Getting Married After 50? Here is the bes plan for you

Are you one of the many over age 50, and you are not yet married but you are planning or making preparations on this. Are you newlyweds who is asking some questions about the next step in the marriage or what is the way forward as you just got married? In this new digital age of the world, many people now have decided on their own to patiently wait until they retire or will I say to the end of their career before deciding to five into marriage. This is now the reality that most of us face now and you can easily see such type of people anywhere around the world, because of this decision that many has chosen, it has fully changed the marriage idea to something that doesn’t seems to be the way we all has project it to be.

You can hardly see bug wedding parties or ceremonies this days especially among the order couples because what most of them now want is a small and budget friendly occasion that will not eat up their entire savings. This decision is the reason why you see most marriages involving only close friends and family, so that it won’t cost them much.

In fact most of the people who now wait up to 50 before getting married prefer to have a special trip on their honeymoon instead of spending it on their wedding ceremony and reception.

If you are ready to tie the knot with that your lover and are you in your post-50 age demographic, then considering the things listed below or will I say keeping in mind all the things that we are about to talk below will help you plan that budget friendly wedding you are looking for.

Keep the Guest List Short and minimal.

This is one of the things that you can easily neglect but yet is one of the most important thing to start with when planning for a wedding, because the higher your list then the higher the money you are likely to spend for the occasion. That is why it is so important for you to minimize the guest list to a very close friends and maybe few of your family members, so that the budget will be very low.

And again plan for small event that will close in time since you are holding the ceremony with few people and also want to keep the budget low, but if you don’t do it this way then expect the opposite which you may not like.

Cover Expenses by Selling some Life Insurance Policy

If you think the cost will be high for you the try covering the cost with some of your unnecessary insurance policies if only you have them. You can ask others around or go to your insurance company to ask about this,  but I don’t mean using the money as wedding parties or ceremonies but using it as honeymoon expenses to help you reduce the money to spend. This idea is what most people around the age of 50 Di when planning their wedding ceremony, for things to be a lot easy for them.

But don’t rush to make this decision but rather plan it over and over with your partner, and remember don’t sell all your insurance but mainly the unnecessary Ines that you no longer see the need of keeping them.

Plan a sweet memorable honeymoon

This is one of the most benefits in spending less on wedding parties and ceremonies because you will have enough with you to use and plan for the sweetest honeymoon trip that you have ever wished for.

Many newly couples choose to visit some locations like Burma, Antarctica, St. Petersburg (Russia), Fiji, or other places with unique thing in mind, so you know what is in your mind and can visit that place now. If you are confuse and don’t know the place to go, then I will advise you to talk with a professional travel agent if it’s a most that you must travel outside the country if not you can visit any memorable places in your country.

Consider having the Ceremony in that  Location of your dream

Another thing to do is to consider planing your wedding on that place you plan to visit during honeymoon period, because with this idea you will have a good budget friendly wedding ceremony and still get a good honeymoon out of it.

Having this plan will help you have less people to attend the occasion and having less people like we talked earlier is having low budget to spend on ceremony. So think of that country or that place you have ever wished for and plan all together now.


Stay Active

Don’t be carried away because of this occasion try to bring in fun and sweet activities with your partner as you are planning for the occasion. Remember having a healthy and happy marriage is one of the important key to a long lasting marriage

Try to plan some joint activities with your spouse, like dance classes, tai chi lessons, bicycle tours, scenic hikes, regular jogging sessions, yoga courses, and more.