5 stages of breakup

5 stages of breakup

Breaks or separation between two people in a relationship is said to appear in many stages, but there are 5 stages of breakup that looks like overall that covers them all. Those overall stages are what we will be looking at, in other to help us understand it more, let just go straight to the point.


Below are the stages involved in break up?


  1. Denial

This is the first stage of break up that many faces. Let say this is when someone is dumped, but still he or she will find it hard to believe the he or she has been dumped. This is when they enter denial stage hoping and believing that they are not really dumped, and that their partner will still be back. So this is number one stage in the 5 stages of breakup that happens to individual at first when they are been dumped.


  1. Depression

This is the second stage someone will face after denial stage. At this stage you will see the person finding it hard to sleep, loss of appetite and always unhappy on everything around him or her. This stage can last weeks or months, but it all depends on the effort or contributions one makes or put in the relationship. It is always good to meet a chancellor or professional for advice. So this is the second stages on the 5 stages of breakup that an individual will experience after the denial stage.

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  1. Anger

This is another stage an individual suffers after break up. When suffering from depression of the break up you will see an individual getting angry on any little thing, especially on something that reminds him or her about the ex. At this stages you will see them calling their ex different names and getting mad on anything that concerns their ex.


  1. Acceptance And Bargaining

This among the 5 stages of breakup is when the individual will begin to accept the reality. At this stage you will see the person accepting the fact that the relationship is over, and there is nothing that he or she will do about it. And due to he or she will start blaming himself for the break up and will take it as the way things are meant to be. That is when the person is said to be barging in his/her mind and then accept to let go.


  1. Recovering

This is the last stage in 5 stages of breakup and during this stages you will see the person living independent of their ex. This is when they will start finding happiness on things around them. At this stage is said to believe that the person have passed through all the pains and heart break and decide to move on and forget the past.

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