Freaky things to say to your boyfriend

  • Initiate sexual intimacy sometimes.

You shouldn’t always wait for him to the one to start things up, and sometimes you need to act and stood up for action. Be the leader of the activity sometimes. Initiate sex with the power given to you as a woman. You can start with romancing him and smiling on top of it. Call him a pet and romantic names.

  • Shave him up.

You can call him inside and shave his private parts, armpit, or even cut his jaw and make sure you do that with a little play.

  • Play with his nipples romantically.

Making use of your tongue, you can play with his nipples romantically so that he will feel the urge.

  • Take him to the kitchen

Romantically force him to the kitchen with you with some kisses, which you will use to keep him busy with you. You both can get a quick and delicious meal together, and you can feed him in the kitchen playfully.

Freaky things to do on the bed with your boyfriend

Freaky things to do on the bed with your boyfriend

There are sexy things you should try applying on the bed to make your intimacy sparkling and wanting.

  • Do not always leave him to ride.

Sometimes you have to be in charge of bed and be the one to ride him. Let him moan for you.

  • Try a new style
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Do not depend on just one or two styles. Add some little sugar to your style. I mean, you should change to something new and sweet, not that one that only you will enjoy. Try doing the one that he will enjoy too.

  • Take a long romance

Romance him so long and sweet that he will be moaning for you not to stop. Give him a long-lasting romance and keep him ready and steady.

  • Try to satisfy him

Don’t give up on him unless he is okay. If your man is a type that doesn’t come down quickly, you should be ready to plan on it so that you won’t get tired before enjoying it. You should be prepared to know when to increase, when to reduce to remain steady and on, until the end. Do always be concerned about just yourself, instead consider the benefits of both of you.

“freaky things to say to your boyfriend”

Naughty things to say to your boyfriend on the bed.

Naughty things to say to your boyfriend on the bed
While having sex with your boyfriend, you don’t need to keep silent and watch. I’m do all the job without you encouraging him with your words and moans.
With these naughty and sexy words, you can keep your sexual activities intact and enjoyable.

  1. Fuck me harder baby
  2. I need your cock inside of me baby
  3. Don’t stop. Come on! Say it with a commanding voice, as if you are commanding him.
  4. Oh-fuck!
  5. Fuck me-fuck me!
  6. Ahhhhhh! It feels so good

Sexiest things to say to your partner after sex.

Freaky things to say to your boyfriend
It is good to appreciate your boyfriend after sex with these sexy words, for it will Interest him to know that you are enjoying his moves. So these words of appreciation will go a long way in the next action.

  • You taste so good, baby
  • This is great
  • I wish to have you by my side at all time
  • You mother fucker
  • You are the best
  • I can’t believe I met you
  • You make me feel the great baby
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“freaky things to say to your boyfriend”

Naughty messages to send to your partner

Naughty messages to send to your partner
Sometimes you may want to say some dirty words to your boyfriend, but you may not like to say it with your mouth, you may want to put it in writing but unable to know where to start writing it. Your boyfriend must understand how you feel about him at any moment, for it makes your romantic relationship very memorable and enjoyable.
You can go with these naughty messages to make your relationship sparkling.

  • I hope you here to help me wear my pant.
  • I want to feel your dick inside of me.
  • My pants are wet, so get home quickly to remove it.
  • I want to feel your tongue inside my honey pot.
  • I am so fucking horny right now, wish you can suck me.
  • I am going to suck your tool once you’re back.
  • I miss the way you make me moan on the bed, baby.

Sexy things to say to your partner in public or party.

Sexy things to say to your partner in public or party.
Sometimes, you may go out with your boyfriend, and you may be feeling so urge to the extent that you want your man to notice you. But with these few lines, you will whisper in his ears, it will send an automatic signal to him, and you will end up getting what you ever wanted.

  1. I wish we were alone now so that I could do some wonders under your legs.
  2. Why are my pants so wet whenever we are in public.
  3. I thought coming here was a good idea, but seeing the situation of my horny pot now, I guess it wasn’t.
  4. Do not look at me that way for it makes me feel horny.
  5. I feel like lying on top of you right now, for you to understand how much I needed you by my side.
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How to make your partner moan for you.

  1. Kiss him emotionally with your hands, stroking his or her body.
  2. Come down to his nipples and play with your mouth on it.
  3. Stroke his tools romantically and suck him gradually, not with force but with emotions.
  4. Suck him so well that he will begin to beg you to fuck him.
  5. Climb up and be in charge of a beautiful style that he has never experienced from any woman before.
  6. Make him cum with satisfaction.


These are the freaky things that you can say to your man and turn him on easily. But I want you to understand something, apart from all these listed above you can easily understand ways and things to say to your boyfriend by first knowing the things that interest him most about you and the things that turn him on easily. With that, you can study your man and easily generate the freaky things that you think that turns him on more. You can also read on Signs He Only Uses You As A Placeholder to be sure of what you are to your man

Now over to you reading this apart from the ones we have listed tell us the ones you have easily generated with the tips I just told you now so that we can see the one with the sweetest words. Just drop it all using the comment section below thanks.

“freaky things to say to your boyfriend”

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