Freaky things to say to your boyfriend

  • I am feeling you inside me right now.
  • How I wish you can undress me right now.
  • Come and bath me, baby.
  • What Will you do if I am naked in front of you.
  • Which part of my body do you want right now?
  • What part of my body interests you most.
  • How long can you ride on me?
  • I love the way you ride me.
  • I like the size of your inner man
  • How do you feel if am to lick your inner man
  • I feel like eating you up right now.
  • I will like to undress you now baby.
  • I have a package for you on the bed, you will like it.
  • My inner self is soaked and just waiting for you to dry it.
  • Your outfit makes my inner self get wet.
  • Can you picture me naked with you now?


Sexiest things to do for your boyfriend

Freaky things to say to your boyfriend

  • Dress to kill.

Dressing to kill him doesn’t mean you should kill him. It means that you should wear so sexy and hot so that he won’t be able to resist touching you as soon as he sees you coming. You should be ready to give him physical attraction, for it will keep him on and prepared for your love at all times.

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