Effective Ways To Satisfy My Man

Effective ways to satisfy my man

Satisfying a man is not just about giving him sex. This is many women/ladies thinking. They feel once they give their men sex, they’ve given him heaven and all satisfaction he needs. This is absolutely wrong! Sex is just part of it. That is why we have many women / ladies complaining about their men cheating on them even though they give him sex. You might give him the whole sex style in the world and still not satisfy him. That’s the primary reason a man can leave you for another woman even though you give him sex.

Aspects to focus on so as to satisfy your man

Financial aspect

Relax, I don’t mean you should start giving him money lol. Some women / ladies just don’t know how to request for money. They do it as if that’s the man’s primary responsibility. To always give you money. Mind you, you have hands and legs so you should also work for your money. What am I saying in essence? Request for money if the case arise but know when to ask. Don’t walk up to him in a bad manner and request for money when you know he’s passing through some challenges or has no money at the moment. You’ll only annoy him. Men are not stingy, if you act well, they’ll give without you requesting.

Domestic Aspect

What do you expect from a man who woke up early in the morning and left for work just to provide his family’s daily bread. On getting home in the evening, he finds the house untidy, dirts every where, dirty plates etc. You expect him to praise you? Hell no! This are the aspects you need to open your eyes to before condemning a man of cheating on you.

Emotional aspect

If you are not the type of woman that knows how to console her man in times of trouble, forget it. If what you only do is bill him all day. You are only adding to his stress. However he’ll look for someone else who he can share his problems with. Then you’ll complain that he’s cheating on you? Check yourself first.

Sexual aspect

This is the aspect many of you have been waiting for lol. Satisfy your man sexually please! If you don’t know how, ask your female friends. Don’t always be the “I’m tired” type. If you don’t give him, he’ll go outside to get it.


Take the above aspects into consideration and you’ll see great chances. Bewiseprof loves you all!