20 Questions To Ask A Guy That is Important

If you are with a guy but confused about the kind of questions to ask him, then relax today I will tell you the kind of questions to ask a guy and the reason for you to ask him the question. Don’t be among those girls that made a mistake of not asking a guy the right questions and thinks that the guy needs to know.

So if you are here to learn about the right issues to ask a guy, then I will explain it all to you. I will only tell you the basic questions and things you need to ask a guy for you to be able to give an account of him when someone asks you about him. So here are the 20 Questions to ask a guy in other to know him better.  Try to read freaky things to say to your boyfriend to know more things to say


20 Questions To Ask A Guy.


  1. Ask him his name.

No much explanation on this because if you meet a guy without knowing at least his name, you are making a big mistake, so you need first to ask him his name, that is a first step in understanding more about someone.

       2. What does he do for a living?

Don’t be among those girls that will meet a guy and date him, without even knowing about him and what he does for a living. It is vital to understand what he is doing for a living and not just him, anyone around you that you called your friend.

        3. Where he lives?

Asking this question will be a good thing to you, it will help you to get the location or know more about his area and the things that are happening over there. It can also be discussed as a topic between the both of you, especially if it is your first date with him.

         4. Where he Originates?

Who doesn’t want to know the place his or her friends come from, is very important to know, because at times, where someone comes from speaks a lot in his or her life. It will help you to understand the possible character that may be in him.

          5. Ask him about his relationship.

With this question, you can know about his present or past relationships. The items will even help you to understand if the guy is single if he has been in contact before and why he is no more in a relationship again if he says, he is single.

         6. What are the things he expects from his girl?

Yes, ask him this, especially if you have any feelings or know that there is something that will be between the both of you in the future. Then try to ask him about this for you to understand him that well. Because the earlier you ask him, the better for you.

          7. What are the things he loves doing?

This question will give you an insight into his hubby and the things that interest him most in this life. It will also tell you the kind of person he is.

          8. The things that make him angry.

Just as you know the things that he loves most and the things that make him happy, it will also be useful for you to know about the things that get him upset or the things he hates, for you to understand him well and how to follow him in his actions.

           9. What is his favourite meal?

If the guy is someone that you have in mind for or someone that you want to be in a relationship with, it is essential also to ask him about his favourite meals so that you can cook it for him at times and make him happy.

           10. What is his favourite colour?

The questions will help you understand his favourite colour and will also help you to know what type of colour to buy or choose for him when trying to buy him a gift.

            11. Ask him about his friends.

It is said, tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are. By the kind of friends or character of his friends and the activities they do together, you can quickly know more about your man and his way of life.

            12. Is he the first or last in his family.

Don’t think is nothing or asking this have no meaning because asking it will help you to know more about his family and things that they do. It will also help you to see the one he loves and listen most in his family. 

             13. Ask him about his level of education.

Don’t you want to know if he is an educated person or just someone who made it in life? Asking about this will even help you to hear the life story of him and of which will help you to know him better than you do.

             14. Ask him what interest him most in a girl.

Every man has one or two things that interest or attract him to a woman. And I know that you will be excited to hear from him what interest him in a woman.

             15. Ask him about his favourite game.

Learn the kind of games he loves, and if he is your man, you can then play these games today. Doing so will make him happy, and he will always have you in mind.

              16. What is his favourite attire?

To help you know about his best dress combination, and his attire will also help you to see the kind of character that you may see in him in future.

               17. What are his favourite movies?

Everyone has his or her favourite movies. So ask him his own, and you may even be surprised that both of you love the same film.

               18. Ask him about the most memorable day of his life.

The questions will help you to know more about his life, like the worst things he has done and the things he fears most.

                19. Places he has travelled to?

With this question, you will know not just the places he has travelled to but the kind of place he will love to leave in future.

                20. His favourite artists.

He will not just tell you about his favourite artists but will also tell you the music he loves to listen that made him love the artist.

                 21. What are your plans for the future

It will give you the idea of the kind of person he is, and it will help you to know if he has a goal and aim in life.

                  22. Do you love pets

If he is the type that loves a pet, you will know with this question, and it will also help you to know not just if he loves pets but the kind of pet he loves.

Finally, over to you tell us another most critical question you think one should ask a guy. Let us know on the comment section.