Garlic is one of the natural foods that is given to us for many purposes.

Today, we will be writing on the health benefits of garlic for women nation wide.
So, if you are interested in knowing what garlic can do for you as a woman, carefully go through this article for it is designed to direct you in many angles.
Below are the garlic benefits for women.

Garlic benefits for women

  • Promotion of blood circulation
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • An anti-inflammatory food
  • Reduction of cholesterol
  • Boast immune system

Promotion of blood circulation.

Garlic does a great work in the circulation of blood round the body system. Make garlic your favorite and you will see how much your blood will flow and makes you feel healthy.

Regulation of blood pressure

Garlic helps in lowering of blood pressure, as well as regulating the flow of blood. Garlic is one of the most important food that is naturally made for many purposes including blood pressure regulation.

An anti-inflammatory food

Garlic is an example of an anti-inflammatory food that fights against inflammation in any form. Consume a lot of garlic in your daily meal and watch out the amazing outcome.

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Reduction of cholesterol

Garlic helps to reduce cholesterol level in women. It burns blood fats and keep your woman health flexible and fit.

Boast immune system

It gives all the necessary requirements needed for your immune system to be healthy and active at any time. Garlic is a very good source to your immune system.

What does garlic do in the body of a woman

  • Controlling of Weight

This is one of the wonderful things that garlic does to the body of a woman. It makes your weight to be normal and keeps you fit and flexible at all time. Garlic is essential especially for a woman who wants to loose weight.

  • Promotes heart health

Garlic promotes heart health and keep you away from any form of cardiovascular diseases. It also regulate your heart beats.

  • Aids respiration

It fights against cold and keep your respiratory tract healthy and active at all time. Garlic promotes the respiratory system and gives you a perfect breathing.

  • Scares mosquito away

According to science, it is observed that the smell of garlic is possible of scaring mosquito away from your environment. Practically, you notice that garlic has its definite smell, and that smell alone is enough to scare mosquitoes away from your environment.

  • Reduction of tooth ache

Garlic helps in fighting against germs in the teeth. It reduces tooth ache and promote the healthiness of your teeth.

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  • Fights against infection

It is use to cure so many infection in woman body. It’s is helpful in the healing of wounds and other infection on the skin.

  • Fights acne

It is observed that women who eats a lot of garlic suffers less acne than those who doesn’t. Eating garlic appropriately can help you get free from acne.

  • Prevents hair loss

Garlic prevents hair loss and also strengthen the hair of a woman. Garlic is good for the hair. It thickens and softening, as well as preventing it from lossing.

  • Smoothens the foot

Enough consumption of garlic smoothens the foot of a woman. It keeps your foot smooth and healthy as a woman.

  • Eliminate vagina infection.

It is useful while fighting vagina infection. It can be eaten raw or through insertion.

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How to use garlic in fighting vagina infection


  1. Get one raw garlic, wash it thoroughly for the sand to be washed away.
  2. Peel one clove of the raw garlic.
  3. With the use of needle, put a thread through the clove of the garlic.
  4. Insert the garlic inside your vagina at night.
  5. Make sure that the thread is outside to enable you drag it out in the morning.
  6. Carefully pull out the thread in the morning after sleep.
  7. Do that continuously and you will see the results.