Can You Make Someone Squirt With Anal Sex?

Although we often associate squirting, or the ejaculation fluid from the viva, with vaginal sex it can also happen during anal. Squirting from anal can be very similar to other types of squirting. It just takes practice. Here are some tips to help you and/or your partner learn how to squirt anal. Also, there are ways to intensify the experience.

What is the difference between anal and squirting?

Anal sex is very similar to other forms of squirting. Because the membrane between the vaginal and rectum is very thin and the vaginal channel collapses when there is nothing inside, the G-spot can be easily accessed via anal penetration. G-spot stimulation can be preferred from anal play by some people. This is because the extra tissue can make it more enjoyable for those who find direct stimulation too intense.

Anal sex beginners shouldn’t go for G-spot stimulation. It’s important to feel comfortable enough to experiment with different angles and intensities. You will need lube for any anal stimulation, particularly if you are aiming for intense stimulation.

Here are some things to consider before you try to squirt anal sex.

Safety is the key.

You need to know how to prepare for anal playing so you avoid injury, infection, and discomfort. Cross-contamination is avoided when you do anal and vaginal sex. This includes fingers, mouths and penises. Before vaginal contact, any item that touches the anal region must be washed with soap and water. Protective measures include gloves, condoms, condoms (including inner condoms), and dental dams. When you move from anal to vaginal contact, make sure you swap out any barriers.

Keep plenty of lube in your bag.

Anal sex is a very painful experience and lubrication is a must to prevent infection and pain. Use plenty of water and silicone-based lubricants. The anal canal is not like the vagina. It is important to understand the risks of using saliva to lubricate. Because saliva is full of bacteria, it can be more dangerous to use as a lubricant. To avoid friction, it also drys quickly and has a rough consistency.

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Enjoyment is not possible under pressure

It’s great to experiment with sexuality and try new things. However, setting a goal like getting squirted from anal sex can cause a lot of pressure. Although it may sound cliché, we can miss many beautiful things if we get too focused on our sex and play.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t having a better orgasm than other people if you don’t already squirt during sex. Many squirters say that their orgasms don’t feel any more intense or pleasurable than other types of orgasms. Some even claim that they are less enjoyable.

This is not a good option for beginners.

Anal sex with G-spot stimulation is not for beginners. It’s important to feel comfortable enough to experiment with different angles and intensities. You will need lube for any anal stimulation, particularly if you are aiming for intense stimulation.

Orgasming and squirting are not the same things.

It is important to note that orgasm and ejaculation are distinct processes for all genital configurations. For people with vulvas, it is more common for ejaculation and squirting before orgasm. This means that you don’t have to stop stimulation if you see an ejaculation. It’s better to just check in to see what feels good.

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What can you do to intensify your squirting with anal?

Squirting can be enhanced by the increased sensitivity in the anal area. Many nerve endings can feel pleasure. For some, squirting can be more enjoyable if there is a higher intensity. These are some ways to increase your squirting anal.

You can start by doing a lot of foreplay.

Foreplay is a great way to build arousal. The longer you spend playing, the better. There are many ways to have foreplay, including making out, dirty talk, and light caressing. It is different for everyone. Foreplay can be a way to help your partner relax and ease into the experience. Although foreplay is often seen as a precursor to sex it can sometimes become the highlight of the experience, the main course, if necessary.

Pay close attention to the entire CUV.

You won’t just hit the G-spot region from anal penetration; it’s the entire clitourethrovaginal complex (CUV), which includes all structures responsible for pleasure. The internal clitoral complex expands with arousal. This is in addition to the urethral sponges and skin glands. These areas press against and into the walls of your vaginal canal. The anterior wall is the most commonly associated with squirting and gases.

You can do this with a partner by inserting one to two fingers into your rectum, and then curving them towards the front. Your fingers may only be one to two knuckles in depth. However, you can explore the area and feel the pressure levels with your partner until the areas that feel the most comfortable.

Other forms of stimulation may be added.

You can incorporate any stimulation that you feel most comfortable with. If you are used to vibrating for anal or vaginal stimulation, ensure that you use it when you aim for squirting. Just like with other G-spot plays, extreme curves can be useful, regardless of whether it’s from a Gspot wand or curved fingers or penile penetration that allows you to reach a steep angle.

Practice, practice, practice.

Over time, your body learns how pleasure works and some responses can be reinforced. It becomes more likely that you will squirt again each time. Because your body is more used to this response and because you are mentally more relaxed and ready for it. Learning a new skill is a process. Enjoy the process as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

It can be very fun to squirt from anal sex, but it is not easy. You can intensify the experience by using various techniques, such as foreplay and mixing in stimulation. Take it slow, communicate with your partner throughout the process and work together to find what feels most comfortable. You can read more about anal play and see seven anal sex positions you can do with your partner.