Getting Married After 50? Do This

Are you one of the many over age 50 newlyweds who are literally changing the face of the wedding industry? In the digital age, many professionals are making the deliberate choice to wait until their careers are in full swing before getting married. This undeniable fact of modern times means that weddings, and planning for them, has changed considerably.

Huge church weddings are becoming a rarity, especially among older couples who merely want to enjoy a small, private ceremony that includes close friends and family. People who wait until after age 50 to marry tend to focus on taking a special honeymoon trip instead of dishing out huge sums of money on the ceremony and reception. If you are ready to tie the knot, and are in the post-50 age demographic, consider the following suggestions that can make the entire process trouble-free and memorable.

Keep the Guest List Short and Sweet

The single most effective way to make your big day uncomplicated and hassle-free is to minimize the guest list. A few family members and very close friends does the trick, keeps costs down, and makes for a short but sweet event. Unless you crave the complexity that comes with event weddings, opt for abbreviated guest lists. Being able to honor the importance of family relationships by keeping your guest list intimate means you will have quality time to spend with each guest, and each guest is truly an important piece of your daily life. 

Getting Married After 50? Do This

Cover Expenses by Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

If travel costs are high, do what many middle-aged people do, sell an unneeded life insurance policy for cash via a process called life settlement. If the idea is new to you, spend time reviewing an online guide that offers up all the pertinent details about how to turn it into cash simply and quickly. Knowing that your unique honeymoon is paid for in advance means you’ll both be able to fully enjoy the trip without wondering, “How much is this going to cost us?” Life settlements are the most streamlined way to convert an insurance policy into needed capital.

Plan a Memorable Honeymoon

The benefit of spending little time and effort on the ceremony is having more money and time to devote to a one-of-a-kind honeymoon. Many couples choose to visit exotic locations like Burma, Antarctica, St. Petersburg (Russia), Fiji, or similar off the beaten path destinations. Work with a professional travel agent who specializes in unique excursions and do plenty of research about the location before departing.

Consider a Private Ceremony in an Exotic Location

If you want to combine the ceremony and the honeymoon, consider a strategy that many couples employ, namely getting married in a far off, vacation destination. Then, when you’ve officially tied the knot, your honeymoon can begin immediately. Popular locations for this maneuver include Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and Van Vancouver, but feel free to choose your own special locale.

Stay Active

Just because you’re getting hitched after the big five-0, keep in mind that staying active is the key to long-lasting happiness and health. Don’t view marriage as settling down. Instead, look at it as the fresh start that it is. Plan joint activities with your spouse, like dance classes, tai chi lessons, bicycle tours, scenic hikes, regular jogging sessions, yoga courses, and more.