13 Ways on How to Seduce a Woman

Many guys are asking this question on how to seduce a woman; some guys don’t know that a woman  can also be seduced by a man. Yes a man can also seduce a woman as well. “13 Ways on How to Seduce a Woman”

Here are the steps on how to seduce a woman


  1. Dress cute and simple

Dressing cute and simple doesn’t mean that you should dress like a pastor or banker, or dress irresponsibly, allowing your trouser to sag in a way that your underwear will be seen. Girls actually like guys that dress cute and simple, at least looking at you with even give them joy, and with that they will stop to listen to whatever you got to say.

2. Avoid being proud

This one is mostly common to some guys but I bet you. women don’t like a guy who is always proud , telling her that you have this and that even when you have none, bet me if you start like that she end up disliking you as well as collide with her friends to eat you down.


3. Don’t be rude.     

Some guys does not know how to talk to girls in a polite way, when you met a girl for the first time, don’t show her that you are a man, even when you are naturally rude, just try to give yourself some respect and talk to her in a language that will please her, with that she can give you chance to speak with her.


4. Swallow your pride

Some guys find it hard to accept their mistakes, because they think that by accepting that you will kill your swag, NO’ sometimes accepting your mistakes and asking for forgiveness immediately. She will always remember you for that, don’t feel too big to bend down to her, don’t be arrogant, accept your mistakes even when you are right sometimes at least for peace to reign. Sometimes some women do try men with that to know what will be your reaction in order to know where to grade you.


5. Take her to somewhere she likes

As a man, sometimes try to take her out to a cool place that two of you will relax and discuss, in order for you to know her better and socialize.

“13 Ways on How to Seduce a Woman”

6. Give attention to her needs

Sometimes even if you don’t have, the way you show concern and render your attention to her will also win her heart more, even when you did not give her money, but the solid advice and concern will always matter to her any time.


7. Send her text messages and calls

No matter how busy you are, make out some time to call her and also text her messages especially those ones you type from your heart not the ones you copied from internet, even if it’s just two lines, at least let it be from your heart, she will always value it and will never delete it from her inbox, force yourself and give it a try.


8. Make her feel how lucky you are to have her

Always give her the feeling that you are happy to have her as your girl, tell her how beautiful she is and madly you are in love with her, with that she will always count you first before anything.

9. Invite her to your house after you must have win her heart

Some men always make the mistake of inviting a lady to their house immediately after you met her. NO’, you don’t have to invite her immediately without completing those rules, some will be scared of what you might do to them in your house and as well grade you as those guys that only want to take advantage of girls. You will invite her but not so soon, be careful.


10. Don’t sleep with her yet

Inviting her to your hour house does not mean that you have got her, instead it means that you are about to win her heart and trust, so don’t be those type of guys that will sleep with a lady at the first date, it will only scare her away and will forever hate you for that trust me.


11. Always give her a welcome kiss each time she comes to your house

With that it will definitely melt her heart and have a reason for coming to your house always.

“13 Ways on How to Seduce a Woman

12. Never force her to bed

For the fact that she have started coming to your house does not mean that you have the right to have sex with her, until she decides never force her to bed, always listen to her whenever she asks you to stop and don’t waste time to stop any action you are doing, unless it’s the normal girls ‘stop’ while initiating a romance and be very sensitive to the tone of her ‘stop’, if it’s harsh leave her alone, with that she will always love you more.


13. Romance her slowly and steady

Don’t be type that will quickly rush her cloths and under wears, sex her and live her there to wear her cloths, NO’ instead romance her smoothly and steady, make her feel the love there, give her chance to adapt to any level you choose, tease her breast and other parts of her body that she allows you to and don’t forget to listen to her whenever she says stop. With that she is all yours and will forever call on to you at any time.


How do you tempt a girl to touch you?

  1. Applying good fragrance or perfume will draw women.
  2. Dressing cute and chaming.
  3. Showig concern and care toward her.
  4. Leran to get on her emotion or feeling by doing that wish she love.
  5. Saying those words she will love to hear.
  6. Giving her compliment and appreciation.


  1. Give her some eye contactact in communicating way.
  2. Apply good frangance or perfume because it makes a girl to draw more closely.
  3. Try to get her to be emotional towards you.
  4. Gently hold her hands and look directly to her while taking to her.
  5. Don’t let her get distracted even when she wants to.
  6. Finaly don’t rush her but rather allow her emotions to make her move a bit and then follow up immediately.

How can I be good at seducing?

  1. Get the perfect fragrance that every girl will love and spreay.
  2. Lern to always get a girl to be emotional when yu are with her.
  3. Be bold to always hold her hand and talk to her in an emotional way.
  4. Uderstand the perfect time to make a move after getting on her emotion.
  5. Make it to look as if the love and feelings draw you two together.

“13 Ways on How to Seduce a Woman”

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