Boobs Sore After Periods – Reasons And What To Do

Period pain is something we all feel. It can be quite uncomfortable. Breast soreness is even more distressing. Would you agree? Why do breasts hurt?

There are two types of breast soreness: Cyclical or Non-Cyclical.

Cyclical – Cyclical pain directly relates to hormones. Experts state that 2/3 of women suffering from breast pain experience cyclical symptoms. This is most common in women between 20 and 30 years old.

Non-Cyclical – This type usually affects one breast and is not connected to menstrual cycles. This type follows an unusual pattern. It can be caused by illness, injury, cysts, medication, surgery, or other reasons.

What Causes My Boobs to Feel Sore After Period?

Ever wondered, “Why do my breasts hurt so much and feel heavy?” Or, you might have exclaimed, “I just got my period, but my breasts still hurt!” Let’s tell you why.

Women’s bodies undergo many changes during menstruation, including cramps, bloating, and tenderness. Many women can experience breast tenderness and pain during their period. This is known as mastalgia or cyclical breast discomfort; This can often lead to sore breasts.

Most often, cyclical pain disappears after the period is over. Some women experience sore breasts even after their period. What can you do if your breasts feel tender after your period?

Hormonal imbalance can lead to breast pain following periods. Hormonal imbalance can be caused by increased estrogen secretion during the first stage of the cycle. This causes breast tenderness following periods.

It could also cause sore nipples, which can hurt when you touch them or wear clothes.

What Causes Breast Pain After Period?

Why does breast pain happen? Here are some possible causes of breast pain.

Pregnancy may cause breast pain.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause breast tenderness. 76% of women reported experiencing breast pain during their first trimester. Women may experience breast pain or spotting in the first months of pregnancy.

You might wonder, “Why do my boobs hurt after my period?”. Take a pregnancy test.


Breast pain due to medication:

Side effects of the medication include sore breasts after or during periods. Some medications, such as Fluoxetine antidepressants, directly relate to Breast Ecchymosis. This is a condition that can cause severe breast pain.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and contraceptive pills can also cause breast pain.

Hormone replacement therapy can also cause cyclic breast pain.


The cause of breast pain is injury.

Research has shown that injuries due to repetitive tasks or accidents can cause damage to your pectoralis major muscles. This muscle is located in the armpit area. These muscles are located near the armpit region. Blows to them can cause pain under the left breast, right breast, or entire chest.

Breast pain can be caused by mastitis.

Mastitis, a condition that causes breast discomfort in breastfeeding women, is called breast infection. The symptoms include reddening, swelling, and pain in the breasts. Inflamed breast tissue can be caused by bacteria entering a cracked or sore nail.

Thrush can cause breast pain:

Candida Albicans is a common bloodstream fungus that causes it. This bacteria can sometimes multiply uncontrollably, resulting in severe infection and tender breasts.

Breast cysts can cause breast pain.

Cysts can be cyst-like growth filled with fluid and cause breast pain. This may make it difficult to understand why your breasts feel sore even after your period. 10% are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Causes Pain

Indian women are most likely to develop breast cancer. Pain is not felt/seen in the early stages of cancer. Pain can occur as the tumor grows and spreads to healthy tissues. The first sign of breast cancer is usually pain in the breasts.

Referred breast pain:

Although shooting pain can be caused by medical conditions such as Costochondritis and acidity, they are technically not breast pain.

Common Causes:

  • Sore breasts can result from large, heavy breasts (Cooper’s Ligament).
  • Breast pain can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle or an unhealthy diet. Studies show that breast tenderness can be caused by excessive consumption of caffeine, fatty foods, and smoking.
  • Scarring from a previous biopsy (a sample of tissue taken from your body for medical examination) may sometimes lead to pain in the area.

Boobs Sore After Periods

Home remedies for breast discomfort

Are there any home remedies for breast pain that you can use before your period? Continue reading to learn more:

Massage the breasts in the bathtub

It is a great way to massage your breasts while you are showering. This saves you time and effort spent searching for oil. The soap will smoothen your movements. How do you go about it? Start at the center of your chest and work your way to your armpits. This technique, also called lymph, improves blood circulation and drains the fluid that transports anti-infective agents throughout your body.

Ice for breast pain

A cold compress can reduce swelling and help with breast pain. What should you do? About 10 minutes daily.

Reduce your fat intake to reduce breast pain

Your goal should be to get less than 30% of your calories from saturated fat. Why? Research has shown that low-fat diets are associated with lower breast pain.

For breast pain, increase fiber intake.

The prestigious Tufts University conducted a study that found high fiber diets resulted in more estrogen being secreted in the body, which helped reduce breast tenderness. Your best options for fiber are legumes, lentils, vegetables, and fruits.

Monitor your sodium intake to prevent breast pain

Your body’s high sodium levels can cause water retention, leading to breast swelling. To avoid problems, make sure to monitor your salt intake at the very least 14 days before your period. A woman should not consume more than 6 grams of salt daily.

Boobs Sore After Periods

In early pregnancy, what part of the breast is painful?

The most painful area during early pregnancy is the breast nipples. Many women find it uncomfortable to dry their chests with a towel after a shower. You may feel uncomfortable wearing a bra or other clothing. This pain usually passes in a few weeks, so it is important to be comfortable. The area of pain can also vary between women.

How can I reduce my breast pain before I go through my period?

Avoid coffee and stick to a low-fat diet. You should also exercise regularly, wear a bra that fits well, and limit your salt intake approximately 14 days before your period begins.

Why is my breast tender when I lie down?

If your period is coming soon, your breasts may hurt when you lie down. Your period may have ended if you are experiencing pain from certain medications, cyst development, cancer-causing pains, or injury. We recommend that you see a gynecologist if your breast pain is severe.

Can pressing your breasts to cause sagging?

No. If you don’t wear a bra that fits properly, your breasts could move too freely, leading to sagging.

Can I get periods instantly with a massage?

Place your back on the bed, and massage your lower abdomen with counter clock movements. What does this do exactly? However, this does not mean that your period will be inducible. This massage can help to improve blood circulation and health in your uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes.

Are pressing your breasts healthy?

Yes. A recent study has shown that pressing your breasts can help prevent cancer. The growth of cancer cells was stopped by mechanical force, which was actively beneficial. However, it would be best if you did not press too hard to avoid injury.


Many women experience pain in their breasts. Research has shown that 60-70% and 70% of women experience sore breasts at one time or another. Not all women will visit a professional for help. If the pain is severe or you notice other unusualities, it is important to consult a medical professional.

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