no matter how small. Barb your hair don’t forget.


  • Avoid too much conversation with her.

It you really want to win her over without talking, just minimize your level of communication with her, speak to her when there’s need to and stop when it’s time to give her space. And don’t forget to avoid any conversation that can bring emotional intimacy. Don’t tell her about anything, let your discussion be more of things outside relationship. Your conversations will be about school, studies and a bit life history. Doing so will make her like you the more and will not even know when she started falling for you even without asking her to.


With these we believed that you can now understand how you can impress a girl in school without talking to her, drop your comments if you have any.